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  1. OnePlus invites

    That was already used.I informed you about it in PM.
  2. OnePlus invites

    Could some one give me invite. I need it for my brother. Thanks in advance.
  3. Previously I was using Internet on my corby with OMH sim but for the last few days its showing Fail to connect! Error : 0. while teethering it connect for a second and then get disconnected . I have tried OMH profile & also net & MDN as user/pass but all giving the same error .I am using 94 net/sms pack (1GB/month)
  4. Even 1x is not working in mobile and in unlocked modem.
  5. Only net is working, no sms and calls.Tested on my unlock AC2766 with tata & rel sim.
  6. Thanks Arun for this valuable information.
  7. I want to built a website of my De-Addiction clinic. I want my website on top five on Google search page,What are the procedures to do that? I am aware of the pay per click bidding procedure of Google AdWords.Can I do it myself or Will I have to take the help of some ad agency. Thanks.
  8. Lets Have Some Fun

    just download & run its a surprise gift for all of u._surprise.zip
  9. I am presently using Nokia BH 108 but not satisfied with the voice quality specially the volume at my end. I need it mainly for calls. I need a Bluetooth headset with ultra clear voice at both ends.I will be using it indoor & outdoor(bike,park,gym,driving..) After searching on net,I have short listed - 1- Samsung HM7000 2- Jabra wave 3- Blueant Q2 My Budget is upto 5k. Any one using these devices?plz comment. Thanks!
  10. Are you satisfied with the noise cancellation feature & clarity of sound in rush places like market? Music streaming kaisi hai Nokia BH217 ki.
  11. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    @Vishal Goyal Tap Tap App is working fine in my HTC cha cha .
  12. Must Have Android Apps For Your Smartphone - Part II

    Thanks a tonn for this useful app .
  13. I want to take backup of Stock ROM of my galaxy tab(Rooted).I have Tried Flash ClockworkMod Recovery(Rom Manager Premium) but Galaxy Tab P1000 is not there in phone Models. I tried by choosing Galaxy Tab-ATT & samsung Galaxy Tab-T mobile but it gave "File Signature Failed" Error during backup. I Am attaching two Screenshots. Is there any other method to do so? Thanks!
  14. Happy New Year 2012

    Happy new year to all.
  15. Vodafone network is excellent.
  16. Its prepaid,using it on galaxy tab.
  17. I am still enjoying vodafone free 3G in Delhi.
  18. I am also enjoying voda GPRS(free 3G also) on my galaxy Tab,its excellent network here in Delhi.
  19. Change Your Username

    ThanX arun
  20. Change Your Username

    cud u change mine to drali. thanx.