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  1. I think they have also asked for a refund of the 3G license fees if the babus insist onstopping the arrangements. They are talking of a deadline tomorrow. Presumably the BSNL/MTNL will be asked to pull the plug wherever thay are involved.
  2. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Managed it thanks to your information. Minor variations from your process 1. Used the PG32IMG route for the Verozon version and the recovery (red from XDA). Of course had to disble fastboot etc.. 2. Then installed the two superuser files. 3. Installed Clockwork mod 4. Had to get Astro file manager to get the apk installer going from SD Card. 5. Installed busybox. 6. Moved the devanagri fonts to the system/fonts director, so obviously have ROOT. Most things with root are working. CWmod restored 26 apps. Only a couple were missing. Titanium Pro (from rimweb) did not work. Ookla speedtest is not working. Update: Removed the pro and installed the freebie version of Titanium. Was able to restore data and apps. Also, Ookla wrrning now. So hopefully I am now in business. Only still not able to update contacts to Google. Edited by sgiitk, Today, 03:21 PM.
  3. Sorry, posted in the wrong thread
  4. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    Thanks a lot.T he XDA recovery is the same as yours, just a bit updated and the latest is renamed red, It saved my bacon since recovery was not working at all after the upgrade. This time will restore recover using your version. I may use ths simpler PG32IMG route for both the RUU and recover. By the looks of it the villain is the new procedure to root in GB which I was unaware of, and I did not do. My son docanurag told me over the phone, but by then the fuse had blown. Then I sort of panicked and not having root flashed the old one back. So will try to revert to GB tomorrow. Also, I am not getting contacts to synch to google. I am seeing the full no under people>view but synch is not taking place. Also, almost all contacts appear under both google & phone (10 less!). Should I deleter contacts in GMail and then try to synch again. I am using SuperBackup to save the lists.
  5. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    kapilbhai; Thanks for the tip. I will pick up the coujrage in a day or two to do the thing. What I propose is to take the backups and then: 1. Upgrade to the 'sarkari' 2.3.3. I have heard that the chinese is not fully stable. 2. If the recovery is messed up then restore with PG32IMG_CWM_4014_20110819_red.zip which I got from XDA. 3. Then copy and flash su-bin- and Superuser-3.0.7-efghi-signed.zip in that order. One other bit - I have backed up the contacts (also sms'es and call list) with SuperBackup. When I restored it was showing both Google and Phone addresses, and was asking me to link. Is this normal, and is thre any way of fixing this. If so then how does one remove the Phone Contacts? I am a beginner, but not a total mug.
  6. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    I understand that alpharev/revolutionary do change the hboot version in order to preserve the S-off. In fact I was one of the first to point this out. One small point - is there something to be flashed to get the root access. Is it the same way as in Froyo. By any chance is it rmk_root_setup-vivow.zip, If so how does one flash it? The one I have downloaded was on 26th September. Or does GB require a different route. Obviously the recovery was messed up which got fixed by the XDA route.
  7. Flash & Recovery Solutions For HTC Incredible 2

    kapilbhai. You have not given the URL for the radio. Also, I have a problem - I am on froyo with alpharevx root. Now when I flashed Parin's 2.3.3 (with radio) it installed, messed up the recovery, and bypassed both bootloader and TP. No root possible, I finally had to get a fresh recovery from XDA (CWM based) and then back to Froyo! Looks like S-off changes the version of HBOOT leading to all problems.
  8. Back to Froyo now. Got recovery from http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=15981566. Used the 'red'. Now wondering whether I should try and go to GB (I will love to) since the HBOOT version may again 'fix' me.
  9. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    Will try it out. I am now tempted to go straight to the Chinese 2.3.4 which I have downoloaded from XDA. Will a factoryr eset mess up the unlock or the PRL?. The bootloader page is ----AlphaRevX---- VIVO_W XB SHIP S-OFF RL HBOOT-6.13.1002 RADIO- Apr 1 2011, 18:34:39 HBOOT <normal three options> FASTBOOT RECOVERY FACTORY RESET SIMLOCK HBOOT USB IMAGE CRC Fstboot gets you into the normal options. Today I was able to get it to get to the bootloader without the battery trick!
  10. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    I have managed to update my Dinc2 to Gingerbread 2.3.3 using the files as posted by Parin. As I had got S-off in Froyo through AlphaRevXBeta (it changes the HBoot version) the S-off is preserved. Now I am unable to root it. If I go into recovery then it just hangs up on me by going into an infinitely long display in the second screen. Also, every time I have to do a battery pull in order to get it to enter the bootloade3r screen. When I did a 2.3.3 upgrade it Bypassed Bootloader and TP. I guess this was due to the original S-off. Help!!
  11. Just upgraded using Parin's files. Got GB 2.3.3 with no pain. As I had done an AlphaRevX root earlier, the S-off is preserved. However I am not able to install the Superuser, even though I have the file from Revolutionary.io. I have deleted PG32.IMG as recommended. Now I am having to install all apps manually. Any ideas about installing su. Thanks amtrag the screenshots are invaluable in getting the apps to be installed. I have Titanium sitting on the SD card but cannot restore the apps etc. If I go intore cover it goes into two screens and then seems to hang forever. During installation it bypassed Bootloader and TP, rest installed Ok. Update: Have installed all apps manually. Titaium was cribbing about busybox. That too did not install. What to do? Also, the screen on the boot page is still green (I hear it should be orange in GB). Still looking for a decent clock with alarm(s).
  12. Thanks folks. I know this is Dinc1, see my earlier query. Then parin posted the link for Dinc2 (which I have quoted) so in a way now it is for both! The big give away - PG311IMG (for Dinc1) and PG32IMG (for Dinc2) in the filenames. Has any one identified the Chinese stuff which can be removed, and is there a file for the Google stuff to be added? I have taken the screenshots. Thanks.
  13. I could not get it through People. Got a message - the app People (process com.android.htccontacts) has stopped unexpectedly. So have used Super Backup a free app to backup both contacts & sms. Have been usins sms backup by Ritesh Sahu. May dump the latter. Good idea about the screenshots. May try on Monday. Incidentally did you do Dinc 2 or Dinc?
  14. I am finally picking up courage, and found the time to install the upgrade. Just to recap the procedure will be 1. Titanium backup & Nandroid backup. 2. Copy the file as PG32IMG to the root of the SD card 3. Restart and let it do its thing. 4. If S-off is preserved then fine (I am on Froyo with root from AlpharevX Beta, so S-off may survive). Else go to revolutionary.io and do S-off. 5. Install SU etc. as per the revolutionary site. 6. Reinstall Titanium 7. Do a rstore of apps. As it is an RUU so must be htc sourced.Has anybody had any issues? Has anybody worked out the files/apps which are China Telecom specific so can be safely removed. Is a QPST backup of the prl (and any other files) desirable? This is the first time I am upgrading a phone so am a bit nervous.
  15. +1 Rajan bhai. In our country if you crib loud enough and long enough someone is likely to try and help you. Even more so since 2G is a very hot potato. @shrik; Roaming may be abolished one day not too far off.
  16. HTC Edge: First Quad Core Phone Revealed

    I guess for all of a month!!!
  17. The only down side is that when (it is not if) the cable is snapped you will lose all services.
  18. HTC Incredible 2 Battery Status Indicator

    @japinder; I doubt it, since the indicator monitors the voltage and not the charge directly. Any rechargeable battery will have a near constant voltage for the bulk of its range. However, at 100% the voltage increases rapidly. On my wife's I551 I find I haev to charge for another hour after 100% to get a semblance of a full charge. My dinc2 does not need it.
  19. As predicted by me RIL will ride on the RCom backbone..
  20. Installing Devanagri On Android

    Thanks everybody. I managed to Install the font using the route in the post. Only as mentioned the half-letters and matras are not perfect. They are quite readable. I am afraid I am not a fan of Opera and prefer the Dolphin HD browser. Now is there a keyboard app I can use for typing out sms messages.
  21. Installing Devanagri On Android

    As for the rendering problem I am not too surprised. Unfortunately, there and multiple fonts for Devanagri all following their own norms and may not be necessarily unicode. Even on MS Windows I have run into an interesting bug - My surname 'Ga with Small U matra', 'Half Pa', 'Ta with Aa matra' appears fine at smaller font sizes. Increase the font size and it changes to exchanging the Pa and the Ta! Very interesting and initially disturbing!. So effectively I should manually copy the fonts into the correct directory and then do the job. I guess this is the hidden message. Thanks folks.
  22. @kshah; How did you expect Docomo label to be any better. The monkeys on the ground have the same DNA and may (and now will) be the same.
  23. Blackberry Data Service Outage

    It was a BB server issue, so all must have been affected. Have some DoT babus joined RIM?
  24. Tough luck for them. Same as the highways - they gave BOT/BOOT licenses for 30 years, and are now talking about actual expressways (i.e limited access, etc). Now what happens to the guy who took out a 30 year license based on some projection for the traffic. Our mai baap government is very consistent, in that it is totally inconsistent.