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  1. Finally!!. Hopefully they put a good person in his place who can take broadband to the next level.
  2. They still cannot match MTS's 999 unlimited plan. Reliance used to be the first to lower tariff. Now they are followers and still can't match competition.
  3. wow!! We already have 10 android phones under 20k. it is just matter of time before we get a few phones under 10k. Will accelerate android even faster.
  4. The Truth Behind Led TVs

    IMO the biggest advantage of LCD over the "well functioning CRT" 1) is aspect ratio (16:9) 2) LCD is thinner 3) Full HD support in LCD and hence better picture quality. if these things don't bother you, stay with CRT.
  5. This report appears incorrect. If it is true why don't we see so many people using data. i hardly know anybody around me who uses data. In fact most of the people use basic handsets and using email on those handsets is a pain.
  6. MNP is postponed so many time now that, I will believe it when it is actually operational. Before that one never know they will come out with an excuse at last moment and postpone it again.
  7. I need some help in selecting a scanner/Printer for my home use. My main use is digitizing documents. Printer(only documents, No photo) is needed to be used very occasionally like once a week or even less. I can let go of printer option if the standalone scanner works out cheaper. I don't need the option of copier but won't mind if it is there. Appreciate any suggestions.
  8. Thanks for all the responses guys. I will checkout all the models suggested in this thread. Just one more question, Since my printer usage will not be frequent, Will the inkjet printer give any problems?
  9. Thanks for the reply. The Samsung Multi-in-one is good but is a bit pricy at 8.5k for my usage. How good is this one Canon PIXMA-MP287 The suggested retail price is4295/- and compared to LIDE 100 is only silghtly costlier and i am getting the printer function too.
  10. why not use truecrypt. It is free and reliable. It does not hide folders individually but encrypts them and put in a container effectively hiding the folders. You can create container folder and truecrypt will encypt and put all your files/folders there. The encrypted container can be launched as a new volume.
  11. Broadband in India is defined as anything 256Kbps (Kilo bits per second). Lot of countries are moving towards 100MBps and Japan and Korea with Fibre to the Home (FTTH) (1G and 10G) are moving to even higher speeds we are still stuck at 256 Kbps and for higher speeds with ridiculous download limits. TRAI had floated a consultation paper on broadband a while back. See here One of the questions in paper was "Is present broadband definition too conservative to support bandwidth intensive applications? If so, what should be the minimum speed of broadband connection?" I am quoting the final answer to this questions by top 3 ISPs. Sadly BSNL did not choose to comment on the paper. RCOM "The authority should not change the existing speed of broadband services and keep 256 kbps unchanged for both wireline and wireless networks" AIRTEL "it is recommended that the existing definition of broadband where the speed is 256 Kbps, should be replaced with at least 512 Kbps." TATA TELESRVICES "Minimum defined speed does not deter the delivered speed and as proven internationally, players will offer speeds based on demand requirements and competition. Thus, there is no need to define a minimum speed criterion" Unless TRAI forces the broadband speed to 4Mbps, we are stuck at 512Kpbs.
  12. Even after registering for NDNC register i keep on getting SMS messages, even from my service provider Airtel. I have complained in the past to customer care. They are patient enough to take complaint but no follow up (in fining the guilty party). But it is definitely much better than before signing up for NDNC. i might have helped like 20 people sign up for NDNC. A lot of people don't know about NDNC although the procedure to sign up is really simple. I feel the National DO call registry is the way to go forward.
  13. I got the following email from Reliance today. Wondering if it is 1X or EVDO? Either way looks like a good offer. is there any catch in this? ----- Reliance Netconnect <Customer.Service@relianceada.com> reply-to Datacard.support@relianceada.com to <DELETED> date Fri, Sep 3, 2010 at 12:16 PM subject Exclusive offer for you on Reliance Prepaid Netconnect High Speed Datacard. mailed-by relianceada.com Dear Customer, Unlimited data usage for just Rs 202! We at Reliance recognize your desire for unlimited surfing at very reasonable costs. Hence we bring to you a unique recharge offer that allows you unlimited data usage for 30 days. Recharge amount Data usage Validity 202 Rs Unlimited 30 days Hurry!! Offer valid till 10 September 2010 With Reliance Netconnect, surfing the internet is simple, easy, fast and fun. You can also write to us at datacard.support@relianceada.com. You can also call Reliance Customer Care at 1800-3000-5555. Enjoy surfing with India’s fastest wireless internet. Reliance Netconnect team
  14. Cdma 1X Vs Gprs

    I wish reliance had something like a 500MB 1x plan within Rs 100 with monthly validity. It is like 1/4 of the available GPRS plans in GSM. With this kind of plan the usage of smartphones on RCDMA will be less pinch on the pocket.
  15. What is windows mobile plan from Reliance? Sorry google did not help.
  16. The Reliance GSM sims are now available in Bangalore too. However the Cunningham Road Webworld is asking for Rs 100 for a SIM. Rs 50 for SIM and Rs 50 for recharge. Wasn't it supposed to Rs 25 for SIM and recharge optional? --Thanks Kuldeep
  17. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    Are you sure? I tried 3 way conferencing on my friend's Postpaid mobile LG-RD2710, it did not work. Thanks Kuldeep
  18. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    Does it support 3 way conferencing? I am planning to take a postpaid connection. --Thanks Kuldeep
  19. Rcom Unveils Motorola W362

    It is not available at Cunnigham Road WebWorld in Bangalore. is it available anywhere in Bangalore? Kuldeep
  20. Hi Group, I want to buy a new handset with following requirements 1) 3 way conference calling 2) Good battery life 3) Headphone option 4) SpeakerPhone I don't care about any of the other features. Even monochrome handset is fine with me. I earlier have bad experince with LG handsets So looking to buy Nokia this time. Please advise. Thanks for your time Kuldeep
  21. Nokia Handset With 3 Way Conference

    Thanks Ani_meher I will go and check the prices of these handsets. 2112 seems to fit my requirements.
  22. Nokia Handset With 3 Way Conference

    Thanks for the reply guys. I had bad experience with 3 handset of LG i owned. I was just wondering if Nokia is better. I own a basic Nokia GSM handset and it rocks!! I know Nokia is after sale is rotten. That is why i wanted to go for a basic handset. I will just throw it if it goes kaput. Kuldeep
  23. Nokia Handset With 3 Way Conference

    Thanks for the reply guys!! >>@Kuldeep >>What is your budget my dear friend ? Since i do not want any high end features (Camera, FM, Audio player etc etc. ), I would go with cheapest available. I would settle for anything less than 5k. Kuldeep
  24. Hi, I have LG 5130 handset with LG cable purchased from LG service centre (Rs 1300/-). *I am able to surf internet*. I am trying to upload my addressbook to PC. But when i try to connect to my PC though PC sync software it says, "The Phone is locked". Then it reboots the handset. But phone is not locked. The customoer care guys aksed me to contact LG service centre. My friend has an identical handset and it workd great on the same laptop and same cable. Is there any setting i have to change on my phone --Thanks Kuldeep
  25. Hi, I have LG RD 5130. I have lot of contacts in my phone books, whcih are not written anywhere. I need a data cable to back up address book on My PC. I don't want to buy the LG cable as it is too costly. My requiremnt is just address book backup and I don't care if it is very slow. I am not planning to use it for internet either. Any ideas wher can i get these 3rd part cables in Banglaore. Appreciate ur help Kuldeep