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  1. How to upload Wallpaper in Lg Rd7230

    the pc cync software that is provided with the LG 7230 phones can be used to upload wallpapers. Its pretty easy to use also.
  2. Help Needed For Lgrd7230

    1) yes..its freely available...atleast in Mumbai ..yup 2)PC sync is pretty good...just plug and download.. initially the software provided had problems..dunno the latest version. Mine gave a prob so i shot a mail to customer care of LG and they promptly sent me a new CD. 3) for that use bitpim...it gives u good results! 4) yes data cable and stereophonic headphones and a spare battery are all part of the standard accessories. 5) Out of all the lots of camera ph that reeliance had introduced....this one gives amazing results and so are the video clippings. I have even got a few pics developed from a camera shop..and they turned out real good! 6) I am a heavy std user...so when i charge my battery in mor and on an average..spking for nearly 2-3 hrs in a day..the battery exausts by aftnoon/evening next day. Mostly the battery gets consumed if u are too much of sms, r world user or u are doing uploading and downloading. 7) no, there is no group sms feature. 8) yes, the phone book is very user friendly. 9) hmmm never tried that. saving nos as text directly from sms. will let u know on that soon. 10) Its a joke. U can save photos directly on ur system...even send threu mms. 11) I dont think u can pick any cdma phs from local market and get reliance no on it. U need to pick phs directrly from them. 12) given the option that u have suggested...i'll put my money on 7230 any day my friend...the results are good..thats it. But yes...this phone lacks...speaker phone & FM...which the other model (nokia) has. But then nokia and other LG models doesn't have such good pic quality and no video mode option. So u need to really decide what do u wanna go for - features wise. Hope this helps!
  3. Watch Movie On Mobile

    hehehe.. all that we get to see is movie trailers and download some of the video clippings but i wonder how the user experience would be of watching a movie on mobile? Even now the streaming content that we see on our reliance mobiles..the quality is not that good. Sometimes there are jerks or the sound is not in sync with the clipping. Also... the image qulaity is not that good....which is bound to happen coz the content that we see on our phones have 'not' been made for mobiles but usually is 'optimised' to play on mobiles..which reduces the quality a lot.
  4. Sms Problem With Lg 7230

    like someone mentioned on the forum...the features are there but are listed in a unique way. Frankly spking I found this feature much better and mainbly coz of the nicely done color coding. A red left pointing arrow > incoming call and a blue right pointing arrow > u made a call. Have u seen the icon for call on hold? That's also depicted in a nice way. I think this feature saves u that "one click" of going back and searching thru different folders (missed, arrived, received) for ur calls. nopes i don't think reliance reduced prices coz of these problems. In the 1st place..these are not even "problems". Reliance realised it that the 2 phones that they had pegged at premium lifestyle price around an year back ( samsung camera phone and this 7230)... similar phones with much more advanced features... were available at a lesser cost in GSM tech outside. At some point they had to make the prices of these phones competitive otherwise they had a pretty good chance of losing out on potential customers who were keen on buying camera enabled phones of reliance but found the 20K+ price too steep.
  5. Help Needed For Lgrd7230

    That's the BIGGEST "flaw" in the phone my friend. You can't associate different ringtones to different numbers. The default will always be one. No it can't be dude. I think you missed the 'finer' point sized note in phone maual..which says that IRDA port is compatable with 7230 phones only. Which means you can exchange stuff only between one 7230 to other. And that too ONLY phone book. Nothing else. Yes I agree...7230 rocks. Once you get comfortable with the phone and are willing to experiment with it a bit... do check out the technical/programming secion of this forum also to discover what else you can do with 7230 (for instance crate ur own personalised ringtones, wallpapers, etc). I have a post out there on which I have uploaded many ringtones compatable for 7230...plus other issues related to 7230...u will find it there. But don't jump on to it soon! Read thru all posts... absorb... and then take a plunge
  6. New Handsets awaited

    In US the phone would be launched offically in 1st quarter of 2005 ...and India being light years behind...you can imagine when would this phone come here
  7. hey webmaster..the above ringtone (mrs robinson)..is of 8kb. I just uploaded it on my 7230 thu bitpim only. Its working fine. Why don't you also try it out?
  8. yeah loo VIJAY... one of my fav songs Simon & Garfunkel 's - MRS. ROBINSON hope you would like it mrs_robinson_1st_cut.mid
  9. New Handsets awaited

    yeh, now its getting quite a bit confusing as well! rates r fluctuating day in n out! 20457[/snapback] ture... suddenly there are loads of models coming in. In a way its good coz now it offers the new customers and those who want to upgrade from their earlier b&w models more options. But pricing is very dicy. For instance..the nokia model for 10999.. well features wise..the only USP is built in radio, speaker ph and infrared support. The screen color display..resolution..pic quality is very average...not at par with some of the other camera models in its league...or for that matter as compared to LG7230. For best picture quality & video quality...7230 is the best...and its priced the same...but then, it lacks those features that I mentioed above... ......... mann...choosing a ph would now be a real dilemma for all new customers
  10. Ring Tones Via Sms - 1237 Services

    good show shabz... but would suggest you to wait 1st and have a look at the bill whether they have REALLY given you a waiver. I have a pretty abd experience with the false promises like these that Reliance made to me. I migrated to 399 plan from my original DAPO plan in July..but my subsequent bills showed my charges as per old plan. After lots of fighting and complaints they agreed that my Nov bill would reflect a waiver (the WW guys blamed it on some faulty systems)...but alas...Nov bill has also come with old charges...though I received a sms from them that the plan change would be accepted from dec!!! So the fight is still on... But m surprised that writing a mail to chairman's office generated you a response. I think I'll also do that.... thanks!
  11. nahi yaar... u can even stretch ur ringtone up to 5kb ..and a little more also. I have most of my ringtones of 5kb size and they work just fine.
  12. Which Is Better LG 6000 Or LG 6130

    continuing my point further..if those of you who are not so interested in the picture quality of the phone but just want a camera enabled phone..then I think Nokia 3205 is also a good option. Check its features out: Integrated VGA Camera with self timer and photo caller id 4096 color display User customizable template covers plus Template Cutter Infrared Connectivity Integrated FM Radio Speaker Phone Built in flashlight 16 Poly ringing tones (MIDI) Download MIDI ringtones User-changeable Xpress-on Front and Battery Templates High speed data support The features that I have marked bold... it makes it a viable option.
  13. Which Is Better LG 6000 Or LG 6130

    LG RD 6000 262000 colour TFT display Built-in high-resolution camera: 640x480 image resolution (approximate 310K pixels) Brew 2.0 platform for R World Native MMS Large Phone Book with 500 entries 76 melodies - 32 Poly ringtones In-built answering machine LG RD 6130 Built-in high-resolution (VGA) camera with integrated Flash (approximate 300K pixels) and Multishot Bright 65000 Color STN display Native MMS Emergency Flash light Speaker Phone High speed data capability Java platform for R World Supports Hindi Menus and Hindi SMS On the face of it, 6000 is the one that I would put my money on. Some of it's features are similar to 7230 and being a owner of 7230, I know what they mean. For instance..the picture quality and screen display area...they are much better than 6130.The 6000 has 262K color TFT display.... it's counter part falls short on that. The in-built answering machine is a good feature when you are driving or are busy and cannot take a call. You can even record ur msg for others b4 they leave a msg (at least the 7230 has this function) 76 melodies -36 poly is another good feature for those who like to show off The 6130...the features that caught my attention were: integrated flash, speaker phone and emergency flash light. The phone looks huge and bulky. Atleast I felt so when I saw it in person. In a nutshell... if those of u who dont give much care for picture quality..but just want a ph that takes pictures..then go for 6130- its cheaper also. But for ppl like me... who are more interested in detailing...then 6000 makes sense.
  14. PC Sync for RD6000

    See if you have the CD then there is no problem. As far as I can see it, this is what you need to do: > Start the CD. Chances are, there would be an auto run demo explaining you the features about the phone and stuff related to it ( its the same demo that you get to see on their website also) > I think you will first need to install drivers for the software which will help you start the phone operations (downloading/uplaoding etc) > I haven't seen the CD but I think you will find the drivers in the software itself. > Hunt for an Installation manual in the CD. It will exactly explain you how to go about it. I think 1st u need to install drivers, then u need to restart system and later access the CD again to install you PC Sync & other phtot/video upload download software. During this step..I guess you will be required to attach your USB chord to the port which you wish to connect it with. > After you manage to do this, then connect your phone with the USB chord and attach the chord to the respective port and click on the PC sync link on ur desktop. atul... u better check your CD. You must be having all this in a well documented instructional manual
  15. vijay...even I am searching for its MIDI... cudn't find it ...i'll give a shot myself and try and convert mp3 into midi..and then see how the result is...mp 3 bhi nahi mil raha dhaani ka mere ko... lemme search it on my office's LAN now....