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No more pains: CyanogenMod installer is on its way...

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Cyanogenmod Is Now An Incorporated Company Called Cyanogen Inc.

One of the most popular Android Rom-Developers team, Cyanogenmod, is now a company. The new company is called as Cyanogen Inc. and it was founded back in December last year. The new company employs popular developers & team members like, Kaushik Dutt. The company has big plans for the future and Steve Kondik, the head of the Cyanogenmod Rom founder, has wrote in Cyanogenmod blog that the fast pace that was to be noticed in the last few months is because of the establishment of this company. The team(or company) will bring an easy installer for installing Cyanogenmod on your devices(just as reported by our fellow forum member in his thread here). You can read all the background work that resulted in the establishment of the company Cyanogen Inc. at the latest blog post of Steve Kondik here.

A look at the Cyanogenmod team.


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CyanogenMod Installer gets pulled from the Play Store at Google’s request


Well, it lasted longer than we thought. It’s been a little over 2 weeks since the CyanogenMod Installer officially landed on Google Play and today, Google has formally requested the Cyanogen Inc. remove the app from the Play Store. Why? According to the Google Play Support team, the application was in violation of their terms of service.

Before you freak out, Google admits that while the app is harmless (it only enables ADB and directs users to the desktop installer to complete the installation of the CyanogenMod ROM), they simply can’t list an app that encourages Android users to void their handset’s warranties by rooting and ROMing. Google does have hardware partners after all.

Although Google didn’t technically pull the app themselves (you’ll still find it in the Play Store at the time of writing), they asked Cyanogen Inc. do the honors lest they be forced to take “administrative action.”

Cyanogen Inc. is already in talks with Google to see if there’s anything that can be done and already submitting the app to rival app stores from both Amazon and Samsung. In the meantime, CM Installer is still readily available from the official CyanogenMod website where it can be sideloaded like any other app. Instructions and download link provided below.

Instructions on
how to install
Direct download

via CyanogenMod

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Thanks for the information Hitesh !!

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