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Debranding - Hacking Vsm Files

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Hello Hitesh and thank you for answering an old topic!

Yes it does require as it has new security, am I right?

but i found this post on gsmhosting: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/f489/mfi-new-models-960826/

where someones advises to "You can read more models with old MFI wink.gif just copy bbcfpcom and nvlibcom from New MFI in c:\MML and replace the old ones and open Old MFI and check"

Do you have experience with this by any chance? I mean I have the MML v.2 working and the V.4 non working but can get those files and do what the post says!

What do you recommend?

Thank you

not in touch with BB development any more..

Thank you Hitesh for your help!

8530 ,9330 ,9930 and all new models need Microsdcard cable method .

Hi cdmaexpert, could you tell me how this method works? I have searched google for it but cant find this.

Thank You!

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google tells me , it works

you can get ready made cables from ebay

but require software which are not free.

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