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  1. I want to buy a dual SIM CDMA+GSM handset with following specs: 3G in GSM with speed upto 10.2Mbps. (internet usage charges on CDMA are more than 10 times costlier than GSM). Browsing and downloading capability. Unlimited phone book memory. Unlimited messaging memory. Office viewer and editor. PDF viewer. Mass sms sending option. High resolution capacitive touch screen. Sunlight viewable Screen. Accelerometer, Compass, GPS, proximity. Multitasking capability. Stable & Reliable OS. I intend to use Reliance for CDMA & will choose any other operator for GSM. CDMA will be used only for calls and GSM will be used only for Internet. I hate GSM for calls! Please suggest some handsets which meet above criteria. I like using a particular phone for years.
  2. Appeal To Reliance For Data Plans

    It can be seen that the variety of CDMA handsets available in India are many times less than GSM handsets! That's why CDMA customers are trying hard to get imported handsets and then try to make them run on Indian CDMA networks. One of primary purpose of purchasing a High End Imported handset is to use Internet on the Handset. But when we compare the prices of Internet usage it can be seen that CDMA data plans are around 10 times costlier. Additional to it Reliance charges Network Connect charges of 5ps/10kb which comes to Rs. 5.12 per MB. For 1GB it comes to Rs. 5242.88. So, is it wise to run after High End Imported CDMA handsets when Service Provider is going LOOT us in data plans. Same companies are providing 2.5GB for Rs. 99 flat per month. It seems that Service Providers have left CDMA customers in dearth as they do not care to provide good handsets and want to charge them many times for data plans! This is important question for Sellers on rimweb!
  3. I want to purchase a new CDMA handset to use with Reliance Network and my requirements are as follows: Unlimited Phone Book. Unlimited Dial List. Unlimited Messages. Multiple SMS sending feature. Touch screen with SWYPE feature. Document editor. Email attachment attaching feature. Latest OS version. GPS. Screen should be visible in SunLight. Good Video recorder. Call recorder. Please do not recommend Blackberry's as I do not want to pay the extra subscription charges for their services.
  4. Please suggest best CDMA Business Phone

    Ok then what is the least price I can get a Business phone as per my need? What business features I will not get in my budget range? As I think that the line between Ordinary Phones and Business Phones is diminishing a lot in latest phones when we go for Android 2.2 or 2.3! Even if it is not a Business phone but if it satisfies my requirement as listed in my original post then even that will do for me!
  5. Please suggest best CDMA Business Phone

    My Budget is from 8k to 15 k. Where to purchase the handsets give by Mr. Dhiraj Kaile? I can only find one CDMA handset in Mumbai that is Samsung Galaxy POP i559! I called HTC Customer Care but they told me that HTC does not sell CDMA handsets in India! I called Samsung and they told only one Handset as above but they are very dumb.