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  1. 2 hours ago, Mandar Ranade said:

    4g network is not at all stable. Many times signals are not there. I got s7 edge rjio offer so gonna try that out also. So far I have 3 operators Rcom Vodafone n Airtel out of which Airtel has best speed n Rcom has ****tiest. My Vodafone is okay. I'm from Mumbai. Y'day I ran speed test on all 3 in my office area. Airtel crossed 2 digit appx 11 voda was close to 8 n reliance 4.5.. 


    Am from Delhi. I have tested on 3 myself and my order is the same for 4G speeds.





  2. 2 hours ago, abhi.r said:

    I started getting 4G at Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi area in the evening.

    Speed is not impressive though 4~9mbps (mostly on the lower side)

    Tho making phone calls is problematic as whenever I try to make a call 8 out of 10 times I get message that  "Network is Busy". Maybe they are working on the towers nearby.



    It says 4G for your network signal continuously ?

  3. 11 hours ago, BihariSarpanch said:

    I bought a LYF Phone for around 5k, and trust me its not worth it, if you talk about just phone. Its **** like the one I bought a few months back of LAVA of around 6k and sold it for 4k in 5 days. But if you see the services...they are charging you for services and giving you a **** phone for free. assume that! I have stopped using my broadband, could have stopped calling as well were it not for MNP not being transferred and RCOM plan being of 1299 with 50% discount, where everything is unlimited. 

    I get speed of around 50Mbps, and least around 5. Average is above 25mbps in Delhi. I pay 999/- for 1 mbps plan which is erratic for 50% times. So this is a good worth, if you see that ways...and most importantly I travel a lot. A LOT. And I got 60Mbps in Patna Junction area, and on average around 20 Mbps in entire Patna. In Chennai, it averaged around 10. In Chandigarh I got 20. So that's it! 


    Thanks for the review dude.

    Personally, that's the only reason I haven't bought the JIO sim, even though I was interested in the 90 days offer.

    However I still assumed, that it would offer all the basic stuff.

    But then since you've compared it with Lava......I might not buy the sim for now, even though the speed being offered is nice.

  4. 1 hour ago, NanduNaada said:


    Sim update is very much needed for faulty sims ... doesnt matter in how many handsets you put in.

    Procedure to test whether you need a sim patch :

    1. Put 4g sim in a good 2G/3G compatible handset
    2. Check APNs, if you dont have rcomnet as APN, create one. Enable this apn
    3. Enable data.
    4. Data should work now, if it doesnt, get your sim replaced/patched

    Right now you are using 3G, which doesnt need a 4G handset...so even a 3-4 year old smartphone would work. We are still awaiting 4G, when RCOM launches it i am sure we ll get to hear about it.



    I am using a 3G handset BUT I was talking about when I put in my sim in a 4G handset.

    Both Lenovo A6000 plus and Xiaomi Redmi Note are 4G. However I couldn't get the data to work in the former while I was getting a good speed in the latter.

    I know I am using 3G, however till date my sim has worked in all 3G/4G phones EXCEPT Lenovo A6000 plus even after manually setting the APN. I checked the Lenovo community and there is a serious issue with their configuration with many sims.

    If my data doesn't work only on ONE phone out of all the phones I have tested, then I am guessing it is a handset problem and NOT a sim patch problem.

  5. OK update for Delhi circle guys....

    My 4G sim was and is still not working in Lenovo A6000Plus ( service/calls working, data not working ).

    I tried in another 4G phone......Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G and both voice and data are working.

    Infact, I got a speed of around 6.7 mbps on Redmi Note which is significantly higher than the current 3G model I am using where I got a speed of around 3-3.5 mbps.

    So the sim may work on a few 4G models and not work on a few, but that doesn't mean that there would be a problem with the sim. It can also be a handset configuration problem with the Reliance 4G bands,  which seems to be the case for me in the Lenovo handset.

    Also my sim is 04/2016 without any patch required ( since my data was working right from the time when I put the sim in the 3G handset which I am currently using )