Hi guys! Here is the complete tutorial about upgrading to 2.1.0 with flash enabled.(only for palm pre- and pre+).Sorry pixies! WEBOS 2.1.0 : There are three methods to install webos 2.1.0.The harder way and the easier way. 1.The harder way: Using cygwin and metadoctoring.Follow these steps. 2.The hard way: Using the simplified tutorial i posted here. 3.The easier way: USING A BYPASS ROM ! I believe this is the first 2.1.0 rom on internet!(If not,please correct me).Ofcourse many have updated to 2.1.0,but i dont know why none have made it to the w w w I made a Webos 2.1.0 bypass rom (i made it for my verizon pre+). Its working perfectly for verizon palm pres! (I request users to try it on sprint or AT&T devices and give feedback about it.I believe this would work on all devices) ****downoad it here! NOTE: Before you start to doctor, Dont forget to TURN OFF BACK UP and erase the backup in the backup app of palm pre.***ITS A MUST before you proceed to use this rom**** If this rom doesn't work for you,dont worry,its easy to create your own rom for your device using the first two methods. Enabling FLASH: After you are done upgrading to 2.1.0,its time to get flash. Here is the original tutorial. click here and scroll down to the flash tutorial part. And here is my simplified tutorial: THIS WORKS WITH ALL PREs IRRESPECTIVE OF THEIR CARRIER. Prerequisites: You must have updated your pre to webos 2.1.0. STEPS: 1)Download both the Flash IPK file and patch file from here. 2)Extract both the files. 3)Copy the Flash IPK folder to your palm pre.(Copy to anywhere you remember) 4)Open Preware and go to INSTALL PACKAGE and browse to that Flash IPK File you copied earlier to your phone and install it.After it installs,do a LUNA RESTART.(Dont use quick install,its giving errors) 5)Then again in preware,install the PATCH file.Then Luna restart. 7)Now,test it.Open the browser on the pre and try going to palm.com which is listed in the bookmarks.You'll see the flash video about pre3,veer.Click on it and i will start streaming the video. Thats all folks! Flash Troubleshooting After adding Flash support, you may find that visiting any page with the browser will never completely load, and then automatically refresh in a loop. Solutions: 1)Disabling and the enabling Flash content in the browser preferences will fix this issue. 2)or Just uninstall the IPK file via preware.do a luna restart and reinstall it and do a luna restart again.This will mostly fix the reload issue. And WELCOME TO 2.1.0! Here are some screenshots of 2.1.0.