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  1. Indian Politics - The Dance of Democracy

    problem is too weak opposition
  2. Plain lie, though india also doesn't have rules that isp shud not block anything. So cos behave as they like Sent from my C2004 using Tapatalk
  3. I was in same boat as you using 1mbps 999 ul plan, problem with mtnl is each time line gives problem, i needed to sort it myself. Mtnl support is about landline working only, no line condition or noise etc. The technical guy they send at home is a biggest moron u ll encounter. Airtel was not an available in my area so got this newly launched mts mblaze ultra wifi dongle with 999 plan of 40GB free, getting 1-1.5mbps in day hrs( 9-6) around 2+ after that. Best thing is no frequent disconnection that use to happen in mtnl line. Zte wifi router they gave also got decent range. Sent from my C2004 using Tapatalk
  4. it is applicable for same network, uninor is not present in mumbai thats y u getting charged
  5. Reliance Data service down in Delhi

    3g working fine whole day
  6. iphone 5s and 5c supports both band but indian one only.
  7. the airtel one is same 1429 and 1430 so i think rcom is also the same.
  8. If you are on rel gsm then try manual selection of network and try to latch on aircel or docomo. Reliance has all india agreement for intra circle cug with aircel n docomo, may be it can help a little.
  9. Request for mnp. Retention department will call u, ask them.Sent from my Lenovo A690 using Tapatalk 2
  10. Finally what you did with no port or prepaid? Just got interested.
  11. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    Have a look at honda amaze, booked a silver ex model here. 2.5 month waiting, 7.25lac delhi on road price. Till now all positive reviews online
  12. I think they have to send extra amt+security deposit via cheque within next 2month to your billing address acc to trai rules.
  13. Going to udaipur from delhi via train. Need free/cheap incoming, on voda prepaid currently, other slot on dual sim free. What you guys suggest?
  14. but i redeemed my points 15 days back using irctc portal, but i am sbi rail card holder and most of my points are my sbi points.