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How to:- Enable 1xRTT EvDo data services on VZW HTC 526

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There are two variants of the same model in Verizon lineup. One is factory GSM unlocked and the other is NOT GSM unlocked. This method is based on the small box packing GSM/CDMA variant of Verizon.

Requirements:- DFS or QPST, RGERUC or RECRUC068 sim card

Root the handset with Kingroot or any other method available.

To enable diag mode if ##3424# does not respond:-

adb shell
setprop sys.usb.diag.config diagon
1. SPC=000000, Make RTRE config to RUIM pref and reboot
2. write PPP USR and PASS (select MDR only with evdo rev A_ehrpd) in data section
3. Select 'pref mobile IP' in MIP section and enable all six profiles
4. Entire process with no SIM inside and airplane mode turned on
**This is applicable for the global version not the CDMA only version.


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