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  1. Try asking seller on alibaba to provide you with firmware. Slim chances but worth a try
  2. Try asking hitesh bhai try diff dashboard
  3. i bought zte ac 2766 The issue with mine is that device works only in evdo mode(reliance sim) 1X wont work After enabling" cdma_hdr" mode in dfs,it reverts back again to" hdr only" mode. thus no call,sms or 1x mode internet. same issue as yours but little diffrent
  4. No Signal for 1X in ZTE AC2766 Modem

    Any help people ? Am still stuck
  5. No Signal for 1X in ZTE AC2766 Modem

    setting r getting reset as soon as i open zte dashboard. tried "automatic" . this setting stays but still no 1x signal cdma_HDR is getting reset to ''hdr'' after opening dashbaord tried cdma workshop 2.7 and the latest one too. can you come on teamviewer once please ? AS soo n as i open dashboard the setting r getting resetted. even in cw 2.7 it reversback to hdr only.
  6. No Signal for 1X in ZTE AC2766 Modem

    I just figured it out a while back. was about to post it . Now i cant figure how to save setting :| Modem is set in HDR mode. after selecting cdma_hdr and clicking" write" underneath network identication. Then i pressed abort. after that reinserted the modem but its going to hdr mode again(getting reset) How to save setting
  7. No Signal for 1X in ZTE AC2766 Modem

    Installed dfs tool. applied spc '000000; shows modem unlocked. cant figure out next step now.... please help Do i have to change anything in this ? Now am at my max limit for understanding ps:am getting 1.2 mbps at my home in evdo.is it good. how can i check signal strength ?
  8. No Signal for 1X in ZTE AC2766 Modem

    How. This is the first time am using cdma let alone programming cdma modem or phone.can u provide me screenshot or do it for me or teamviewer
  9. I brought an unlocked zte ac2766 modem from Ebay. Bought a omh reliance sim. DId sim verification and *228 activation on old phone (LG-RD3510) Put the sim in modem but it doesn't shows signal at 1x or hybrid It only shows the signal at evdo. activated evdo.can connect to evdo when choosing evdo,but still no signal at 1x or hybrid. so i cant use call feature or sms feature or internet at 1x. tried visafone and bsnl dashboard,but issue still persist.no signal at 1x or hybrid. Am at my wits end now. Please help ps:only twice it showed 1x signal for 1 second out of 20-30 times.