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  1. boldbeast is not working on Nexus 4
  2. @commonman Thanks will check and update you
  3. Hey Is there any app which can be used to record phone calls ( caller and also receiver) whether its incoming or outgoing for my Nexus 4 I tried some before posting thread 1.Automatic call recorder(Appliqato) 2.Call recorder 3.Call Recorder-ACR 4.Automatic call recorder( Global effect) and some too None of them recorded other persons voice just ended up recording my voice while on the phone call. I have read somewhere that call recording was intentionally blocked on Nexus 4 . Is that true. Is there any way to use call recording on Nexus 4 without rooting. and also added to this I have plans to buy secondary phone and thinking to buy Moto E . Is call recording option blocked on Moto E too or can i use by loading some app into it. Thank you Raghav
  4. OnePlus invites

    @pkc19 I shared link to your pm . check out once.. i guess it wont work...cos that was linked to my amazon account .
  5. OnePlus invites

    ^^^ Wrong thing i done was unknowingly claimed it. I guess it was linked to my amazon account now. I sent invite code the pkc19 he said it says invalid so it linked to my amazon account.
  6. OnePlus invites

    ^^ ok ill send you the code in pm...please let me know if it worked or not
  7. OnePlus invites

    i clalimed the invitation ....can i still forward the mail?
  8. OnePlus invites

    ^^ I really dont know where to find invite code. just tell me i am very much happy to tell that code to someone they are free to transact from their accounts if possible thats much more better.
  9. OnePlus invites

    I got an invitation from oneplus india to buy that phone. I am not buying it. If anyone wants to buy I can just order the phone on their name from my amazon account. Anyone can pm me.
  10. OnePlus invites

    I need one invitation too.
  11. OnePlus invites

    if possible invite me too. would be more happy to buy one. raghav.namburi@gmail.com Thank you
  12. Reliance Customer Care is not responding

    Very nice to see people helping fellow members in this forum. Nice gesture Mr.Vinod Bhai. Happy to know your problem getting solved Sadanand ji.
  13. Suggest me my first Android - Entry level

    Congrats dude... for owning first android..[emoji106] [emoji4]
  14. Guess so... Cdma slot in the Sets are locked to the MTS while GSM will be open for all operators.
  15. Suggest me my first Android - Entry level

    Have heard Redmi having some issues regarding call quality and heating issue.