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Found 2 results

  1. DeActivation Due To Non Usage - TRAI issues NEW Regulation Good news for Prepaid Customers. TRAI has issued Telecom Consumer Protection (Sixth Ammendment). This is regarding Deactivation of Prepaid SIM Cards by operators due to non usage. Now operators can't do it as per their whims. The NEW Regulation No Prepaid Mobile Connection can be deactivated for any period of non-usage less than 90 days. service provider may deduct an amount not exceeding twenty rupees, as may be specified by the service provider, from the pre-paid account of the consumer for extension of period of non-usage beyond ninety days. Upon deduction of this amount, the non usage period will be extended by further 30 days beyond 90 days original. This process can be repeated till the time you have Rs 20 or any lesser amount as announced by the operator in your balance. If there is balance of Rs 20 or more in the prepaid account, there will be no deactivation but deduction as above. Telephone number of a deactivated connection shall not be allocated to any other consumer till the expiry of a minimum period of 15 days. The original customer can get the connection activated again during this period by paying Rs 20. TRAI Regulation PDF Attached. TRAI Non Usage DeActivation Regulation.pdf
  2. TRAI TV Advertisement Regulation 2012 - Will This Make Our TV Viewing Experience Better? Finally TRAI has issued Standards of Quality of Serice ( Duration of Advertisements in TV Channels ) Regulations, 2012. We generally berate TRAI for not doing anything but these are really good, common sense regulations with TV Viewer in mind. Duration of advertisements in TV channels. No broadcaster shall carry in its broadcast of a programme, advertisements exceeding twelve minutes in a clock hour and any shortfall of advertisement duration in any clock hour shall not be carried over. The advertisements in the clock hour shall include all types of advertisements including advertisements promoting the channel(s) of the broadcaster. Explanation: The clock hour shall commence from 00.00 of the hour and end at 00.60 of that hour (example: 14.00 to 15.00 hours). In case of live broadcast of a sporting event, the advertisements shall be carried only during the breaks in the sporting action. The time gap between end of one advertisement session and the commencement of next advertisement session shall not be less than fifteen minutes. Provided that in case of broadcast of a film or movie the time gap between end of one advertisement session and the commencement of the next advertisement session shall not be less than thirty minutes. Provided further that nothing contained in this sub-regulation shall apply in case of live broadcast of a sporting event. Every broadcaster shall ensure that the advertisements carried in its channels are only full-screen advertisements and there shall be no part-screen or drop-down advertisement. Every broadcaster shall ensure that the audio level of the advertisements carried in its channel shall not be higher than the audio level of the programs being broadcast in that channel. But Broadcasters it seems are in no mood to follow the above. Broadcasters Cry Foul Over Trai’s Ad Regulations >> http://www.livemint....r-Tra.html?h=A1 STANDARDS OF QUALITY OF SERVICE (DURATION OF ADVERTISEMENTS IN TELEVISION CHANNELS) REGULATIONS, 2012 (15 OF 2012).pdf