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LG RD 2130 Phone Reset Issue

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Lg Rd 2130

On lg 2130 i pressed reset phone and now getting 0 signal bars also the banner reliance is not displaying inspite doing its setting now what to do.
also i pressed show clock it says show clock in standby mode. what is standby mode.
also no clock is displaying.
just this is displaying

signal bar main sign with 0 signals bars. menu and find .
though i can change any setting but it is not doing anything .
i tried swithcing phone on and off and nothing works.
also after i pressed reset phone all call detials that i received or done gone and all messeges savedgone can i get it back .

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OK the signal bars came but how to recover lost sms and archive any idea please tell me

signal bars goes then i have to switch phone off and on or remove battery and then put it . why this happens .

sometimes after making 2 to 3 calls signal barrs goes. sometimes after sending sms signal bars goes.


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