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    I really miss the diversity of handsets.With a diverse OS. i remember starting with a Motorola Startac or one of those first brick phones that came to India. Outgoing was Rs 32 a minute, incoming Rs 16. Over the years, would excitedly look at new handsets, from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Palm, Sony Ericsson etc. i have owned Ericsson Flip Phones (forgot the model numbers, they were coloured, and the display was slim and only one line, but the smallest smartest flip phones of its time). Sony Ericsson had the W Walkman series which was cool. The Nokia E72 was one of the best phones I had. It had 3G, Qwerty Keyboard, great build quality, gsm, wcdma, gps etc. Symbian S60 was cool. The App Store of its time was getjar. I used spreadsheets on it. And google maps too. It would support J2ME apps. then I had the Sendo X. Another super phone. I used it as a Bluetooth modem with my old PowerBook G3. The Moto Razr was perhaps the best and smartest looking phone ever. There was a candy bar version of Razr which I owned. It had Apple iTunes. The Motorola A780 was a sexy Linux based smartphone with a touch screen as well as a clamshell. I loved it. also had the palm based Kyocera 7135 too. Then the blackberries were cool d the bold. Which had amazing email, the best even by today’s standards. And excellent tools for spreadsheets, word processors etc. loved it. I loved the choice of various phone brands, OS, form factors. i would use scheduleworld.com or zyb.com to synchronise contacts and calendar data between various phones. Now there is only one form factor. A flat screen. And only two OS to choose from. Both very similar, and yet very different. Each comes with an ecosystem that you kind of get locked into. Not much choice. i love the choice of older days.
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    If it is beyond 8 K.M from the Municipal limits there is no capital gains arising out of sale of agricultural lands.
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    May be - you don't have to pay any Capital Gain Tax. Read the full article here Get in touch with some IT Lawyer & quote the above reference.
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    No. (It is Capital gain tax and is calculated on the basis of years - you get the benefit of "Cost Inflation Index" abbreviated as CII ) You can see the chart from 1981 to today from the following links ( Official PDF for capital gain is available at Income Tax site). https://cadiary.org/cost-inflation-index-capital-gain/ http://wealth18.com/cost-inflation-index-chart-table-1981-to-2014-for-income-tax-capital-gain-purpose/ Suppose you don't have the actual Cost of Acquisition of the land then you can calculate on the basis of fair market value as on 1st April 1981 (Get the property valuation done by a Approved Registered Valuer as on 1st April 1981 and use it as COA). So COA (Cost of Acquisition) = Fair Market Value as on 1st April 1981 + any other cost incurred thereafter for development etc. Thereafter you can calculate by the formula : Capital Gain = Sale Price - Indexed Cost of the Property (Further any expense occurred while selling can also be deducted such as brokerage & other expenses) Indexed Cost of the Property = Actual COA x (Index in the year of Sale which is 2017 / Index in the Year of Purchase which is 1981 in your case) So suppose the COA was ₹4 Lakh (as on 1-04-1981) & you sold the property for ₹50 Lakh ( Since the CII value is not yet announced for 2017-2018 we will consider that the property was sold in 2016-2017 i.e. Last year for our calculations) Now the Indexed Cost of the Property = COA x (CII of 2016-17 / CII of 1981-82) = ₹4 Lakh x (1125 / 100) = ₹45 Lakh So the Capital Gain = Sale Price - Indexed Cost of the Property = ₹50 Lakh - ₹45 Lakh = ₹5 Lakh If the Seller of the property are more than one person then this gain would divide among them according to the share in the property. So it has nothing to do with the Government value. The Government value is the minimum value fixed for the collection of Stamp Duty etc. If you sell your property this year then you should use the CII of 2017-2018. Hope this helps.