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  1. Qwerty vs Touch

    Let me put it in a slightly different way: The only operating systems worth looking at for a smartphone are, iOS, Blackberry and Android. Of these Blackberry is QWERTY barring one or two models. iOS is only touch and overhyped and overpriced in my view. Android is essentially touch but there are some excellent models with both. I have a Samsung Galaxy i5510, with my wife, which has a slide out keyboard. I had a Samsung Epic 4G (CDMA) which had the same. However, after a couple of months I found that was never using the keypad - migration is pretty painless. In fact I am not even going to the horizontal format. I have since traded in the Epic 4G for an Incredible 2 which is pure touch. Beleive me the change is far more painless than we fear. So you options are one of the BBs or a dual mode Android.
  2. I hope they implement the 'One India' idea which has been on the cards soon. The basic benefit will be your number will be there for good. I do expect a small upward revision of the tariff. I agree with rajanmehta that a lot of it is likely to be just gas. This govt has been big on talk and poor on delivery. I expect the same here. However, since this is a discussion paper let us wait and see. Mr Sibal has been one of the worst in being big on talk and poor on delivery. See the latest - he wants 100 new IITs. The existing ones are already facing a massive shortage of faculty. So where will he get the teachers - in trees (we know who lives there!). Also, brand dilution will be phenomenal. Now they are willing to provide a very lucrative deal for people from Old IITs to go to the newer ones for up to two years. He also wants an AIIMS & IIM in every state. Apparently, no roaming etc. will lead to a revenue loss for all. I saw on the box that RCom may be the least sufferer, with the loss expected to be about 10 crores (not clear whether it is monthly or annual).
  3. Jagjit Singh Passes Away

    Very sad news. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to hear him twice, the first when Chitra was still singing. It was a real treat both times. May his soul rest in peace.
  4. Precisely. I had sent you the file. What is the current status-are you having SU access. Basically, AlpharevX or Revolutionary just give you s-off. So the rest of the stuff has to be installed separately. This is unlike z4root in Samsung. Why I am asking is that I fixed Froyo S-off and you are on Gingerbread.
  5. Now unfortunately this may be terminal. Steve Jobs rest in peace. May God be with you. I saw a new one (at least for me) iPhone being nicknamed Jesus Phone, for the evangelical passion it generated.
  6. It will be Rs.3000 for us. What is bugging me is that it is cloud based, so do we have the bandwidth for the students, and what will be the cost for it.
  7. Steve Jobs Dies Aged 56

    A genius. I will put him in the same category as Edison and Ford, though probably not da Vinci. I really like tho tributes - one where there was a candle on iPad, and the second an Apple with Bye! engraved into it. I have never used one of his products, but we miss you already.
  8. iPhone 4S Launched!

    The biggest anti-climax. Khoda pahad aur nikla chooha, woh bhi mara hua.
  9. Now watch the fun. Apple seems to be running out of ideas with the iPhone 4S in place of the rumoured 5. Also, the only place where Apple now dominates is the iPad. Android has overtaken it in both sales, and free apps.
  10. There is a group of files under rmk-root-setup-vivow in a zip file which should be installed.It is just under 4MB. If you PM me I cam e-mail this file to you. I had used this on my Inc-2 (froyo) after using AlphaRevX and had no problems.
  11. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    @gjp; Winzip will not open the file, while Android will.
  12. Everything You Know Is Wrong - Speed Of Light Exceeded

    It is a very small time interval, and let us wait for the confirmation. If true then it will shake the basis of Physics as we know it. Obviously, the current model works, but then there has to be a higher model which has this one as an approximation. It will be like the early 1900's when Quantum and Relativity took over from Galilean/Newtonian Physics. It is not that Galileo was wrong, but it was only an approximation from the 'true' story. Now there may be another truer story.
  13. Steps for Converting HTC Incredible 2 into OMH Handset

    Great. Two queries: 1. Does OMH mean support for RUIMs through the SIM slot? 2. Revolutionary only supports Gingerbread so what about us stuck on 2.2 Is the Gingerbread update available anywhere? No OTA seems to be there. I am on Froyo with S-off (AlphaRevX). I must thank you one again for the lovely phone!
  14. Forum Milestone : 50,000 Members!

    Congratulations. I think only one motoring forum has hit 50,000!
  15. I bet these numbers are derived from the Parliament Cafeteria!
  16. Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA

    I remember advising my daughter to get the same for her father in law. He was fed up with his BB.He is definitely not tech savvy, and is very happy with the POP, esp since it takes RUIM's.
  17. Let me add a few bits. Go back in history - one of the triggers of the MDA - ADA split was RCom, which MDA floated and wanted while ADA opposed. In the split it had to be RIL & the rest. SO ADA got RCom. Once they decided to scrap the no contest agreement the MDA into Telecom was always on the cards. He bought 4G, again a cause for further action. Now by all accounts amity has been restored. So the options are - ADA's RCom pairing with MDA for integrated services, MDA buying in a big way into RCom, or MDA buying out someone else or setting up his own shop. I will bet on a ADA-MDA tie up in some form. Let is accept that the RCom backbone is world class.
  18. Diabetes

    A couple of additional points: 1. Yes, hereditary factors are important in Type 2 Diabetes. One parent 20%, both 80%. 2. Strict diet control can do wonders. An Uncle of mine was diagnosed as a diabetic when he was about 50. Now he is only 93. He has controlled his diabetes totally with diet for the past 40+ years. But very few of us can manage his discipline.
  19. Diabetes

    Let me add a bit - Diabetes can be of two varieties: 1. Type 1 or Juvenile: This is mostly from birth. The body is incapable of producing insulin. So injection is the only fix available. 2. Type 2 or middle age: This is very rare in youth. With time the insulin production declines. Moderate diabetes can be controlled by diet. Otherwise meditation is necessary - ideally in combination with diet control. Here medication is used to boost natural insulin production.
  20. Is it dinc or dinc2. I need the upgrade for dinc2
  21. Recommend Men’s Shaving System

    This is a Philips Series 8xx. See the three rows of cutters in the blades. Please compare with the pic of the regular range which has a single row. The wet and dry type also have a single row but the profiles of the comb (the outer part of the cutter which is visible) is totally different - two types of apertures.
  22. Recommend Men’s Shaving System

    Norelco is the Brand Name used by Philips in the US. So you have a Philips. The stuff you get in India is the absolute bottom end and the cutters wear out in under a year. I hope never to buy these again. $80 is about Rs4k while the ones here retail for under 2k. You get what you pay for. The one you have is a series 7 or lower. The cutters are in three rows in the new series 8, while up to 7 you have a single row. The newer ones all use Lithium cells, thus the longer battery life and reduced charging time. There used to be fast charge (1 hour) even around 1990 in the models sold in the UK. Only these are capable of being used on mains for shaving.
  23. Buying a new car? Discuss here!

    How about the Liva or the about to be introduced Brio. The Japs give you far more peace of mind, and are surprisingly easy on the pocket to maintain. By all accounts the maintenance of a higher end car like the Civic is about the same or even lower than a mid ranger like the Accent!
  24. We should buy our software, but one must say that if there is enough need it is bound to have been cracked. The most common way these days seems to be ro replace one or more DLL files.