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  1. What is the latest scenario regarding running fastboot and adb under Windows 8 (8.1 specifically). Have these been sorted out. If yes, the sources / versions which are compatible. Specifically, I want to get into my rooted htc One to unroot it. I hear that fastboot does not work.
  2. Android 4.4 KitKat

    It may be Laddoo but not Jalebi! They go alphabetically so the next will be L...
  3. MNP Experience

    I ported from Bhai Saheb Nahin Lagega to Vodafone. No hassles. I put in the 1900 request on the 11th. Then my vendor found out that for a Pastpaid I need to visit them. Went to Vodafone Mini Store on the 12th. Filled up the forms,gave the RQ ack no and handed over my passport Xerox and also last bill and payment receipt. Picked up the SIM. The salesperson told me that despite my 2000 deposit I should try and clear the bill for the running month, so on the way back paid another Rs.600 cash. Got the receipt went back and gave a copy to Vodafone. On the 18th we get an sms from Voda that porting is approved, and they will sms me the exact time details. Nothing happened, BSNL went dead, plugged in the Vodafone SIM and was up and running. The 2G connection setting were also pre-programmed. Very happy. Of course I never expected a call from BSNL and never got one.
  4. HTC One on Sprint - World phone

    Need some information: 1. The digital clock with weather is showing HORA BANGAR as the location and the weather from there. I have tried GPS to locate and also put in Kanpur as a location. Does not help. If I select any other clock it says insufficient space. How to fix it? 2. The first screen has the Digital Clock with weather (as above) and a couple of blue panels for news and connect/ share. How do I get rid of them? 3. It is superb on WiFi but seems to be erratic on Mobile Network - keeps oscillating between nothing, 1X and eVDO. How do I make this better?
  5. HTC One on Sprint - World phone

    Got a Sprint htc One from Hetal. Ordered on the 20th, delivered on the 22nd. Brilliant. Also, Hetal is really great. I had (still have it) in my Laptop not recognising the Storage Area except for the cache area with software for reloading. He spent two hours on my laptop trying to get it to go, but the drivers are really messed up. I removed all traces of htc using the Registry Editor today, but the problem persists. What is surprising is that my old Wildfire S and new Desire X work(ed) without a hiccup. Maybe LabVIEW and the htc drivers are clashing. Ultimately, I got the drivers installed on my Desktop which had an OS reinstall six months ago. Everything is kosher. Both units on Win7 - 64 Pro. I have mistakenly posted the same info on another thread - sorry. Hetal you are great!
  6. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    Sorry, it was Sprint HTC One -- wrong thread!! Thanks for pointing it out.
  7. HTC One Dual SIM CDMA + GSM 802D

    Got mine from Hetal. Ordered on the 20th afternoon and delivered on the 22nd (Blue Dart). We had it up and running on the 23rd morning. I was moving from my Dinc2 (again Hetal) since th ringer had gone kaput. Somehow the drivers were corrupt on my laptop and he wasted a couple of hours on trying to fix it. No luck. So I configured my desktop and all was up and running in a jiffy. I also rooted and installed su etc. This is the first time I used twrp and liked it immensely. If even installs su (or rather the installer) for you. Lovely phone and an even better supplier!!
  8. I bought an htc Desire X for my wife. Quite a change from her Wildfire S and my Dinc 2 (CDMA). I have not worked inside a system for over two years. Also, I decided not to root her phone, and have not unlocked the bootloader either. Now I have some queries: 1. I have managed to transfer the phone book (Ritesh Sahu) and sms'es. Is there a way of transferring the call history? 2. I checked but did not find the OTA upgrade to Jelly Bean (4.1 it is). Any URL's 3. I hear there is a way of saving the 'masala' somewhewr on the web, so that restoring after an upgrade is relatively painless. I find even ICS 4.0.1 smoother than the Gingerbread (2.3) which is what I have on both the older phones. Please advise.
  9. HTC Desire X - Miscellaneous Queries

    1. Will try that. 2. ICS upgrade or is it JB upgrade. Thanks
  10. A noob question. Apart from the higher speeds as you move from 2G to 4G what are the differences at the user level. In other words what does on gain as he moves from 2G to 3G and (soon) 4G,
  11. It seems that Apple are suing Samsung for copying the look and feel of the iPhone in the Galaxy series. So who is scared out of their skins?
  12. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    I would have been favourably inclined (CDMA!) but after the indefinite delays in 4.x for the Dinc2 I will think of switching to Sammy.
  13. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    Naturally. Thanks for the info. The S-III had a dual core as against a quad core in the GSM. I would normally have preferred the htc One (I have a Dinc2 and my wife a Wildfire S) but considering they are still to release the promised Android 4.x (CM9/10 is out since I will have to go back to Froyo 'locked, then unlock using htc 'Bootloader Unlock, and then back up the tree again, not worth it), so I think I will jump ship. Every customer they lose will teach them a bit (hopefully).
  14. Samsung Galaxy S IV - The Next Big Thing!

    We have to wait for our friends to get the CDMA version into India. Any hint on the specs, etc.
  15. HTC One - The New Android Flagship

    Remember the UK price is much higher then the US price. I cannot wait for the CDMA version. Any the Chinks have already cloned it - a priori http://gadgets.ndtv.com/mobiles/news/htc-ones-clone-goophone-one-available-in-china-333184 Where are our chaps?
  16. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    I do not see how maintenance can be equal. The battery for a Diesel may cost you 7000+ as against 3000 or so for petrol (far more masssive for a Diesel). Pray answer this one!
  17. Android Updates For Your Phone

    Any news about the official release of ICS (or JB even better) for the Incredible2. Also, will it install on top of a Revolutionary / AlphaRevX S-off?
  18. Thanks Hetal & co. Just switched to the Mobilenet94 from the Rs.95 200MB plan. Now it is 1GB at a rupee cheaper!! It was my son who put me onto it.
  19. @commonman; One reason that STB is made mandatory is the gross under reporting of subscriber numbers. It is beleived that the actual number may be at least 5x that reported. Obviously if this piracy is checked do not expect much percuniary benefit. What you should get it bettter signal quality, and maybe HD and Stereo channels.
  20. Please suggest CDMA smartphone

    For the requirements you have try and get an Andriod OMH unit (e.g. Samsung Galaxy Y - CDMA) - there are quite a few on the market. If you want a top end phone then you have to get it from one of the vendors here (afaik - Reliance only). With BB unless it is official you will not get BB services!
  21. Planning to move from GSM to CDMA - Please advise!

    The problem with Tata is that they will not register a foreign MEID. Unfortunately, the best and latest handsets are only available outside of the telcos so getting MEID registration and EVDO activation is a must. In this regard you will find most sellers only offering Reliance and maybe MTS capably units.
  22. I am on the lookout for using my Tata Photon Plus USB unit as a hub. I have been lookign around and come across some units which may serve the purpose like Asus Asus WL 330N, iBall Baton, and more recently a TP Link unit. While the Asus is about Rs.2700, the iball (with a battery) at Rs.3300 the TP Link is only 1800. Any suggestions / experience with these.
  23. Please suggest Dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset

    Now finally some higher end phones with RUIM support. Excellent option. Only fly in the ointment appears to be the lack of a front camera (or maybe there is one).
  24. Samsung Galaxy S3

    I think there is no real way out. The vendor having shipped the phone is leat woried about updates (no money, and may delay your next purchase). So I think after six months or so coutom ROMs are the only real options.
  25. With Apple after Google they will try and guard their flanks. Windows is the best option.