OK folks, the wait is OVER. A short unboxing photo shoot is finally here.... phew... First, is the BOX - Its quite SMALL, compared to my hand - The Box Contents (pretty frugal) - First Glimpse of the INCREDIBLE - All Contents revealed - Now without their clothes (lol) - The Phone - The Back - The top ports (Power, 3.5mm jack and Back Camera with dual flash) - The Side Volume buttons and Micro USB port - The RED As$ revealed - The beautiful charger - Some more close-ups - The Screen Guard revealed (a perfect fit) (optional accessory) - The Lock Screen, Home Screen, Clock Application - Various Scenes (Themes) - Friends Stream and Pinch to Zoom works great - The Clock and the Optical trackpad - Video to follow. Update:- As the EVO has been delayed to/beyond June, I shall be going in for Verizon Incredible... Launching 29th April... My order date around 7-10 May... Should be with me around 25th May... The Only difference I see between the EVO and Mr. Incredible is - - 4.3" Screen to its 3.7" (though both have same resolution of 800x480) and the 4.3 inch beast may become TOO cumbersome to handle... - HDMI Output in Evo vs Component Output to LCD TV via accessory cable on Incredible - 1GB internal memory in Evo compared to 8GB Internal gigs in Incredible - Additional 1.3Mp Front camera in Evo - 4G vs 3G (dont laugh... we are still awaiting 3G) - 170 gm EVO vs 130 gm Incredible - No Track Pad/Ball on Evo vs latest track pad on Incredible Comparative Scores by latest surveys - HTC INCREDIBLE 85/100 SPRINT HERO 81/100 BLACKBERRY 9700 77/100 APPLE iPHONE 3GS 83/100 HTC HD2 79/100 Comparison - EVO vs Nexus 1 vs Motorola Droid http://pinoytutorial...t-specs-review/ 1 step painless rooting and recovery instructions - here OFFICIAL 2.2 FROYO UPDATE PROCEDURE - here