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  1. Is there any help on forum on getting Jio SIM ?

    I checked internet and found that now Jio is giving new SIMs for Samsung too. There are many blogs/sites they published the tricks to get it worked on other android mobiles too. But procuring SIM without having Samsung mobile bill is challenging.

    I think we also need a category on this forum to discuss about the Jio mobile.

  2. Reliance has eventually become my secondary number. I am porting out to Telenor in Maharashtra as I dont get any network bar of Reliance inside my office. The port out request is already placed.

    I agree that I will miss the 10GB data offer. I also assume that once the 4G signal starts the coverage will improve and then I may get the signal inside my office. Right now I am porting out with regret but with a promise to come back on onto Reliance.

  3. There is no improvement in the network at my office location.

    I have to keep the data off in order to get some signal. As soon as I switch on 2G/3G/LTE the signal vanishes. This is not the problem at my home. At home I get 2G. Effectively I am without data on a large part of a day.

    I generated port code. Just want to know if I switch to prepaid can I still use the port code ? And if not, can I regenerate the port code after switching to prepaid ?

  4. I think we all are actually clueless on what should we do. We are already migrated to 4G but without 4G signals. Wherever Reliance has license of 3G, mainly in metros, people are getting the 3G data. Elsewhere the 2G data connectivity and speed are pathetic. Nobody knows when they will actually start on 850 MHz. The current experience is not as encouraging as we had in CDMA.

    In the meantime, we are getting pointers that the 4G data price will be on the higher side and the 4G launch will be delayed.

    Many of us are having long to very long association with the service. We loved and cherished the CDMA call and data quality. We know that Reliance never forced us to opt for new schemes and plans. Many of us were using DAPO until now! If we continue to be with Reliance we may be able to continue with our old plans but in the new and better network. But there is no certainty.

    Many of us are using Reliance as a secondary SIM. Many more have started using it as secondary SIM because of the recent transition turmoil. Gradually people will become prepaid customers and if situation will not change for good, they will bid good bye.

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  5. 1 hour ago, ramtech said:

    Hi in Hyderabad I am getting following networks on 4G SIM

    Reliance 2G

    Reliance 3G

    Aircel 2G

    Aircel 3G

    Aircel 4G

    Able to latch on to all networks.3G is working with H or H+ symbol.

    In Maharashtra (not Mumbai), Reliance doesn't have 3G license.

    Today I am not able to get even 2G data. Cannot continue for long with such unreliable network. Any idea when the 4G will start ? I guess, with 4G the 2G network will also improve. Else there is no point in continuing as a postpaid subscriber. I will make a move.

  6. That means I have to bid good buy to RCOM with heavy heart.

    I am with RCOM since its inception in 2002/2003. However since 2009 it became my secondary number. Idea provided a better corporate plan. I kept RCOM for data. My current plan is 99Rs rental + 49Rs for data.

    With Rs. 255/1GB plan the hopes of cheap and fast data is shattered. In Maharashtra, the 2G speed is very very slow compared to Idea. I don't see any reason now to be with Rcom. It feels really sad.

    Rather I would have continued with CDMA.



    @Vikrant Deore, Can you please post the link from where your sourced the tariff ?

    Got it. ITs here