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  1. Upc code generation of Aircel

    From today, I am not receiving any roaming signal frm Airtel on my aircel sim. thus i lost Rs20 balance. and I am not making any effort to PORT that sim.
  2. Upc code generation of Aircel

    I have also generated Porting code. But not in hurry whether to continue sim, although its having balance of rs20, which is unusable.
  3. New mobile network found

    I am sure you are mistakely taken new code as 4G/LTE network. Because cellone is not at all 4G network.
  4. Today also all unlimited plan is getting differentiated at some point after FUP. Also Today Airtel offer same Rs XX/GB for 3G as well as 4G speed. same plan but different speed. Jio can differentiated Speed only when Someone get Guaranteed Better speed at each tower, which Jio can only archive by CA or deploying more Bandwidth with any band . 1/3/5/40 or 28
  5. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    suggest you to pay. Because TRAI rules says, Operator can disconnect number , if didnt clear outstanding due from last operator. And if u loose number, you dont have even single way to get it back., as network is shutdown. (in case of voda/airtel, you can reclaim after 6 months after RECYCLING is complete)
  6. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Recently visited local dealer. Where a Vodafone Company executive was able to give UPC ,just by telling mobile number. and then insisting to port. I had just told him rcom gsm mobile number of my frinds and he told UPC in 30 minutes, and then i could able to take new PORTING sim. Possible fraud could be , he can accept anybodies Aadhar to get that number activated into vodafone network. Most importantly, SIM was lost by my friend just 3 months back and now all RCOM store closed, hence no chance of getting duplicate sim. But it saved out number truely, which we can PORT to jio after 3 months of vodafone network
  7. I know airtel is at fault , and doing unethical practise. But TRAI/UIDAI and petroleum departement get suggendly wake up. Problem started when people used to get LPG subsidy transfererred to Airtel payment bank, which as per UIDAI and RBI is latest Bank account with FULL KYC with aadhar number. here 3 aspect are there 1) why does subsidy transfer to Default latest bank account 2) why cant person choose bank ,where he want subsidy 3) why does UIDAI/RBI choose PAYMENT bank to transfer subsidy instead of regular FULL Bank, thus ignoring airtel and other payment bank and transfer to latest FULL BANK with KYC? parallel Govt running two scheme of GIVE-UP sibsidy and DIGITAL India and FINANCIAL Inclusion. does all are not conflicting each other interest. India needs better management of Aadhar USAGE and its Security . From birds eye view, i can simply tell that, please allow user to select LPG subsidy to be transferedd to bank of his choice. and secondly improve process of EXPLICIT consent for activating/creating ANY(airtel) payment bank account.
  8. Suggest 4G Smartphone

    https://www.mylyf.com/wind-4 SIM Slot: Dual SIM (4G+2G) ; Both SIM slots are 4G enabled. At one time only one slot can be used for 4G while the other will work on 2G. how this is possible, seller calim only 2G in sim 2, then how does ur handset outperform
  9. I never recieved any sms when inserted SIM in non-VOLTE phone. Have you tried and tested. again bottom line is Dont Expect BANK OTP when your primary number is JIO, and Risk is high for activating IR pack on jio.
  10. IMHO SIM swap or IR pack Termination (naturally or forcefully) should end ur Problem. Lets see how things gets improved. If someone technically troubleshoot can easily restore ur service. but Jio doesnt have any such strong support team Call forward is handicapped solution, because, When one need sms, that to bank OTP, call forwards solution fails in both Domestic and international roaming.
  11. i hope u were writing many article on telecomtalk. yes u can port with ur EKYC with ur aadhar. only upcoming Iphone X and iphone dual sim will support LTE+LTE.
  12. Someone on other website telecomtalk has posted that. He accidentely recharge 398 plan 4 times in idea. and he got 84*6=504 days validity. and paytm refund rs398 for one recharge,which accordingly to paytm was failed txn. so we hope that other operator also help to queue up plan.
  13. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    It doesnt offer Cash load feature. Only Option to load,via UPI and debit card. but Airtel/paytm/india post allow all 3 mode including cash to load wallet.
  14. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Same happen with Vodafone Insisting on POSTPAID, but after couple of dialogue got free sim of vodafone prepaid, In march 2017. Sep 2017, went to Airtel gallary with Aadhar, First i have E-KYC my Airtel money account into Airtel payment bank. Smooth process except Rush hour, which make me waiting 15 min. Later Insisted, can you able to provide FREE sim for MNP from idea, At first instance said, YEE, but trying to divert to POSTPAID, then said ok. Again Queue took away 15 min, when reached Desk, said, we having limited Bio metric devices, please wait until OTHER POSTPAID(postpaid word was silent) customer completed his Aadhar linking.. Then again probing how much monthly usage. i said, zero from this number because i have JIO. which i made advance recharge for next 6 month. He quietly completed process and SUCCESSFULLY give AIRTEL PREPAID. Now only waiting for VOLTE Experience from AIRTEL . Off-topic- Airtel payment bank is now good option , as we can connect it via UPI into Phonepe, and having more cash load points( virtually every retailer) compared to PAYTM bank and INDIA POST Payment BANK. JIO Payment bank may again BANG market with "DHOOM MACHA LE" type entry.
  15. When you PORT to other operator. Every operator need to change LRN code. MTNL , RCOM are lazy and sometimes takes more time. Secondly. Recharge benefit in prepaid is as per System configured on day of recharge , If it would have ben POSTPAID you might get old benifit, but in case of prepaid 70 days correct. Can you Please share Airtel 2g and 4g experince in mumbai. Becuase Airtel and hopefully all Other Will shut-down 3G for sure. It make more Business once Band 1 gets activated. Same 5Mhz gives More Speed, EFFICIENCY and COST benefit when used for VOLTE. One important case is from 2016-17 onward every(majorly and improving growth-source check IDC) Smartphone is handset is 4g. Thus who ever using 3G handset will buy only 4G handset once its replacement life-cycle comes. Now a days Average life of handset is 2-3 years. So operator has to make more investment to convert 3g ( band 1) spectrum ready for VOLTE, because One user, who is using 3G in Q1-2017 when go for new handset in Q4-2019 will definitely switch to 4g at SAME Rate at higher speed. Waiting for reply on 2g and 4g Network in mumbai.
  16. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    My rcom number also got ported sucessfully into idea. Surprise thing is . I got Zero balance after sim activation. (last week when ported into AIRTEL, airtel given rs5 initailly, even Rcom and tata docomo given rs5 initail balce, EXCEPT JIO,which was zero balance) Secondly both rcom and idea sim was showing singal for 10-12 hrs, then only Rcom sim lost singal,which was Roaming on aircel network. Its natual death of RCOM's 2G and 3G signal after forced shutdown of CDMA spectrum. But Mukeshbhai done nice job, CDMA/EVDO was not future of DATA and was dead in india. so smartly USED HIS OWN INVESTMENT (Spectrum, tower, fiber optic cable network, Back-haul from RCOM to Make JIO sucessful). Rcom Jouney for me strated as THIRD sim CDMA. and proved good, except last year when all unnecessary deduction happened when moved to 2g/LTE network. Anyone HOLDING/USING RCom's "INDUSTIES First VOLTE FWP" from rcom. Is that also gone shutdown? i am referring to this https://www.gadgetsnow.com/more-gadgets/RCom-launches-Indias-first-4G-VoLTE-enabled-Android-landline-phone/articleshow/55372940.cms https://paytmmall.com/wi-bridge-4g-volte-fixed-wireless-phone-CMPLXHOMWI-BRIDGE-4GWI-B353127399476B-pdp
  17. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Just wanted know. when they offered you 2g sim along with new GSM-FWP? have you got sll blance and same 8 digit number? Secondly once voice shutdown then your gsm FWP will be also dead.
  18. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    Yes, even local sim latching only on AIRCEL. When searched manually, reliance doesnt come up in list of 2g network.
  19. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    better to port to JIO, they may improve coverage soon. this is last opportunity to save number.
  20. AIRCOM ?

    So RIMweb seen full jouney of rcom From no 1 CDMA (WLL to full mobility) operator to closure/shut down of CDMA and then GSM/3G.
  21. Rcom going to shutdown ??

    rcom alredy shutdown. My old CDMA sim got migrated to 4g. from today there is no 2g network in sim. and when i searched network manually. and Selected aircel its working on roaming. This is inside Bangalore city. Rcom tower is 20 meter from my house and it also have Jio's 4g antenna's of all 1,3,40 bands. Also there is very pathetic speed degraded on aircel 3g netwrok. Aircel is not in postion to run 2g and 3g network simultenoly. I expect Aircel will sell 3g spectrum to airtel and Airtel will shutdown whole airtel's, tata docomo and aircel 3g network to use 2100Mhz spectrum for Band 1. Rcom's customer. please port out if number is important otherwise make balance zero and throw sim.
  22. Jio will pay game again today. They will announce that last date of 12-18 oct has been extended till 21 or 22 oct. This is his regular practice. as seen earlier. and new tariff (definitely costlier than 399, but cheaper than AVOID) will start from Monday.
  23. its not once u make more than 5 hours and jio put u on restricted plan If they see pattern , then only it happens this was already followed by all other player like AVOID and tata docomo, when there was unlimted calls plan
  24. do u have jio link? What is plan ? can you post some pics, and review ? also procedure to get one.