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  1. You have completely WRONG understanding of what VoLTE is! VoLTE is all about allowing voice calls over LTE network instead falling back to 3G for calls. You seem to be confused with VoIP. ALL the mobile networks today are IP based; which means you make a call on 2G, 3G or VoLTE, they all eventually end up on the same circuit in mobile network. Jio doesn't have any special advantage here. Once the call is connected, operator will have to pay the interconnect charges and other usage fees as prescribed by TRAI. VoLTE is a being super hyped in India. Once people start using it, it won't take much time to realize how underdeveloped that tech is. When we buy a smartphone in US, the first thing we do is to turn off VoLTE. Take your iPhone to Genius (Apple service center), they first disable the VoLTE even if the issue has nothing to do with it!
  2. Finally the day has arrived! Lets see if they will launch today!
  3. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    ^^Sorry. AT&T has the best network. Though networks are subjective depending on the area, AT&T has the best network (including LTE) overall and more importantly its GSM! Aio is the prepaid arm of AT&T I would suggest anyone who is visiting US to pickup either Aio or Straight Talk. If you want something cheaper, stick to T Mobile. Network is decent enough.
  4. Its home, at office download speed is at 1 mbps. I am on the Hathway Docsis 3.0 network at home. currently on the 40 gb plan with 50 Mbps speeds. Initial cost was Rs 4500 for 3 months, which includes installation cost of 1.1k. Next quarter would moved to 70 Gb download plan at Rs 1500 per month. Is it in Bangalore? If Yes, overall how would you rate the service, specially reliability? And mind telling me which area the connection is in..?
  5. Its just that Reliance Jio is hosting a Speedtest server. Nothing else! Anyone anywhere in the world can select this server to check their internet speeds.
  6. AirTel new Broadband plan

    ^^Come on dude! Stop b!tching about everything! If you don't want to make calls using your landline, then don't take this plan! No body is forcing you.
  7. I don't think any operator charges additional money for (2G/3G) data roaming....though the CCare may say that roaming charges are applicable! I have used my Vodafone 3G (Bangalore) prepaid connection in AP and TN and the data pack that i had activated in Bangalore was valid in other states aswell and no additional charges were levied.
  8. Aircel Launches New 3G Plans

    EXCELLENT Plans! Operators should merge the 2G and 3G and should have unified data plans, to make it easier for the customers.
  9. What about the circles in which Reliance doesn't have 3G spectrum?
  10. Vodafone 3G Update

    Idea has launched 3G in Karnataka(Bangalore) using Airtel Network. Now what will Vodafone do? They don't have 3G spectrum here and i don't think both idea and Vodafone can run on Airtel network.. Looks like mostly there will not be 3G services from Vodafone in Bangalore
  11. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    What the hell is L1??
  12. LOL@them. Only Anil Ambani will use their Video call service...to call his brother No one is going to use this crap service at crap rates...
  13. MNP Retention Offer You Received

    Even i got free Pizza offer....but surprisingly thats for Airtel Landline!!!!
  14. All About LTE

    Guys, that 100km coverage is only theoretical estimate!!! In that sense even a normal GSM is said to have 30km transmit range per tower! But whats the reality? Does Airtel have only 2 or 3 towers in mumbai? IIRC, they have around 500towers in mumbai! Similarly, due to high subscribers and high rise buildings, don't be surprised if the transmit range of LTE may drop to say 10km in a city like mumbai!
  15. ^^When such technology is not there in any part of the world what can our indian ops do about it? And i support Blackberry in Indian Govt Vs BB fight. Indian govt has the habit of misusing everything that they can. Whats the guarantee that they don't read all the mails of a company and alter the tendering process..? there are many things that those dogs do with such highly confidential information. Frankly speaking, i will NEVER EVER use blackberry for any corporate mails if i know that govt is happily reading all those. Everyone is just going to feel insecure. Anyways, lets hope that atleast this time sibal's 'SOON' is really soon!
  16. ^^Are you kidding?? I will get a VPN/Server in russia and perform all the stuff that i want to on that server remotely from india..how the god damn bloody hell can the govt track that then? This is only the BASIC example, there are several other methods to avoid such hopelessly stupid policing.
  17. I hate to say, but India is already an extremely difficult place to live on earth. And such things will add more atrocity to our country.
  18. 3G Roll Out Will Be Big Challenge

    ^^But Aircel doesnot have Mumbai and Delhi circles which Airtel has. That itself is quite big deal! They need to go for the Volumes by offering cheaper prices to make profits in 3G
  19. ^^Yes! Even i remember reading Tata was the first to launch CDMA tech in india..i guess in Andhra Pradesh Circle...
  20. Actually current 3G tariffs are hopelessly targeted. Usually 3G subscribers are the ones who have basic tech knowledge...! So these 50MB..100MB with 21.1mbps will not get m(any) users as people won't fall for such crap offers. And most of these customers also has broadband connections in their homes..so they don see the necessity to again spend 1000bucks for a 2 or 3gb data! They will be satisfied with 2gb@Rs.95/month 2G! Now there is another segment which wants high speed internet connectivity but cannot afford the existing wired broadband. They will obviously cannot afford even the 3G as these are more costlier than wired broadband. Now who the hell are they targeting?! Business users? May be. BUT even they will adjust to the cheaper 2G connection. Conclusion: 3G services are going to fail miserably with such stoooopid tariffs. I know operators have spent lot of money for 3g spectrum...but who cares? All that people want is service at cheaper costs. How did these operators forget that india is highly price sensitive country?!
  21. The DOCOMO tariffs are LOT LOT better and sensible now
  22. Its HIS life..HIS house..HIS money..why the hell should we worry about it? Is he asking us to pay the bill?
  23. Its really a good news But will they share the spectrum or the network itself?