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  3. 4 days before submitted porting request of my current reliance gsm postpaid number at reliance digital. Verified with ekyc process.. jio has issued mnp Order...still it is not processed... when contacted the jio customer care they are telling that it is reliance gsm has not accepted jios mnp request.. also when contacted reliance gsm cc they say that they have not got any caf form or mnp request from jio.... Ultimately customer suffering.. i have cleared all dues in reliance gsm postpaid and paid extra amount also... now i have sent mail to,, C.C - to, hope it will be done now
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  5. I have a Sprint S6 edge and i was not using it as i upgraded to Priv. Recently, i want to use it and when i switch on the mobile , it just Grey screen with Lines in once off and simple grey screen in other off. The device is getting ON , going to download mode etc. However even after flashing a new firmware the device is still struck in the same screen. Basically i feel that the display is gone. But as the display is getting switched on , can it be any software issue ?Have any one faced this issue before ? .. Can you please guide me what needs to be done here ?
  6. Update Sent an e-mail to with Cc to and got an assurance that the issue will be addressed in future update of LyfCare app
  7. Many phablets are available now. So it helps if it is Mobile friendly view. You should check Digit app. It's in beta and soon many updates are on there way. It's readability is awesome. Totally different from Jiomags... If only Jio can implement the same . It would be great . Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  8. JioMags is best viewed in Tab, either via 4G slot or connected to JioFi using WiFi, imho
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  10. I kept this phone as ideal as one of the seller unable to set as GSM phone, if you can help me it will be great full for me.
  11. Double Tap works [emoji3] ... Thank you! Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  12. Instead of manually zooming try double tapping on the specific column or place and that particular column will zoom and fit the screen. Again double tap to go back to full page view. Further if some sections do not exactly zoom fit your screen then you can always manually correct it. Hope this double tap may help you.
  13. YOUxME_Sanjay_5TFTDX is the coupon to get instant discounts of Rs 2000/- while buying first time online Furniture from or website). I have bought few living room Pure sheesham wood furniture from them. Excellent quality, very nice delivery team and great helping staff. Also, furnitures have one year warantee against any manufacturing defective. Can share my original pics if one need. Sent from my 0PJA2 using Tapatalk
  14. To avail extended warranty on Lyf mobile, one needs to install LyfCare App and Register by providing - Sales-invoice (upload photo), Name, Mobile No., E-mail ID, Address & Aadhar No. On successful Registration, One Yr. of Extended Warranty is awarded. However, the Registration info. is displayed in full [Name, Mobile-No., E-mail ID & Address] if one opens the App/Profile, even if "Factory-reset" is done on the handset! This seems to be a serious issue, if you decide to exchange/dispose the handset! Is there a solution?
  15. I have a problem with jiomags app Which needs constant Zoom in and out to read a Magazine. How can we enhance it's readability to a Mobile Friendly View. Is there any other way?....thank you Sent from my SM-N910G using Tapatalk
  16. And that 2G is also coming to end in Sep2017 as well. They thought their merger with Aircel will save them by that time. But yesterday, Supreme Court warning to Aircel owners (link HERE) made the deal to get delayed for months..
  17. Reliance 3g not available in Gujarat Only 2g works Sent from my F103 Pro using Tapatalk
  18. Update: Did some RnD on Engineering Mode (*#546368#*371#) IMS setting and VoLTE Enabled on LG Phoenix 2 At&t. Now i can make voice call using Phone dialer without 4G support.
  19. Good News is that JioNewsPaper App is now available for phone too (earlier it was exclusively available for Tablet only). Good effort towards GO GREEN and save tree. Best part is while traveling you will not have to settle for any local newspaper because now you can read your preferred newspaper anywhere anytime. It can be read only after downloading so it is always available offline for reading whether there is internet available or not. Further you can also mark your favorite Newspapers for auto download and it will be available (downloaded) in your device early morning as soon as it is released online. Previous issues are also available and you can save clippings too just like newspaper cutouts of any specific news, advertisement or article. Rightly said that JIO is a plethora of PM's vision of DIGITAL INDIA and not just any other Mobile phone connection.
  20. Port forwarding works on JioFi2....checked personally...ssh works and also non standard ports (>10k).
  21. MyJio App app update 3.2.23 released on 2nd Jan 2017 has incorporated some New features as mentioned below :- Now there are 2 tabs DASHBOARD and BALANCE on the main page - see below. Balance tab shows the amount of Data balance out of total 1GB (valid for 1 day / 24 hours) along with the Reset time below when the 1GB fresh quota will get renewed again. Please note this Reset time is different for different users and not Midnight (I compared my and my wife's Data reset time to find out this). Under the plan now only Current plan is visible unlike before where all the plans including Base plan valid till 2036 was also shown.
  22. happy new year 2017 [emoji322] [emoji322] Sent from my LG-D859 using Tapatalk
  23. Happy new year 2017 friends sent from my Samsung Galaxy A9 pro using tapatalk
  24. Happy New Year 2017 to all!
  25. Happy New Year 2017
  26. Happy New Year 2017
  27. Google Pixel 32 GB Quite Black "Super Duper Cool" "Awesome" I m loving it With 1 year extended warranty from Croma
  28. Ported to Jio from RELIANCE 4G Postpaid Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  29. there are enough guides on google to unlock like Use them ,pop in BSNL SIM and try out
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