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Twitter For Blackberry

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BlackBerry-maker Research In Motion released Twitter for BlackBerry smartphones that is considered to be the first endaevour of the company at a mobile Twitter application. But still only beta-testers can experience the app any way it is possible to look for it by means of “unofficial” channels.

You are provided with a list of shortcuts for RIM’s new Twitter for BlackBerry app.

Wile in a message list:

1. In order you want to reply to a message, press “R”

2. In order you want to reply to a message and other Twitter users that have an “@” symbol, press “L”

3. To send a Direct Message to the highlighted Twitter user, you have to press “C”

4. To jump all the way to the top, click “T”

5. To occur in the bottom of the message, you are to click “B”

6. If you want to repost a specific users’ “tweet,” click “F”

7. To page down, it is better to click the Space Bar.

One can admit the BlackBerry’s retweet shortcut is based on Twitter’s new annoying retweet format because of which you are not able to alter the text you want to “retweet”, moreover, you are unable to add your own text to reposted messages. It would be better of RIM to let users to change the text they want to post.

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