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  2. looks more like a phone issue, imho..
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  4. This has been discussed several times earlier
  5. Billing procedure will be interesting as all talk shows up as data in the accounting. How will they separate. More likely Rs x get you y MB.
  6. A friend ported his VIP nos from Vodafone and BSNL to Jio transparently. No sweat.
  7. I beg to disagree. But for the loss of signal the experience has been excellent. Even that is reducing with time. The Web info can be dodgy since it says that the htc Desire 628 is Volte while it is not. I would go for the htc 10 but for the non-availability of a dual SIM on that.
  8. Jio on non VOLTE handset will not have good user experience, Better avoid or take VOLTE phone
  9. I am coming back after ages since I have been off Reliance for over two years. I have taken two Jio SIMs which I have installed in my Moto X Style, and htc Desire 628, both are non VoLTE. While the Desire is working fine, I have issues with signal drop on my Moto. Also, the Moto seems to be having the battery for breakfast. Barely lasts for twelve hours The Desire is giving us about a day. I find on the web that the 628 is Volte, but do not see a trace of that anywhere, incl the APP to check.
  10. Ref.: Moto E3 Power, a FlipKart purchase Recovery-menu [to Wipe Cache Partition/Hard reset ...etc.] Pls. note, If you use Volume-down+Power button combo to enter Recovery-menu [as per Motorola Device Help/User Guide], a Chinese language Pop up will appear which is a "Testing-menu" and Not Recovery-menu. to Exit this Chinese Pop up, you need to remove the battery and start the device normally. However, Volumeup+Power button combo gets you to Recovery-menu best wishes
  11. Well the details are available on the site of Tata, Still Rental 299 plus taxes Free 1000 min per month local and std and 500 min extra for first six months so 1500 min for first six months and then 1000. 250 local and std SMS 2gb data at decent 3g speeds, I have clocked 2mbps animal and around 512kbs at the least Sent from my LGLS991 using Tapatalk
  12. I've been using Jio for past couple of months and been having an issue where i dont get any signal after finishing my data per day for 2-3 hours then used to come back . today it again happened but my signal isn't back and its been a day already . i've tried doing *#*#4636#*#* and changing the preffered network ,turning radio signal off and back to on , restarting phone and changing sim slots . I'm on panasonic eluga switch please help.
  13. JIO TV is free for JIO users till 31.12.2017 I also use the same android box+Jio router for watching AMazon Prime Video movies. Each movie download is around 400-500 MB
  14. iRevo - got from Amazon on initial launch offer.
  15. Hows borderlinx services.. Please share if anyone have used it Sent from my LG-K420 using Tapatalk
  16. If you use JIO Tv on android box through JIO router, how much data will it consume? if you watch full hd move for 2 hours data will be around 4-5gb .No plan will be sufficient or can any one bear the bill ?...........
  17. I have ported to jio on 23rd december.90-95% calls are getting quality is hyderabd
  18. Which android tv box u r using ? Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  19. I got an android TV box with Jio TV and Jio movies installed on it. Also got Amazon Prime Video installed. Works great with Jio router. As good as DTH.
  20. Problem is my 90 days are not over. There is problem in voice clarity, incoming & outgoing: other operator allows 2 calls out of 10. Internet speed is very slow in daytime. I've ported to Jio because of 850 band of Jio, as I was using reliance CDMA prior and connectivity of CDMA was very good in our office, since Jio has taken this band from RCOM, I ported. I'm not saying Jio's services are not good but they are yet at experimental phase, they have not started more than 50% of towers in Ahmedabad (as information by Jio technical departments employee). After commercial launch their service may be good but till now, you have to face problem. It's very annoying, when other side can't hear you. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  21. "lot of problem.." Can you name a few problems? I am also using Jio since last year September onward. If after porting someone doesn't like Jio he can always port out again after 90 days.
  22. Can you please provide the tata cdma HERO PLAN DETAILS
  23. But there is lot of problem in jio's network, shouldn't port till network improves. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  24. My portin to Jio Maharashtra from Vodafone prepaid maharashtra has been very smooth. Generated portout code ekyc done at jio , instantly got a confirmation vodafone "your portout request has been approved will inform with date and time shortly" got jio sim activated exactly 6th day itself no need to to do televerification
  25. Jio is working on it since long. I heard from many that Jio is working on All-in-One device for STB, internet/wifi router and DVR.
  26. Hello Everyone, I just heard that JIO is launching DTH services in the month of April. Any info on getting details, please do reply.
  27. Tried to port my wife's main number to Reliance GSM 4G but the process did not go through for two attempts in December 2016. Thank God it failed. The network is going bad to worse with less than a lac CDMA upgraded customers left in RCOM. Congratulations Doctor ji, after getting caller's curses I am porting my business number back to Tata CDMA from JIO. Sent from my K016 using Tapatalk
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