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Nokia 3230 Software!

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Dear friends,

i've few questions related to my cellphone!


***NOKIA 3230***


i've NOKIA 3230 with 512MB ram. i've copied 150MB songs +50MB AVI files on to it. Now my cell is hanging, it takes too much time to open any application. Sometime it hanged and says App. closed! like ultraMP3, ET2 recorder


USED: 225

FREE: 246

1**i've some .RM songs but whenever i play on my cellphone it plays automatically in real media player, with screen light on.So tell me which player play .RM files beside real media player!

2**And also tell me what is best way of installing/removing any new application to my cellphone? it takes too much time in installing/removing any programmes.

whenever i select install application from my pc thru nokia pc suite, my cellphone ask:




3***i get irritated by pressing same buttons for installing any app. Is it any other way that by pressing one button it starts installing without asking any other confirmation to MEMORY card???

4***is there any software for recording high quality video? My in built recorder records very bad quality vid. (in .3gp format), my camera is 1.3 megaPixel !

5***beside NOKIA PC SUITE is there any software available for my pc so i can send/recieve ringtones/wallpapers easily??

6****** is it possible to always auto save of calender/contacts/messages to MMC card?? at present it auto save in phone memory. My inbox is full....

6*** give me some tips to keep my nokia 3230 safe and work fast...

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there is a software which tranfers ur messages to memroy card. u need to donwlaod that. there r many software to record video. nokia 3230 i myslef use and it hangs from time to time as it cant handle 512mb mmc card properly. but there is no other altenrative to it. all softwares u get on different forums on net for free....

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Ill suggest u to change ur handset, hanging is not cos of load its kinda bug in this particular model. I have seen people crying for thier money very after they bought this handset.

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