<< This service is not active anymore, so requests will NOT be accepted now. Please check: >> Ok guys... Now we are available here on RIMweb.in to provide the EVDO activation to Aam Admi who are unable to get it through the Reliance Contact Centre and/or Reliance Outlets. Following are the rules and regulations:- 1. EVDO Activation Request will be processed only for RIMweb.in Registered members having more than 10 posts. 2. Members need to send an email from the email address registered with your RIMweb.in profile with the following details to: evdo@rimweb.com or evdo@rimweb.in (please send to either one only and not both!!) RIMweb.in member username (this is the forum registration member profile username so that we can check your post count and NOT your full name) MDN - 10 Digit Number RSN - RSN Number of the handset/OMH Sim Card Handset - with model # Alternate Contact Number - Any Alternate Mobile Number to which a confirmatory call shall come from Mumbai Reliance Headquarters for EVDO Confirmation. 3. After sending the email the member will receive a confirmation email within the next 7 days. Members cannot make any irate demands for the activation of EVDO. We shall pick up the numbers once in a week for activation and the member should understand that it may take upto 10 days; though we will be trying to activate in 2-3 working days normally. 4. This activation procedure is meant for members who have purchased an EVDO handset along with OMH Sim Card (like Samsumg Galaxy POP, Corby, SCH 369, SCH 239, LG 510 Cookie, LG 235 etc.) from Reliance for which the EVDO parameters are already registered in OMH Sim Card with Reliance. The number/connection of the member should be on either an OMH SIM Card or a Non Sim handset which is having EVDO Facility and whose EVDO Parameters are also registered with Reliance. 5. An SMS will arrive on the member's handset regarding a request being registered at a Reliance Outlet and asking for overall experience. Member needs to either reply with "YES" or leave it. Please DO NOT reply with "NO". If we get a "NO" SMS from any member, then this project for EVDO Activation shall be closed immediately. And after getting EVDO Activated, Memeber may confirm us by posting here in this thread. Regards Amit Jain -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Read This: How is EVDO activated on Reliance CDMA? There are two steps for EVDO Activation First, the parameters of EVDO should be registered for the handset in Reliance Server. In case of OMH SIM Card and Official Reliance BlackBerry having EVDO (BlackBerry 9630, 9650, 9230, Style etc.) and Official Reliance Non SIM EVDO Handsets (Like - Samsung Atlas, Coolpad N900), the parameters are already registered with Reliance. And in case of Imported handsets, you need to check whether your EVDO parameters are registered with Reliance or not. We are NOT here for REGISTERING THE EVDO PARAMATERS of imported handsets. Second step is after your EVDO Paramters are available in Reliance Server, EVDO won't start automatically. We have to submit request for EVDO; WE ARE HERE DOING THIS WORK ONLY in this thread. We have seen many members asking for help to do this as Customer Care is clueless about it and that is why we are helping here. Additional Notes: * Making EVDO work on imported handset requires programming the handset with necessary HSD PRL's, HSD username and password in addition to the handset parameters being registered in Reliance Servers. That is outside the scope of this initiative. You may contact your handset seller for necessary assistance to register EVDO parameters at Reliance and configure in your handset if your handset's MEID/ESN is registered with Reliance. * We can activate EVDO on BlackBerry handsets only if you have active BIS Service (CDMA) on the handset. In Case of BlackBerry handsets, member will not get any Service Request SMS. We will get EVDO activated on BlackBerry handsets directly from AAA Phongen Team. * To configure handset like Samsung Galaxy POP CDMA: Go to Setting > Wireless > Mobile Network > APN > Add new APN > Username = MDN (10 digit number) Password = MDN (10 digit number) Homepage – www.google.com Save it and then select it as default. You can use now as per your NetConnect Traiff plan You can change NetConnect plans by calling: 180030005555 All data plans available for Reliance Mobile CDMA can be found in this topic plan details.doc plan details_smaller_file.pdf