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Found 2 results

  1. With a soft launch expected later this month in at least a few cities for Jio services, here are their preview websites that are getting ready for the launch. jioconnect.com appears to be the portal for Jio MiFi, WiFi & FTTH services. The preview website is available at: http://preview.jioconnect.com:7777/ FAQ page has lots of information: http://preview.jioconnect.com:7777/cs/jio/support.html jioworld.com seems to be the website for the Jio World app for connecting to Jio WiFi hotspots from your phone. Apps are not seen in Play Store or iTunes store yet. The preview website is accessible here: FAQ page for the Jio World app is accessible at: http://www.jioworld.com/wordpress/frequently-asked-questions/ jio.com is the primary website for Reliance Jio, but I couldn't find any preview website for it yet. wifi.jio.com was listed in the FAQs as intranet login URL for Jio WiFi services. I think they will initially (later this month?) start MiFi service, WiFi hostspots and FTTH along with the digital media services in a few cities. When I called up the newly opened Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store in Trivandrum, they said that it is unlikely to start this month here. 4G/VoLTE services on your handset like a conventional mobile service provider might be starting later next year only, probably since the network isn't ready yet in all circles and everywhere. A full fledged network is needed for that. Interestingly, there is a "Volte Basic Offer" listed in the products page though with not much details. There is also a "K Touch" phone picture in the home page which is a Chineese brand: http://www.k-touch.cn/en/lte Also interesting to see this in the FAQ: "If you move out of 4G coverage area, you will be automatically latched on to 2G/3G network" - they don't have a 2G/3G network to fallback though? The listed MiFi devices use Band 40 (2300 Mhz), could they be looking to use Band 3 (1800 Mhz) for handsets later? I'm not sure if the Rs.1 and Rs.4 for FTTH (installation charge?) are placeholders to be updated earlier or could they be actual pricing considering that it's from Mukesh Ambani? If you find any other scoops, please post here! In case the links are removed, please find the screenshots below
  2. Verizon's Novatel, ZTE and Pantech pocket routers are very popular in US. Initially, Novatel 2200 Jetpacks were based on NV mode programming only. Now the newer Novatel 4510, 4620L, 4620LE and 5510 are based on CDMA SIM slots. The ZTE 890L and Novatel 4620L/LE are global mode MiFi devices where any GSM SIM will work on the go. While Reliance 1x works instantly upon SIM insertion, Evdo does not connect and needs to be tweaked a little. And data on Tata Indicom does not work without these tweaks. Requirements for Reliance CDMA EVDO on SIM:- 1. We have to know the 8 digit HDR password of the RUIM before begining the process. 2. Download 4620L drivers. 3. Mifi should start installing various ports after installation of the driver 4. Using DFS, connect to status port and send SPC 000000 (the Jetpacks do not listen without this port) 5. Do not read or change any settings 6. Go to data and in HDR UID/Pass write A10000xxx@ in your HDR username, and the RUIM's 8 digit password in the password field. 7. Go to MIP section, without reading write A10000xxx or 'net' in the first profile, same in the RM NAI. 8. Reboot 9. Insert SIM and 3G connected. Requirements and procedure for EVDO on Tata Indicom Photon SIM:- 1. Using DFS, send SPC 000000 and go to MIP profile, enter 'internet' in the first profile and reboot. 2. After this change, any Tata SIM can be used since it has a universal MIP, unlike Reliance. (Any data pack with any denomination works) Note:- This is only for CDMA band of the Mifi. Router configuration is done by wifi by vz.hotspot or . GSM_WCDMA is global auto APN. ZTE 890L is fully unlocked and does not require any tweaking. This tutorial pertains to 4620L, 4620LE and 5510. None tested on MTS. Important update:- For Reliance, universal username/pass = net/net working for evdo on some firmwares and some firmwares need HDR username A1000xxx@hrpd.xxxx in first MIP profile in DFS and nothing else. HDR password is no longer required to work. Mifi4620_Drivers.zip