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  1. Cdma Secrets / Secret Codes

    No Man !!! it only works on Samsung -191 .... I suggest you please do not use this code on any other samsung handset, if you want to unlock sam A-563, please use any unlocking s/w.
  2. Hi Friends, This code is meant for retrieving the lock code in Samsung SLIM & Samsung SLIM BOSS Handsets... The Code is *47*869#123580 when it says TEST PRLS loopback 00 You have to follow the below steps to get the lock code of ur SAM-SLIM or SAM SLIM BOSS handset Step 1: Punch in "0" in your keyboard only for 1 time. Step 2: Punch In "2" till "A" Comes on the screen. Step 3: Now, when "A" is appearing, You have to punch in "2" for 2 more times & bingo !!! Step 4: Next 4 digits after "a" are the lock code for ur SAM-SLIM Or SAM SLIM BOSS handset, please note it down on a piece of paper... Step 5: Now remove battery from ur handset & put it back into ur mobile. Step 6: It will ask for the lock code if it is locked... Step 7: Enter the code which you have wrote on paper & UR mobile is unlocked.... WARNING: Please do not do anything other than the above mentioned steps as it may affect the programming of ur SAM-SLIM or SAM SLIM BOSS Handset & may lead to the destruction of ur saved data in ur mobile alongwith the phone book or it may destroy the programming of ur phone too. I will not be responsible for any R&D done by you other than the above mentioned Code... if you find any difficulty using thias code or have any kind of query,,,, please feel free to maile me on Vikas.bhadauria@techie.com or u can Call or SMS me on my mobile no. 9311006007..
  3. Cdma Secrets / Secret Codes

    Hi All, As i went thru the posts in this forum, i came to know that most of our friends generally ask the way to retrieve the forgotten password (Lock Code) of their mobiles.... here is the solution for Samsung 191 Mobile Users... Retrieving Lock Code For Samsung 191: It is a code used to fetch forgotten password in Samsung 191... Stpe 1: while ur SAM-191 is locked & displaying "Enter Lock Code" menu, Type the following code---> *759#813580 Step 2: When u Type this code, another screen Will Appear on ur SAM-191, Step 3: You have to push "2" button on your keypad until "A" comes on your screen, Step 4: Now you have to Push "2" for 2 more times & next 4 digits after "A" are ur lock code for Ur SAM -191.... Step 5: After you note down your Lock code on a piece of paper, Simply remove battery from ur SAM- 191 Mobile & again put the battery back into mobile. Step 6: now ur mobile is rebooted & will ask for Lock Code Again, Step 7: Just enter ur password which u have retrieved by using above code & ur phone is unlocked !!! WARNING: Please DO NOT press any button other than descirbed in above procedure, as it will affect ur phone's programming & may lead to destruction of ur saved data in ur handset. i will not be responsible for any kind of R & D done by you using that code. This method is used by me a thousand times successfully, if done in proper way... if you find any difficulty using this code or have any other related query, please feel free to mail me on : vikas.bhadauria@techie.com or SMS or Call me on mah Cell no.: 9311006007 With Best Regards, Vikas Bhadauria