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Cannot Call Reliance Customer Care *333

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My brother had a reliance gsm sim which he was not using so i took it from him.

when i called reliance cc because i wanted to find out the 3g plans ....

this is what i hear ( a recorded message)

" You are listening to the default VoiceXML application. Congratulations, If you can hear this message your system is configured correctly"

It's in an American female's voice

and sometimes i hear this recorded message

"This facility is not available on your reliance india prepaid. Please contact reliance customer care"

(what!! i'm trying to call the cc itself. :doh: very confusing!)

What is the problem ? has anyone faced this before? What is the solution? :Sonrojado:

Are there any other reliance cc numbers?

i tried 198, but it always says this route is busy.

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198 is the number to give complaint reg RGsm services and so all the lines to 198 being busy is understandable.. But reg *333, I can guess only one thing---Earlier their CC exec were bunch of jokers, now their CC number also might be behaving so...

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