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  1. Broadband options in Chennai

    I had tikona 1mbps unlimited plan and had no problem in delhi circel insread i am using single connection at my home and my office and planning to use at another 3rd location with the same connection ie. 799 for 1mbps unlimited at 3 location never faced any problem till now. I will recommend you to give a try to tikona.
  2. BBM Released For Android and iOS

    No one will like to be pay extra for using bbm.
  3. AirTel new Broadband plan

    It is usefull who needs a lots of calling and same plane without calling will cost more than 1000 with airtel.
  4. AirTel new Broadband plan

    I forgot to mention monthly rent for the plan is 1449 + taxes
  5. They are saying that details of number are not updated since i have not made the first call
  6. I ported out from reliance gsm to aircel porting was done successfully but i lost my aircel sim and was not able to make first call. So is it possible to get my number back as aircel guys are saying that as first call is not made by the number therefore number is not activated and they will not be able to provide duplicate sim card.
  7. 3G Topup for Reliance GSM Postpaid

    I dont why you using such a expensive plan you can get 5gb unlimited plan for around 800bucks for which you are paying 1500