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  1. I have two Jio SIMs, one each in both my phones. One is an htc Desire 628 and the second a Moto X Play. Both are non-Volte. In both phones Jio is SIM2. We have far fewere outages in the htc than in the Moto. However, the frequency has dropped. Yesterday evening, while talking to a friend, all of a sudden the Jio signal vanished on by Moto. After a few minutes I was able to reconnect. No data or voice connection. I found the signal level quite high. So must have been a software bug. Then I tried using by Voda connection. Than was also u/s, and was not connecting on voice. I switched off the Jio and only then could I use the Voda. after about 45 minutes Jio was working on Data but not on voice. On the htc there was only a very short term signal drop, but the link again took a long time to come back. Voice was restored on both only after an hour and a half. I suspect a system crash and taking some time to get back. First data was restored, and voice took another hour or so..
  2. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    Billing procedure will be interesting as all talk shows up as data in the accounting. How will they separate. More likely Rs x get you y MB.
  3. A friend ported his VIP nos from Vodafone and BSNL to Jio transparently. No sweat.
  4. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I beg to disagree. But for the loss of signal the experience has been excellent. Even that is reducing with time. The Web info can be dodgy since it says that the htc Desire 628 is Volte while it is not. I would go for the htc 10 but for the non-availability of a dual SIM on that.
  5. JIO SIM without LYF handset

    I am coming back after ages since I have been off Reliance for over two years. I have taken two Jio SIMs which I have installed in my Moto X Style, and htc Desire 628, both are non VoLTE. While the Desire is working fine, I have issues with signal drop on my Moto. Also, the Moto seems to be having the battery for breakfast. Barely lasts for twelve hours The Desire is giving us about a day. I find on the web that the 628 is Volte, but do not see a trace of that anywhere, incl the APP to check.
  6. Recommend Men’s Shaving System

    Got my HQ9 cutters from Amazon.com today. Being US sourced Norelco was bigger the Philips on the box. Direct drop in replacement. The fine print says that the life is two years (ideal one year). Everything was fine, except for the DTDC chap who never rang the bell and took an ack. He just threw the packet in the driveway and vanished at some time. Fortunately, we were going somewhere and found and picked it up. Typical DTDC behaviour.
  7. Recommend Men’s Shaving System

    My own Philips 8-series electric shaver was getting a bit old and the cutters were getting a bit blunt. After over four years I was thinking of buying a new one, since the US brand is Norelco, with a totally different model line up, so there was no hope for cutters from there. Then my son docanurag discovered that cutters/heads were available on amazon.com, with the cutter number as identification. The cutter nos are identical in Philips and Norelco. So I have managed to order a set of three cutters for under $40 (delivered) from amazon.com. In my shaver the model and cutter information is available under the clipper.
  8. Sprint HTC One M7 Lollipop now available for OTA

    I san the refresh. Amazing number of htc updates were installed. i think the total updates were in excess of 100MB.
  9. Sprint HTC One M7 Lollipop now available for OTA

    Got a message about software update 6.23.651.6. The download was 312.0MB. Install went ultra smooth, all data and settings preserved. Update install took about 30 minutes.
  10. Deposit Refund After MNP?

    He did get it on Friday, but the RCom dealer kept calling me. I saw the deposit from HDFC of ₹3230.96 in my SBI account right now, It was not there an hour ago! So the RCom saga is over, after just over a year. Now to Bhai Saheb Nahin Lagega aka BSNL. I had ported out three months earlier than from RCom,
  11. Sprint HTC One M7 Lollipop now available for OTA

    Now with M9 out fun starts. 20MB rear camera, 128GB uSD, etc. So I guess this is the last update we got for the M7.
  12. Deposit Refund After MNP?

    I was an original DAPO so there is a 3000 deposit.
  13. Deposit Refund After MNP?

    Coincidence or otherwise I got a call from RCom. He wanted me to go to their local dealer at some odd location 14km away to collect the cheque. He claimed that the cheque was expiring on the 4th March. So they must have been sleeping on it. Then today we again got a call, my wife told him then how come March 4. He claimed that the envelope sent through a courier was mis-addressed. Now we suffer for their fault. I have asked my mobile dealer to get the cheque for me, and deposit in the SBI IIT kanpur branch. Let us see?
  14. Sprint HTC One M7 Lollipop now available for OTA

    Just get the update and install. Nothing more. I am on GSM on a standard unlocked unit (from hetal).
  15. May 03, 2015 is the new date. Also, I think it implies the end of Roaming as we know it. True ONE INDIA! On good thing that Sibal did.