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  2. Jio Cinema & Jio TV on Desktop (Web Browser)

    I have checked Jio TV on PC using Airtel broadband and it's working fine. I think the restriction of Jio network is removed now and that's good for already congested Jio network, imho. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  3. Yes ! but I included Jio Cinema as it has not been discussed earlier in the forum and may help others who are not yet aware. In fact Jio Cinema Link for desktop is available on Jio's website under apps but JioTV is yet to be put there.
  4. Yes you are absolutely right - in fact linking bank and linking subsidy should have been provisioned separately by UIDAI. It should be left to the consumer to decide in which bank he wants subsidy to get deposited irrespective of the number & chronological order of the Banks linking with UIDAI. This problem should be addressed as soon as possible since earlier we were suppose to link only the bank in which we want subsidy but unfortunately without giving enough time the government came up with the plan of linking all accounts with Aadhaar causing much confusion and dismay.
  5. Jio Cinema has been available on desktop for long. Jio TV is the new addition. It requires (i) login with Jio ID and also (ii) Jio network (through wifi or otherwise)
  6. The fact that Airtel opened Payment Bank accounts without consent is wrong and needs to be dealt with strongly. However, the credit of LPG subsidy to such account is not the handiwork of Airtel. It is a basic flaw in the system of LPG subsidy credit for which the concerned agencies/UIDAI themselves are responsible. The LPG subsidy gets credited to the last bank account that has been linked with Adhaar, irrespective of whatever bank account a customer has opted to receive subsidy given in his written application. This has been faced and reported by many. e.g. If a customer has an account in SBI and linked it to Adhaar and then given a written application to receive subsidy in that account, the subsidy is expected to be credited to that account only. But if 3 months later, he linked his second account (say with PNB) with adhaar then the subsidy would start getting credited to PNB instead of SBI, without the consent of the customer and even without any intimation to the customer. Now further 3 months later, if he opens an account in ICICI with the same Adhaar, the subsidy would start getting credited to ICICI, again without his consent and without any intimation. This is a known issue and people have raised complaints against it but UIDAI has done nothing on this. So it is the concerned agencies and UIDAI who are responsible for the credit of the Rs.167 Cr to Airtel payments bank.
  7. Here is some GOOD NEWS !!! Now you can watch Jio Cinema & Jio TV on your Desktop or Laptop using any browser. Jio has silently launched the web version of both the apps. Go to following links : Jio Cinema https://www.jiocinema.com/ Jio TV https://www.jiotv.com/ Details will be updated later. Updates: Login using your Jio ID to watch (I was able to login with email ID as well as Unique ID but Jio number & password combination didn't work). Jio Cinema has an additional option of login using Jio number with OTP. I was able to play HD stuff smoothly in Edge browser whereas it didn't play in my Firefox browser (may be because I have not installed Flash in my Firefox). Latest Update : for the time being Jio has disabled & put Under Construction page - wait for it to get removed then try. Will Update.
  8. Latest update : As much as Rs 167 crore was deposited by 31.21 lakh customers in their Airtel Payments Bank accounts which were activated without their "informed consent", leading to suspension of Aadhaar-linked KYC verification of Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank. https://m.timesofindia.com/business/india-business/rs-167cr-deposited-in-airtel-bank-without-consent-of-31l-users/amp_articleshow/62111310.cms
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  10. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Sorry! The latest ROM (version is not supporting this (today I tried again and it is switching the primary Sim network as well, as pointed by you). I don't remember which ROM had this feature but it was working when I bought the phone and I lost my Vodafone balance because by mistake I enabled data on my second SIM while I was using Jio for calls. Update has ruined the feature. Even switching network mode using *#*#4636#*#* didn't help. Some kind of bug... I tried in lava X11 and it works but the second SIM supports only 2G (Edge).
  11. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Old Samsung phones like A9 PRO and C9 PRO used to have that wonderful feature, but Sammy as usual s(rewed it via Nougat update.. During Android 6.0 days in those phones, I use Jio on VoLte and Airtel for 3G only and can switch data on either sim at my wish. All I have to do is, select the "Keep the SIM" option, when there is a query to change network for data. God, I hate Samsung's software...
  12. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Can you confirm that you can simultaneously get VoLTE in Jio and also functional 3G data in second SIM? I also use RN3 but the moment I select internet data option as second SIM, the second SIM becomes LTE and the 1st SIM becomes 3G without data. There is no option to select connection mode for non-data SIM. Only the internet enabled SIM gives the option to select between 2G, 3G and LTE.
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  14. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    I have tried in my Redmi Note 3 - Jio works in 4G VoLTE mode in Slot 1 (set to Primary) with 3G Data enabled on Vodafone Slot 2 (secondary sim). It also works vice versa - means if I swap slots then I have to set Slot 2 as Primary for Jio to work in 4G mode. (Presently I am using Jio SIM in Slot 2 & it is set to Primary because LTE is available for Primary SIM only) Same thing I have tried on my Lava X11 too but even after setting one slot to "LTE Only" the other slot only supports 2G data. I think the same settings can be used in some other models which support 3G on second slot when the primary slot is set to LTE.
  15. May be this is the reason why porting to Airtel is taking more time. UIDAI has temporarily barred Bharti Airtel and Airtel Payments Bank from conducting Aadhaar-based SIM verification of mobile customers using eKYC process as well as e-KYC of payments bank clients. The action follows allegations of Bharti Airtel using the Aadhaar-eKYC based SIM verification process to open payments bank accounts of its subscribers without their 'informed consent'. UIDAI also took strong objection to allegations that such payments bank accounts are being linked to receive LPG subsidy. UIDAI, in an interim order, "suspended e-KYC licence key of Bharti Airtel Ltd and Airtel Payment Bank Ltd with immediate effect," sources with direct knowledge of the development. Airtel Payments Bank will not be able to open a new account with Aadhaar e-KYC. However, accounts can be opened through alternate methods, if available. Sources said that the first notice was issued to Airtel on September 18, responding to which Airtel and Airtel Bank stated that they have amended their process and the opening of a bank account is completely de- linked from the process of re-verification of mobile connection. These replies were found to be unsatisfactory by UIDAI, which issued another notice on November 24, as UIDAI kept receiving similar complaints from customers. https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/uidai-suspends-airtel-airtel-payments-banks-e-kyc-licence-over-aadhaar-misuse/articleshow/62096832.cms https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/india-business/uidai-temporarily-bars-airtel-from-conducting-aadhaar-linked-e-kyc-verification/articleshow/62096727.cms
  16. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    thanks for the info. At present, I'm using 2 Rel Lyf Wind4 handsets for RJio & Airtel 4G* *at my home, RJio coverage is patchy - voice-calls only works, Data speed is pathetic [2G]. however, full signal-bars for Airtel 4G/3G and great speeds.
  17. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    No such phone available in market. All available phones require data enabled mode for LTE to work. Jio can not work without LTE. So if you want Jio active, you can not get data in second SIM. Most phones only give 2G in secondary SIM. However, some Mi phones give 3G based voice in secondary SIM. Redmi Note 3 works on 4G active + 3G Voice mode. If you want only Voice in Jio and data in different SIM, you must use 2 different phones. You can use Micromax Bharat 1 as a secondary phone with Jio for voice purposes.
  18. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    Pls. suggest a Dual SIM Volte 4G Android Smartphone [under Rs.10,000/-] for RJIO & Airtel combo . while RJio [SIM1] is VoLTE 4G [Voice calls]; Airel (SIM2) should work as 3G Data [not 2G]
  19. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes! This was being used for 3G data only (mostly). I had 2 important Reliance 4G connections (CDMA to LTE upgraded since Dapo offer) which I already ported to Jio & Airtel in the first week of November.
  20. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    what r u waiting for ? Or u want to see this number RIP with ur own eyes
  21. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    I am still getting 2G signal - calls working in Mumbai circle (using RGSM 3G Sim in 2G slot of my handset).
  22. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Looks like the Deadline is extended for their 3G circles. This tells why some people are getting 3G signals, even after closing of 2G sites.
  23. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Lol, it's good riddance to bad rubbish. The faster u leave the better for u. This time my number got ported in 3 days... Gave request on 12th and around 12.30am today morningi noticed no service on the rcom number. Inserted airtel and bingo it started with no activation needed. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  24. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Good News for some of RCOM users who are yet to port out. Please do not panic. RCom has extended the validity of upc code till 23:59:59 hours 31st January 2018 for the following circles : Bihar, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Mumbai, Orissa, Punjab, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam & North East circles. For the rest of the circles (including CDMA) the deadline is 31 December 2017.
  25. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    4th time lucky. Thanks guys for your support. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  26. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    @nitink finally you have done it. Congrats bro.
  27. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Glad to hear that finally you succeeded.
  28. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Finally Dear Nitin, Welcome to Airtel - India's Fastest Network! Your mobile no. 9313xxxxxx is now active. For seamless data experience, please insert the SIM in slot 1, restart your phone and keep mobile data option ON. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
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