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  2. They are shown jointly (not marked separately) as data/data/sms/mobile voice balances for 28 days listed one after another multiple times, so it is difficult to understand. Download the Pdf statement of that particular period when you have done the recharge and check "Your Spend" (number of transactions & total amount) as well as recharge transactions listed properly under "Your Plan Balance". I am sure that your recharges will be listed there.
  3. Same here extra recharge are not showing up need to crosschecks with bank details Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  4. Checked as explained, Prime149 doesn't appear only 99 + DDD 309 is listed
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  6. Thanks will find out and report .. yes i got successful recharge sms .. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  7. In the view statement if you scroll down & click on 'Plan name" then you are able to see all your additionally recharged unused plans as well irrespective of the date of recharge or statement. It shows only the Names of plan we have with a radio button on right and when we select the radio button it shows details of all the recharges (multiple) we have done for that particular plan such as ₹303 x 3 in my case just below under "Your Plan Balance". So you can check whether your ₹149/- is still available or already consumed.
  8. Did you receive confirmation sms for your recharges? If so, recharges were successful. While generating statement ensure that the date on which the recharge was done is included within the statement date for it to reflect in the statement. Further under Your Spend the amount should be ₹99 + ₹499 + ₹499 + ₹499 = ₹1596 if all recharging dates fall within the statement date. Select the radio button beside ₹499 to view all your 3 recharges which are listed below under "Your Plan Balance" or download the statement for more clarity.
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  10. Ooops... Then there is something terribly wrong in Jio's system / software...
  11. I have done 99+499+499+499 but as of can only see 99+499 Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  12. Rs99 is prime recharge and can be done only once. If you have done twice, it may have been refunded to you already. Not sure about the second 499 though. Or have you done 99+499 on another number by any chance?
  13. ensure that the "From" & "To" dates are 30 or less days apart! if your Recharges do not appear in full - generate multiple statements.
  14. Yes, Statement can be generated (both with myJio app/My statement and sign-in) for last180 days. "From" & "To" dates can be 30 days apart. Recharge history is displayed in the "Summary" tab of My Statement
  15. Done that got more confused with entry of 99 & 499 only once .. i have done 2 more . Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  16. Generate statement All recharges are listed in the same
  17. Bhai kafi confusion hai.. first they advertise que up ur recharges fo avoid disconnection .. so done 2 recharges .. none of them in showing as vouchers in jio app.. may be by mid of next month it will get clear out as currently its showing valid till 15th july .. need to transfer one of the high usage no to jio but will wait till things got clear .. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  18. I fail to understand RJio! 1. No Recharge history displayed in myJio app OR sign-in 2. Midway through Prime149, DDD 309 was activated [Prime149 was to expire on 20-May-2017. However, DDD 309 was activated on 01-May-2017 itself]. subsequently, Prime149 disappeared from myJio app/my Plans on 21-May-2017 3. DDD 309 validity expired for both my connections on 21-June-201 at 9.51PM.[31 days from 21-May-2017]. However, one was renewed at 10.15PM same night and other next morning at 6.37AM for 28 days. 4. since there is no Prime 149 in Queque at myJio app/my Plans, i hope DDD 309 will Auto-renew on 19-July-2017 [1st connection] & 20-July-2017 [2nd connection] for the final installment of 28 days more!
  19. You may be right but since your DDD 309 was enforce before 20th May - so only time will decide what comes next DDD 309 or ₹149/-.
  20. One of my connections Auto-renewed last night [21-June-2017; 10.15PM] and other this morning [22-June-2017; 06.37AM] for further 28 days, though validity of both the connections expired last night [21-June-2017; 9.51PM] Hope DDD 309 will be Auto-renewed on 19-July-2017 [1st connection] & 20-July-2017 [2nd connection] for the last installment of 28 days more!
  21. Jio has issues with calls, well atleast in my case though Jio data services are great except in rural areas where Jio 4G depends on 850MHz network only and both data and voice affected heavily.
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  23. Around 41 per cent Jio users are still finding it difficult to connect calls with other networks, see
  24. Got my mom's airtel prepaid re verified. The process of Airtel was very fast. It took few seconds to process the whole request including OTP generation. However, Airtel did not give any receipt like Vodafone did. Although Vodafone is also not giving receipts in all the stores.
  25. Yes ! they have removed "recharge history" option from everywhere but now they have introduced a new option called "My Vouchers" in MyJio App which is explained in my post here. The main change is that - now you can choose from your recharge collection which will appear under "My Vouchers" as when & which recharge voucher you want to activate. So your recharges are safe & will appear under "My Vouchers" when the feature is fully enabled by Jio & will not show Queued under My Plans as before. Though this is a good option but is yet not fully implemented by Jio (Half work done). @KanagaDeepan has already clarified this. Once you exhaust your data, you can go for multiple top ups as & when required (Jio's way of handling recharged is different). Jio gives you the opportunity to choose a plan as per your estimated data requirement for a fixed period such as 28 days or 60 days etc. & if by chance you exhaust your data before the expiry of your plan you can choose any top up to keep the things going - so it is up to you to calculate your estimated data usage properly or you will end up paying extra for multiple top ups within the expiry of prevailing plan (do remember FREE calls & 100 SMSes per day are also associated with the Plan so validity matters).
  26. @Njwm don't worry. In Jio, the double Rs999 recharge you have done will be in the queue and so it's not 60+60GB = 120GB to be completed in 60 days. It's actually 60GB in 60 days and then again 60GB on next 60 days. Yes, it's 120GB in 120 days. Reg your second doubt, yes the booster validity is confusing as well as irritating for sure. Jio must do something about it. Or atleast release more variety of boosters to give good choice for customers. Sent from my Lenovo P2 using Tapatalk
  27. yeah, there are huge problems with both jio app and their website. even the recharge history option is not available in my app now. as for the plans, they only show the current plans. some days back i tried to recharge the 999 plan a couple of times unsuccessfully. or so it seemed. turns out both recharges were successful. which means i would have to use up 60+60 GB within 2 months or else the data would go to waste. i called up jio customer care like 10 or 11 times. each time, the customer care executives were either clueless themselves, or told me they'd call me back (which they never did), or told me to email them with my complaints (which i did and received no solution as yet). the problem with not being able to see your recharge history or queued up plans is that you are not aware of the expiry dates of your other plans except for the current one. hence, it becomes difficult for you to organize or plan on how and when to use your data. another big problem i have is with the expiry date of plans. for instance, if i use up my current plan (let's say 999 GB) today with 30 days remaining before the expiry of this plan, then i would have to wait for another 30 days from today before my next queued up plan becomes active unless i buy a top up of 6 GB for which again there is an expiry period of 30 days. why can't jio just provide us with the flexibility of either the expiry date or the end of data, whichever comes first.
  28. RCOM lost further 1.3 Million users and Aircel Lost around 0.3 Million in April 17
  29. In Noida they are running their preview offer. No connections have been provided in Delhi Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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