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Verizon HTC Incredible - The Beefed Up CDMA Nexus 1

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OK folks, the wait is OVER. A short unboxing photo shoot is finally here.... phew...

First, is the BOX -


Its quite SMALL, compared to my hand -


The Box Contents (pretty frugal) -


First Glimpse of the INCREDIBLE -


All Contents revealed -


Now without their clothes (lol) -


The Phone -

post-18748-12743811175_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438112088_thumb.jpg

The Back -


The top ports (Power, 3.5mm jack and Back Camera with dual flash) -


The Side Volume buttons and Micro USB port -


The RED As$ revealed -

post-18748-127438151436_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438151686_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438152024_thumb.jpg

The beautiful charger -


Some more close-ups -

post-18748-12743816719_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438167378_thumb.jpg

The Screen Guard revealed (a perfect fit) (optional accessory) -


The Lock Screen, Home Screen, Clock Application -

post-18748-127438185086_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438185491_thumb.jpg post-18748-12743818566_thumb.jpg post-18748-12743818601_thumb.jpg

Various Scenes (Themes) -

post-18748-127438186372_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438186726_thumb.jpg post-18748-1274381871_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438187488_thumb.jpg

Friends Stream and Pinch to Zoom works great -

post-18748-127438187952_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438188302_thumb.jpg

The Clock and the Optical trackpad -

post-18748-127438217928_thumb.jpg post-18748-127438218112_thumb.jpg

Video to follow.


As the EVO has been delayed to/beyond June, I shall be going in for Verizon Incredible... Launching 29th April... My order date around 7-10 May... Should be with me around 25th May...

The Only difference I see between the EVO and Mr. Incredible is -

- 4.3" Screen to its 3.7" (though both have same resolution of 800x480) and the 4.3 inch beast may become TOO cumbersome to handle...

- HDMI Output in Evo vs Component Output to LCD TV via accessory cable on Incredible

- 1GB internal memory in Evo compared to 8GB Internal gigs in Incredible

- Additional 1.3Mp Front camera in Evo

- 4G vs 3G (dont laugh... we are still awaiting 3G)

- 170 gm EVO vs 130 gm Incredible

- No Track Pad/Ball on Evo vs latest track pad on Incredible

Comparative Scores by latest surveys -



BLACKBERRY 9700 77/100


HTC HD2 79/100

Comparison - EVO vs Nexus 1 vs Motorola Droid


1 step painless rooting and recovery instructions - here


HTC Incredible/Guides&Tutorials


Update files, RUU files, etc.

Kernel Source


OTA Updates

1st May 2010 - https://android.clie...gn.a33bc3bf.zip

Signed RUU

2nd June 2010 (This will downgrade the May 1st OTA Update) - http://shipped-roms....93_NoDriver.exe

Installing the drivers

The Unrevoked3 recovery tool comes with the phone drivers you will need to use. They are in the directory hboot driver_files. Unrevoked has a great walk through for installing the drivers.

Remember where you saved those driver files (possibly c:\sdk\usb_driver)

Unrevoked recovery reflash tool

Thanks to Unrevoked, rooting the phone is now easier than ever.

  1. Make sure the phone is fully booted, connected to the computer via USB, and USB debugging is on
  2. Go to the directory where you extracted the Unrevoked3 files. Run the program reflash.exe
  3. Watch and wait. When the program says “Done,” you’re done!

You’ll end up in the Clockworkmod recovery menu – it’s black with green text and will say “Clockworkmod Recovery v*.*.*.*” at the top.

The ClockworkMod recovery has great features, plus it allows you to easily access your phone’s operating system. Having this kind of access to the OS allows you to do a lot more with your phone.

The new recovery mod works differently than the original recovery. You can navigate the options with the volume key or the joystick. Rather than selecting an option, the power button turns off the screen in the main menu, otherwise, it is used to move back to a previous menu. To select an option you need to press the joystick in.

Nandroid backup

From the Clockworkmod recovery screen select nandroid, then select backup. The backup will take a few minutes. The backup is stored on the SD card in the directory clockworkmod/backup/

With this backup you can safely start editing your phone files. If you do something wrong, and want to restore it, you’ve got yourself covered. Never rename nandroid backups! Renaming the directory is known to cause problems. Keep a text file in the clockworkmod directory with notes about specific backups.

One of the best features of a nandroid backup is the ability to restore just one part of the phone. Under Nandroid > Advanced Restore select the date of the backup you want to restore from, then select which partition you want to restore. For example, if you accidentally deleted the wrong files from /system you can restore just the system portion of the most recent nandroid backup. Brilliant!

Removing Bloat

Removing stock applications you don’t want can easily be dealt with.

  1. Boot into Clockworkmod recovery by powering off the phone and pressing and holding the volume down and power button until the screen lights up.
  2. At the menu press volume down to select Recovery, then press power.
  3. At the Clockworkmod main menu select partitions menu, then select mount /system
  4. On the computer click Start > Run, and type CMD to open a command prompt.
  5. In the command prompt type cd\sdk\tools
  6. At the command prompt type adb shell. Now you’re in the phone’s OS.
  7. Before we being, let’s review some basic unix commands!

  • mkdir – make directory – This makes a directory (mkdir /system/newdirectory)
  • mv – move – This moves something (mv /what.i.want.moved/file.apk /where.it.is.going/file.apk)
  • cp – copy – This copies a file from one place to another (cp /what.i.want.copied/file.apk /where.it.is.going/file.apk)
  • ls – list – This lists the contents of the current directory, or the specified directory (ls, ls /system)
  • cd – change directory – This changes from the current directory to a new directory (cd /system)
  • rm – remove – This deletes! Permanently! There is not waste can to recover files. (rm /system – DON’T DO THIS)
Deleting apps may not necessarily be a great idea primarily because replacement files are hard to come by if you end up needing them again so you will probably want to back the deleted system apps into one place. A suggetion would be to create a directory for disabled apps.
mkdir /system/app.disabled
Now, run the following commands (which are case sensitive) to disable various apps:
This will remove CityID
  1. mv /system/app/CityID.apk /system/app.disabled/
  2. mv /system/framework/com.cequint.platform.jar /system/app.disabled/
  3. mv /system/framework/com.cequint.platform.odex /system/app.disabled/
  4. cd /system/bin
  5. pm uninstall com.cequint.cityid

This will remove the Facebook app, NOT Facebook for HTC Sense

  • mv /system/app/Facebook.apk /system/app.disabled/
This will remove Facebook for HTC Sense (2 files)
  • mv /system/app/*HtcFace* /system/app.disabled/

This will remove Foot Prints and the Foot Prints Widget (2 files)

  • mv /system/app/HtcFoot* /system/app.disabled/
These will remove Peep, and Peep Widget (4 files)
  • mv /system/app/HtcTwit* /system/app.disabled/
  • mv /system/app/*htc.Twit* /system/app.disabled

Removes Quick Office

  • mv /system/app/Quickoffice.apk /system/app.disabled/
Removes Teeter (2 files)
  • mv /system/app/teeter* /system/app.disabled/

Removes Friend Stream (4 files)

  • mv /system/app/*Fri* /system/app.disabled/
When you are done removing apps type exit to leave the the OS and then unmount /system and reboot the phone.
Note!!!: If you already have an account setup in the phone under ‘Settings > Accounts and Sync’ for an app you need to remove the account for the app first. If you plan on using any of the built in sync features for Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr (like contacts or photos) you need to keep Friend Stream. If you have accounts setup and remove the apps you will have a persistent sync symbol in your message bar and Accounts and Sync may be inaccessible.
Improved Call Quality for Incredible
Thank you: ejhart - [http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=684022]
  1. Go to Phone and Dial ##778
  2. Choose Edit Mode
  3. Password is 000000
  4. Go to CDMA Settings
  5. Scroll all the way to bottom
  6. Change Home Page, Home Orig, and Roam Orig from EVRC to EVRC-B
  7. Hit Menu and Commit Changes

Phone reboots and walla no more muffed voice calls! Enjoy your uber phone. Enhanced Variable Rate Codec B : Enhanced Variable Rate Codec B on Wikipedia

*** Not Supported in all areas (Unable to call out)

Tethering out of the box

Thank You: Schyzm - [http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=670642&page=2] Updated, Fixed and Posted by: Pimpindexter

To Recap: In order to tether this without paying the extra $25 per month to Verizon, or installing PDAnet (and putting up with free pdanet limitations), here's what to do:

Step 1: reprogramming your phone

  • from your phone, dial ##pst - Press Call
  • click "edit mode"
  • enter security code 000000
  • scroll down to Security
  • change the "S.IP DUN User Name" to "<your phone number>@vzw3g.com"
  • hit back
  • scroll down to "M.IP Default Profile"
  • change "DUN NAI" to "<your phone number>@vzw3g.com"
  • press menu, choose "Commit Modifications."
  • The phone will power cycle.
Step 2: Computer setup
  • Download Drivers: http://db.tt/1fV1jK - (WModem_Driver_Installer_v2.12.0.0) - (Extracted from VZAM Setup)
  • run Setup WModem_Driver_Installer_v2.12.0.0.exe
  • Next, plug your phone in to the computer. Let windows take care of the driver installation.
  • Per your version of windows, you'll need to set up a manual dial-up networking connection. Settings you'll need:
    • Phone Number: #777
    • Username: "<your phone number>@vzw3g.com"
    • Password: vzw

Step 3:

  • browse the internet. Duh.
Changing out PRL to full Verizon (for Legacy Alltel Users) or to Alltel/Verizon Hybrid for Verizon users in Alltel tower Areas
Some Verizon customers have had success calling in and getting the Hybrid applied to their phone. However, Verizon will not do this for Legacy Alltel users and leaves them on Alltel first, then Verizon. One byproduct for Alltel customers is the Pulldown will now say Verizon Wireless and so will the lock screen.
Thank You: Framework43 http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=673661 Updated, Modified and Posted by: hdialchemy aka dnoyeb
Step 1A:

Or Step 1B:

  1. To access Alltel/Verizon Hybrid towers (for Verizon users) - Grab the hybrid PRL: http://www.multiupload.com/NJK6YLHXW5

Setp 2:

  1. Copy the PRL of your choice to your phone's SD card's root folder.
  2. Launch the dialer and type in ##775 and press call, wait a moment and you should see a pop-up.
  3. enter 000000 (6 zeros) as the password.
  4. press Update PRL. (Please wait a while, it takes some time)
  5. Once there you should see the PRL file we're flashing and click it and then press OK.
  6. It should bring you back to where you were before, press the menu button on your phone and select Commit Modifications.
  7. The phone will update and reboot.

To return to your default PRL simply dial *228 and perform option 2. This will overwrite any added PRL.

Downgrade ROM (currently only works from hboot .79 back to .77)

Originally Posted by IncredibleDoes : http://forum.xda-dev...ad.php?t=695825 Extract the rom.zip from the RUU and rename it to PB31IMG.zip and flash via bootloader.

See also






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HTC Incredible and EVO 4G to feature new maXTouch sensors... much superior to multi touch on Nexus One...

Related News - http://androidandme.com/2010/04/news/htc-incredible-and-evo-4g-to-feature-new-maxtouch-sensors/

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Incredible is the Editors's Choice for April 2010 on CNET

Review by Cnet here -


Evo 4G First look here -


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Adding fuel to fire !

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whoao Dj....

I was missing the HDMI port on Incredible and the demo shows it has as Component Out cable accessory available to immediately see whats on the phone onto your TV/LCD; even watch a movie... so no more missing the HDMI slot...

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wonder how you missed this...

tum ne keeda badha diya hai ab :-p

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:( Dhiraj ji tum mujhe kheench ke rahoge.... Boo hooo hooo...

I want to kick those HD2 guys... so EVO... but incredible is taking breath away...

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So DK are you getting Incredible now?

When is it launching?

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launching 29th april on verizon ! and yes he is on it !

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Cdma Nexus 1 will not come soon,

google is saying buy incredible if u want cdma android !!!

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The specs of Incredible are anyways HIGHER than that of the Nexus 1, so I see no point in waiting for CDMA Nexus 1; Also the sense ui interface over android 2.1 will NOT be introduced by Google branded phones (same like GSM Nexus 1) as that is a proprietary software of HTC and will be introduced ONLY in HTC Branded phones...

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So now i think your profile it will be : HTC Incredible - w00t w00t!!

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hmm....initially nexus one killed with looks..now its incredible killing with its incredible looks and incredible features.... :Sorprendido:

but what to marriage time...have not that much fund to go for incredible :NOTriste:

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Dont worry, your/my Hero is also a very capable device and very handy in size and pocketable; Now with 2.1 on the anvil soon, will become even more powerful...

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Also enjoy Incredible quick launch guides;

It shows all accessories coming including tv cable which is 3.5mm based and not micro usb based;

V. Important - SPC of phone is 000000 -


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Finally on a roll DK.. Good...

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Just bought 2 pieces of Incredible... First Day First Show...

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Congrats Dhiraj !!!

You must be feeling on the top !:winko:

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Great Dhiraj Sir!

Now Kindly Crack It and let us enjoy this beauty as well. :Contento:

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congrats Dhiraj !!!

akele akele le liya !!!

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Will be eagerly waiting for unboxing video..... UN :boxing:


Edited by prafull4u

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Thanks all... and dont worry full unboxing video will follow soon...

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Good Going dhirajbhai ..Change is Permanent .... :) waiting for ur in depth reviews for Incredible .. :Riendo:

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@ Dhiraj Sir

Just googled and found that there are two color options for battery cover, which one have you ordered/expected?


Could you please PM/SMS me about that cradle and Incredible price tag PLZZZZ?

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