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  1. Guys i am having lg5130 handset,i have data cable also but never knew that we can upload ringtones from pc to my mobile...what is the procedure to upload this ringtones mentioned in this thread to my lg handset? waiting for your reply!
  2. Rcom Unveils Motorola W362

    Hello Guys web browser is there in this handset? actually am also planning to purchase new handset for long time,should i opt for lg6600 or this motorola?
  3. New Handset Rd 3000 & Rd 3100

    Hello Guys,My bro uses this handset LG3100,he is unable to save mp3 tones,there is one option of mp3 tones but wnever tht tone is opened no music is available. there are 2 rworld in this handset & he tries this from the new rworld option.. has anyone tried to download mp3 tone from rworld? he asked me to ask this query on this forum..
  4. R World

    well i used to regurlarly check my mails frm rediff & also cricket scores,news etc... any idea wether this application vl be again launched or not?
  5. R World

    This rsurf application has been removed from rworld a month back,does anyone have any idea wether this rsurf application will be again available?