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  1. Datacard Trouble

    Ashok, With My HP Pavillion I got Huawei EC321 Datacard free, i tried installing the Huawei software as mentioned in thier manual, But no use. Right now i am using the card as Normal dailup modem.Could you suggest any remedy for this probelm. Thanks Rajugvs
  2. Datacard Trouble

    Hi, I am also facing same probelm , after contacting Support they told me that my Card was used barred due to non-payment of the bills. Then i have contacted with the guy who given me the card, then they found that they have not entered my HP redemption code.thats why bill was generated wrong. They are in process of enabling my card now. Hope this will help you Raju
  3. Huawei Ec321 Data Card Software

    Hi All, Got a Huawei Ec321 datacard, and installed all the drivers/software given in Ril Cd. But while opwning the Huawei manager error poping up and saying --------------------------- HUAWEI Mobile Connect --------------------------- Opening database failed. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- My Machine details HP Pavillion DV5118TX Notebook XP Home edition with Sp2 Office 2000 Ril guys were saying they have installed it in other laptops and only in HP Laptop its giving problems. Alternativey i am using it as a normal dailup modem instead of 3G features. Can any one guide me how to get working with the Ec321 Manager. Thanks in Advance. Raju