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  1. Hacking LG RD5130 with Bitpim

    Hey, just a request. Can anybody just upload their "brew" folder of LG 5340 because i deleted a particular file by mistake from there. i wud be very thankful if someone did that. And ashoksoft, i cant upload my root directory because rimweb says that the file is too big(it is a .rar file around 950kb). Even when i tried to break up the file and post separately rimweb again said that the file size is too large. So how should i go about it?
  2. Here u can get some of the midis i have edited. They r cool ones. I am a big fan of coldplay - so many of them there.... Check them out n tell me if u like it. I have even attached Hotel California intro.......absolutely beautiful.california153.mid
  3. Hacking LG RD5130 with Bitpim

    Hey ashok, I didnt understand what u r asking for? Do u want a screenshot of the filesystem or sumthing? Anish
  4. Hacking LG RD5130 with Bitpim

    For all those people having problems with connecting to LG RD 5340 thru bitpim, here's how I did it. Many ppl say that on the phone type option we should select "other CDMA phone". But few others say that let the phone be LG VX4400 (or sumthing - it is the default phone of bitpim). I tried using this configuration and after repeated tries I was successful. Even with the corect COM port and the phone option I have suggested, bitpim might take a few tries to be able to finally connect to your phone. Once it is connected, DONT change the port again as again bitpim will not be able to retrieve the filesystem. Now I also have a question - a wish,rather - does anybody know how we might be able to upload an ebook thru bitpim? I really would like to have an ebook on my cell. Plz help all u techies....
  5. AT Commands & SMS Software

    Thanks a lot for replying ashoksoft. but the problem is that 5340 does not have wap and it is a brew enabled phone. i am not a techno geek and whatever manipulation of ringtones n wallpapers i know i have learnt from u guys(thanks a million ). But i just have this idea. If we can somehow "see" the sms text msgs on the mobile thru bitpim filesystem, we might be able to overwrite one of the messages or add the ebook as a message. I do not know if it is possible or not. so guys i come to u again for aid. Plz help me. anish
  6. AT Commands & SMS Software

    Hey all, this might be slightly off topic but i didnt know where else to post. I want to have an ebook on my lg rd5340. so does anybody know how to upload an ebook onto my cellphone using bitpim? I have been succesful in uploading many wallpapers and ringtones but i do not know how to do this. Plz help. Thanks in advance
  7. Hey all, these r sum of the .mid tones that i have uploaded to my lg5340 sucessfully. each of them is slightly long (playing time more than 30sec) but damn gud quality.ppl can shorten it with psm player if they wish to. her's the list of tones: 1. Boulevard of broken dreams - greenday 2. Summer of 69 - bryan adams 3. Have a nice day - bon jovi 4. Torn - Natalie Imbruglia 5. You're beautiful - James blunt(volume is less) 6. Drongstei Din Tei - O-zone (nice dance number) 7. Fix u - coldplay 8. The Scientist - Coldplay 9. Clocks - Coldplay njoy!! BoulevardOfBrokenDreams137.mid BryanAdams131.mid intheshadows139.mid niceday162.mid torn164.mid jamesblunt157.mid DrongsteiDinTei178.mid fixu129.mid TheScientist175.mid clocks161.mid clocks161.mid
  8. R World On Brew

    Hi all, My name is Anish n i too just won an lg rd 5340 and dammit it doesnt have ANYHTING worthwhile on RWorld. I went to the lg service centre n they said that reliance engineers are still working on the brew platform on rworld. Bcoz of that i cant even upload ringtones from my pc using data cable coz the downloade sound files directory is yet to be created when i 1st dwnld sum ringtones from rworld. Can sumbody help me wid this dilemma?????????/ PLz i have posted similar pleas in other forums also but with no avail. So plz help.... P. S I have been able to upload wallpapers
  9. R World "ringtones" Menu Missing

    I just won an LG 5340 in a competiotion n when i saw the r world on the cell there is absolutely NOTHING in it!!!! No ringtones wallpapers and since the downloaded sound directory has yet to be created i cant even load ringtones using bitpim help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. Reliance Cheated LG RD5340 Customers

    I'm having problems with Ringtones on my RD 5340. 1st of all Rworld on this handset does not have half of R world's features - Ringtones Wallpapers etc. When i went to the lg service centre and asked them why my handset does not have proper rworld-he said that RWorld has not been properly configured for 5340 and sum other handset. So it will take time by the time it comes fully. I cant even upload ringtones i have on my pc using bitpim bcoz the 'medl' does not show up in the filesystem............Plz help me ... <TOPIC MERGED!>
  11. This is a cool ringtone. It is a song by Creed - One Last Breath. Absolutely beautiful the starting guitar intro. It is a midi file. I dont know if it will work coz i've still not bought a data cable. But it playz on the PC Creed___1_Last_breath.mid