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  2. I had recharged my Jio MDN with Rs.99/- [Prime Subscription]; Prime Rs. 149/- in March 2017 followed by Jio DDD Rs.309/- in April 2017. Till this morning [27Apr2017], only Prime MRP 149 was showing in myJio app/my plans. Now in addition, Jio DDD Prime 309 is shown in Queque. however, Recharge history is still not available!
  3. Same here. MyJio app is only showing "Summer Surprise + Jio Prime" under current plan......
  4. Any details When will idea launch 4g in Mumbai?
  5. My Jio number still shows just SuSu offer in MyPlans...
  6. Ref. myJio app/my plans since this morning [27Apr2017], i have noticed that, "Queued Reharges" appear in myJio app/my plans. hope it stays that way! however, Recharge history is still not available!
  7. Last week
  8. Some facts :- Jio, which has the world’s largest greenfield 4G LTE wireless broadband network, with over 100,000 mobile towers, will add another 100,000 towers to the network in the coming months. It is the only operator which has deployed pan-India LTE network across the 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, giving it tremendous capacity advantage. Source The company said that in terms of data usage it "has become the largest network globally" and plans to add 1 lakh mobile sites in coming months to double the network size. "Jio continues its rapid ramp-up of subscriber base and as of March 31, 2017, there were 108.9 million subscribers on the network," Reliance Jio said in a statement. With more than 110 crore gigabyte of data traffic per month and 220 crore voice and video minutes a day, "Jio has become the largest network globally" in terms of data carried and contributed to India becoming the leading country in the world for mobile data usage. "Jio users are today consuming nearly as much data as on all the mobile networks in the US and 50 per cent more data than mobile networks in China in a clear indication that India will adopt digitisation and Digital Life faster than anyone else in the world," the statement said. Source This itself proves that Jio has a robust infrastructure handling such traffic and will further smoothen with the addition of 1,00,000 towers in the coming months. In the past 6 months Jio WiFi Hotspots has increased from 1 to almost 12 (nearby locations) in my area & more are expected in the coming months.
  9. ^^^ Speed test shows good speeds but reality is so very different whenever I call my brother via facetime its poor connection or reconnection every few minutes and websites takes ages to load many a times webpages show page cannot be found then auto refresh to open such is jio speed and reliability. I do agree on your point thanks to Jio entry and erstwhile RIM entry mobile industry has been revolutionized free incoming back then cheaper data now. Jio is working on quantity concept and ignoring quality aspect.If this continues people who came to Jio for better services may soon leave jio. All said and done one thing for which Jio must be credited for is their infra given the amount of load it takes with so many free loaders it is still running and going good I am unsure if AVoId group can individually take this load individually and sustain. Fingers crossed and hope Jio quickly focuses on quality aspect ASAP
  10. I totally agree with you. This "Reliability" is the major reason behind further extension in form of 3 months "Summer Surprise" or Paid "Dhan Dhana Dhan" offers. Jio still need time. I have been using Jio as my main data connection & till now twice I have experienced full network outage for few hours - once in Mumbai and once in Haridwar. There was also some severe speed issues during the free period of welcome offer & Happy New Year Offer, when Jio network was crawling. I have also experienced similar outage issues to the extent of 24 hours in Vodafone, MTNL, Reliance 3G & CDMA networks a few times before the advent of Jio. Yes Jio's roaming coverage was great with signal present everywhere while traveling from Mumbai to Delhi and up to Haridwar. YES! Jio is NOT 100% reliable at present. My Primary number is still Vodafone & Secondary number is Reliance 4G (Upgraded CDMA 93 series). I use Jio mainly for Data and personal outgoing calls only. This is the biggest contribution by Jio - for bringing the Internet (affordability) within the reach of a common man. So whether someone is using Jio or not is still benefited by Jio.
  11. I agree that Economic data with decent speed > High speed network. But there is still one more thing, that is much much more important. That is RELIABILITY. Reliability >> Economy > SPEED. In my case, speed of Jio is much greater than Airtel (both 3G as well as 4G). Plus Jio is much economical OBVIOUSLY, comparing Airtel. I always use JIO for Prime Videos, YouTube, Tubemate, etc. I have 3 Jio numbers (incl one JioFi2 pocket router connection) each with Prime Rs999 done already and hence with SuSu offer -- 100GB for 3 months with NO daily FUP. But for simple, yet important jobs like, tatkal train ticket booking, net banking, even e-commerce (for cc transactions), I will use Airtel (even its 3G DC-HSPA+ is much reliable). Just few days back, I was applying for passport for my relative online, using JioFi2. The net disconnects frequently and I got irritated, that I have to use my Airtel's 3G connection (with hotspot) to get the job done without any issues -- duration around 20 to 25 minutes. I got calls in between as well. Jio is NOT 100% reliable. At first glance, everything looks great, right?? Great 23+ Mbps DL speed, 6+Mbps UL speed, just 50+ milli-second ping. Wonderful. But Just take note of two more things there, JITTER and SINR. Here Jitter is 150% of PING, WTF? For a data network with just 50ms ping, jitter is expected to hover in single digit of milli-sec only (worst case <20ms). Jitter shows abrupt change of latency (Not exactly, but something like that). Thank God, there is at least NO packet loss. The second point is BAD SINR -- Signal to Noise Ratio. In Airtel, I have seen SINR @ 26dbm max and worse case it is >10 dbm. In Jio, I have seen even neg SINR values. This shows, still a hell lot of optimization needs to be done on their towers / equipments. The reason I think is THE FREELOADERS. Even now, I know so many people who has NOT even done Rs99 prime recharge, enjoying 4G data (MyJio shows valid till 21 July -- WTF???) without any issues. Jio is THE modern day RobinHood of wireless data, who get money from paid customers and serve the FREELOADERS. I am very very thankful to Jio, as they are the real reasons, we are getting affordable data tariffs. I used to pay 2000+ Rs every month for my single number to Airtel -- all for 8GB data + 10,000 minutes of free calls incl roaming + CUG. But right now I am just paying them Rs649, but getting UnLimited calls + 19GB data per month. I am almost getting thrice the benefits for one-third of the price now, all thanks to Jio for bringing the much needed competition in Telecom sector. But wireless networks have limitations, (thanks to Physics) and by keeping on serving the FREE users will really hurt the experience for paid and loyal customers. I have even heard murmur of few users who have done Rs99+Rs303 recharge and they may NOT recharge after August, if freeloaders get free service till July (as per their myJio app). Jio must NOT forget that for MOST of their PAID customers, Jio is still SECONDARY sim only.
  12. "TRAI’s report shows that Jio had an average network download speed of 16.48 Mbps (megabits per second), double that of competitors Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel, who measured in at 8.33 Mbps and 7.66 Mbps respectively. In an ideal situation, with the network running constantly at 16 Mbps, you could download a 700 MB file in about 5 minutes and 50 seconds. That’s one decent quality (avi format) movie, ready to watch in just under six minutes. Other competitors fared even worse in TRAI’s report. Vodafone registered an average download speed of 5.66 Mbps, Reliance Communications 2.64 Mbps, Tata Docomo 2.52 Mbps, BSNL 2.26 Mbps, and Aircel 2.01 Mbps. TRAI’s data is gathered using its recently released MySpeed app." Source : No wonder why ookla & opensignal are trying to prove that Airtel is the fastest & Jio is the slowest. It doesn't matter in my case as I believe myself & I am experiencing very good speed on Jio (13 - 16 Mbps during peak & > 28 Mbps during night). Before using Jio I was satisfied with Reliance CDMA (speed as well as cost). Imho instead of proving itself the fastest network, Airtel should try to prove that their tariff plans are best compared to Jio's. Basically I personally need good moderate decent speed (I think most of us are not looking for fastest network) but looking for an economical solution (though Jio is something more than economical). While using Internet since 1997-98 I had never ever thought that I may get mobile Internet for such dirt cheap price and as far as Voice call rates are concerned, the drop from ₹24.00/min to ₹0.40p/min came too soon when Rim was launched & today ended in Free calls & SMS while avoid is still mentioning about blackout days (base rates apply) with their plans. Not to mention, some of the Jio apps also attract me like Jio Mags, Jio Newspaper, Jio Security, Jio Music & JioTV. Now waiting for Jio Dth launch.
  13. Just wait for the official announcement.
  14. You seem to be right as Dhan Dhana Dhan is the only option available now for recharge & for those who have not recharged with ₹303/- or above will be getting 84 days benefits for ₹309/- for the first recharge but the recharges will get activated in chronological order as Jio wants to create expiry dates in phased manner in order to reduce system load. As far as Summer Surprise offer is concerned - I recharged my wife's number with Prime ₹99/- & 3 x ₹149/- before 31st March and then recharged ₹303/- on 5th April. Now Summer Surprise is active on her number & valid till 19th July 2017. Recharge history, as well as queued plan details are still not available. Best part is that all recharge details are available in JioMoney - so nothing to worry for those who recharged through JioMoney. I am worried for those who did multiple recharges of ₹149/- or less & then recharged with ₹309/- (Dhan Dhana Dhan). I understand that they will be getting the benefit after 28 days, 56 days, 84 days or maybe 112 days according to the number of recharges (₹149/-) done before doing ₹309/- recharge. But I appreciate Jio's this strategy as it is going to reduce the bandwidth load for few upcoming months and thereby giving Jio ample time to further upgrade his network meanwhile.
  15. ^^^ Incase you have subscribed for D3 309 offer it should be applicable prior to 149 recharge Jio backend is pathetic so better call and check about this as D3 offer should be automatically applicable after Happy New Year similar to SSO
  16. Ref. myJio app/my plans We had availed Jio Prime membership [Rs.99/-] followed by Prime MRP 149 Recharge in March 2017. Later in April 2017, we did Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan [D3] 309 Recharge. our Jio Happy New Year Offer Expired at 11.05AM this morning [22April2017] & Jio Prime MRP 149 got activated with Unlimited Voice; 2+1=3GB data & 100 SMS for 28 days [valid till May 20, 2017]. we presume, our Jio D3 309 benefits will start after the present Jio 149 pack expiry on May 20, 2017. Still the Recharge History is Not available at myJio app! However, it is available at Jio Money, through which Recharge(s) were done.
  17. That is why I don't have much hope on ChoRCom. ChoRCom 2G's voice call quality is very very horrible, that even the pathetic BSNL's 2G voice calls are much better. Reg coverage, ChoRCom's 2G GSM was a very very BAD joke. I agree that Jio is NOT a threat to ChoRCom's 2G voice business. They are already giving dirt cheap 2G voice calls for years. But NOW they are NOT alone. Even BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone and Idea have started giving better voice plans (NOT DATA) to their 2G / 3G users. They have better coverage and great voice call clarity as well. Among Telcos, Whoever may be the loser, at last customers are going to be the winners.
  18. Yes ! I still have two Rcom 4G connections which are latching to Aircel towers from quite some time and network has improved drastically as compared to rcom. So users who use mobile for telephony (voice communication) only & are not heavy users will never shell ₹149/- for unlimited voice for 28 days as they can sustain outgoing connectivity for more than two - three months by way of paid voice calls using ₹149 talk time (full talk time voucher) or even top up with so called "chota recharge" ₹10/- etc. to keep outgoing enabled. Basically Jio is eyeing Data segment only - as for voice user, 4G or 2G doesn't make any difference as long as connectivity and coverage is good.
  19. Aircel offers very good services in many circles and there are dedicated Aircel customers. If RCom users are also migrated to same experience, if would be a better experience for them. So churn out ratio may come down.
  20. @SUDYEcaZ I do agree with you but I just said that it is too early to comment on Airtel (combined entity) as "gone case". They must be planning something for their survival & no doubt it is difficult to compete in 4G with the dominance of Jio and their aggressive plans. So their strategy might be to tap 2G or 3G segment which is a big chunk too (reason Jio introducing 4G feature phone). No doubt, Jio has become the first choice for 4G handset users but majority of Indian population is still having either 2G/3G handsets & are not interested in investing in to new 4G handset. FYI all Labour/worker class & Auto rickshaw/taxi/truck drivers etc. use their phones for listening to songs & watching movies, but they do not download from Internet instead get it loaded from small vendors/kiosk for mere ₹5 - ₹10 only. Neither they have time to surf Internet nor they are interested in doing so. Similarly in Bihar, UP, and Jharkhand single person have taken 10 Jio Sims just to watch YouTube for free and have not recharged with anything. So the actual active users and total number of subscriptions vary in practicality. Even Jio reported that only 72 million have taken Jio Prime. Out of which very small numbers (Genuine users) actually did the ₹149/- or ₹303/- while others were waiting for some new free offer. This was the reason Mukesh Ambani threw "Summer Surprise" with compulsory ₹303/- minimum & also "Dhan Dhana Dhan" with compulsory ₹408/- Recharge to increase his collection by way of at least ₹100/- per month and retaining some more users for some more months. Otherwise his active user base would have dropped drastically & criticism would have affected Jio share value. All said & done, I still agree that things are changing in leaps and bounds so actual situation might be totally different from what we are assuming today.
  21. I agree that market has been dominant by 2G users... now lets see the facts by END of 2015 - 3 Million 4G user Reports says 2017 End around 50 Million 4G users, fact is Mid 2017 Jio itself have 100 Million 4G users, plus AVOID numbers with introduction of feature 4G phones (which Jio is expected to launch). 4G base is expected to grow exponentially (it may be almost double of what article predicts by 2020) Now coming to Voice is past....with Voice becoming free(mature market already have free voice), who will stick to Voice only. next upgrade will be either to feature phones or smart phones. Many countries are now closing 2G...(Singapore already closed, Australia - largest telco have closed others have announced by Sep 2017). Even indian Telcos will have to close 2G at some point so as to utilize spectrum in efficient way. Telco wants profit. 2G only is not profitable with ARPU on the lowest side. In terms of Coverage/Speed/Quantity ...AVOID is far better than RCOM/AIRCEL. Not to mention about customer services which is almost non existence for RCOM Plus not to forget the low quality of users on RCOM/AIRCEL, huge debt, reducing subscriber, increasing losses, No funds for expansion, 800Mhz of RCOM near its expiry. I dont see RCOM/AIRCEL surviving in this market Just to give u some more inside RCOM had 100 Million customer on Dec15, with VLR around 91%..Close to 91 Million active users as of Dec16 RCOM is having 86Million with VLR around 85%...close to 73 Million active users(may have further reduced in Jan-Dec due to onslaught from Jio/Matching offers from AVOID) Stock price of RCOM hovering around 33 today. which is near to its all time low(Gives u a fair bit of idea that even experts are not buying RCOM story) RCOM most profitable users were EVDO Data card users..(they are gone now), User looking for Data have moved to Jio, for 2G only service why should one stick to RCOM?? For user with low usage 20-60Rs default rates are same across all Telco's. No international roaming on prepaid, frequent unwanted deductions, messy vouchers(advertise something but actual benefits does not match). Check any online forum you will see people calling CHORCOM...
  22. I think, what @SUDYEcaZ said is 100% correct. Everybody here in Rimweb knows about ChorCom. It has already lost 2G-GSM license in RoWB, Assam, NE, Orissa and from Sep this year Gujarat as well. Till now, they have survived using the CDMA spectrum and fibre + tower infra, both of which are brain-child of MDA era and ChoRCom did almost nothing after MDA left RIM / CDMA Reliance. Now we all know that most of those CDMA spectrum (75% sold to MDA after liberalisation for 4G LTE) and fibre + tower infra (51%) are sold out. Already their most high end customers moved away to AVoId and Jio, mainly due to the way they handled the CDMA to 4G transition. So let us see the one in other tent, the Aircel. Our TN is the strongest circle of Aircel and even here in my home town, I am seeing hundreds of port outs from Aircel to Airtel or Vodafone or Jio every week. So NO points for guessing the situations in their other circles. Aircel always used to be lazybones when it comes to spectrum utilisation, ask the people in Kerala, where it has 3G license, but almost NO 3G coverage, except in few TN border cities. They have scaled down to almost ZERO in circles like Gujarat, Haryana, MP+CG, UP(W), Kerala and they are LAST in AP, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Karnataka, Punjab as well. Here the beauty is, among these circles, Aircel has 3G spectrum in Kerala, AP, Karnataka, Punjab. They are just wasting their precious spectrum. The survival situation of Aircel and ChoRCom combo is like brand new MISSION IMPOSSIBLE movie. But here, instead of Great action Hero(s), the starrers are STUPID + CRAZY + LAZY + GOOD FOR NOTHING comedians.
  23. Earlier
  24. In India still 80% of subscribers primarily use mobile for voice calls. Below is the excerpts from the full article Here. "By the end of 2015, India had just 3 million 4G connections which is expected to increase to 280 million by 2020, the report said. In India, 2G connection base remains the highest with over 800 million connections as of 2016, while 3G has around 200 million connections in the same year. The 2G base is expected to fall to around 670 million by 2020, while 3G is projected to have over 350 million connections by that time. As pointed earlier, mobile broadband (3G and 4G) will account for under 50% of total connections in India by 2020." So 2G if not 3G is still dominating the mobile market in India for few more years. 4G is attracting medium to heavy data user only if it is cheaper. Indian user's priorities are as follows 1. Quantity (more data), 2. Coverage (good roaming coverage), 2. Price (economy), 3. Speed (may not be fastest but good appreciable speed is desired). So I think it would be too early to remark Aircel (combined entity) as "gone case". Dominance of 2G is the main reason why AVOID are still rigid in their 2G/3G throat cutting pricing.
  25. I guess RCOM/Aircel is gone case ... in last few months most of the high paid user have switched out of RCOM. Combined entity(when ever they combine) may very well be behind Jio in terms of active subscribers...
  26. So finally "Summer Surprise" is active on my number and valid till 19th July 2017 - see below. As expected they are spacing expiry dates (different expiry for different users in batches) for reducing processing load in future. But recharge history & profile details are still missing in MyJio app. ... Fingers crossed. Update : Now Profile details are available but recharge history still missing.
  27. With so much mess in this other important projects like gigafiber and jio dth is getting delayed wonder when they will clean this mess and launch other services
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