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How To Invoke Modem Of Lg Rd 2030

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Hi Friends

ours is developing a USB datacable for LG RD 2030 mobile

our USB datacable is running ok with Windows Dialer, When we invoke the Modem of LG RD 2030 by calling Windows " Modem.cpl" and configuring modem at 33600 kbps on any Com1..........Com3 port.

Then after we call " Dial-Up Networking " and provide provider's phone Number that is " #777 " when every thing is given properly then we only have to provide

mobile Number and the password ( both of them must be same) then after i get connected to internet.

Note: i have not used reliance R-connect CD and reliance Datacable which is available in market.

Now we want to develop a software which internally recognise the modem and provide a GUI like Dialer of Windows for providing Phone Number and password.

For refrence : when we insert Reliance/Tata Indicom CD then it automatically configures everything and gives a shortcut to the desktop.

ours too want the same thing. only inserting the CD oof my software and this software automatically configure everything and places a shortcut to the desktop.

if u want furthur information then u can contact me: kumar_rameshwar@yahoo.co.in

Mob: 09350133217

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Please post in only one forum.

Your posts from LG & R-Connect sub-forums have been deleted

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Can u give a lil more details ...

1. Are u trying to develop a driver and a preconfigured setup structure + GUI? coz thatz already done by reliance

2. Are u trying to just dial a number? coz this can be done by AT commands (voice call)

3. Are u trying out Data calls (coz #777 is a data call number like *365)

Please elaborate a little more about this info...

Cheers.... If the specs are clear, u just might have a lot of help around.... as the new college that I have joined has some of the finest brains around when it comes to rev. enggr./ coding


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