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Unable To Send Sms To A Particular Number

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Hi I am using palm pixi from last 1 year but I am facing a strange problem of not able to send sms to a particular number.

When I push the SMS button on the new contact(contact contains that number), nothing happens.

Also when I manually start a new text message and enter the number to the text message and press send, the message clears from the text box and nothing else happens.The message is sent.

I tried to google and found many pixi user have faced this problem and only solution I could find was the

OK, running WebOS Doctor fixes the problem. No surprise there, I guess. It's a complete restore of the OS, after all. I was tired of not being able to receive texts from this number, so I'm back in business now.



I have downloaded the WebOs Doctor but I am lil hesitant to use this as I read that it would reboot so that means what programming has been done in my phone will be over and I might have to do lots of hard work to bring it back to life.

I would like to know any member of the forum has faced similar problem

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