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Blackberry Not Booting After COD Removal (Don't Know Which COD I Removed)

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Hello all,

I have a blackberry 9650 on bb os 6 and i was playing with Bbsak and i accidently removed a COD and didn't knew the name of it..so i even can't install it again ...now its not booting to the home screen..the LOAD bar completes ..and after some time screen gets turned off..and if i press some button then it agains turns on ..in the same state...like its ideal....i can connect with BBSAK ..I just want to backup my contacts..and i will reload the OS...i even can't go in safe mode...please help! ;)

EDIT :...Finally i let it boot at night..and suddenly boot up sound came..i was quite happy....i have bunch of errors :

1) Uncaught Exception : jave.lang.NullPointerException

2) Uncaught Exception : java.lang.error

3) Uncaught Exception : jave.lang.NullPointerException

4) ApplicationRegistry.waitFor (0x79a47873b7e8b4e0) timeout

I can connect to WiFi ..but can't use it...when i go to service books ..the phone literally hangs...so i remove the battery and start it up again...i can't even sync my phone with DM...Please Help...or else i have to edit my GMAIL address book...this BB has 583 contacts..and it will take hours editing my online address book...please post some solution to copy the contacts anywhere safe!...( ONLY CONTANCTS )

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