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  1. New Launch HTC Desire 816 g+g c+g

    @SUDYEcaZ @ankitdaluka Sudarshan, what Ankit says is right, links for those interested in reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/W-CDMA_(UMTS) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CDMA2000
  2. List of CDMA + GSM Handsets

    The person you are replying to (a1cellsolution or kkmall_2013 ebay) himself imports from China You are right about dual sim, China specializes in that I bought the Lenovo S870E from him for father, it is gsm cdma dual active with 2g evdo, happy with the phone and seller support
  3. Full launch was always this FY, last year trials started around the time everyone speculated
  4. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Absolutely, it is personal preference Good luck either way
  5. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    I had purchased recently from Amazon and they do ship to India. Shipping cost will be calculated automatically once you enter address Customs/taxes extra but they send via USPS/India post so generally no need to pay anything Same is also available on GEB http://geb.ebay.in/g/ImportHubViewItem?itemid=291140525177&ZeroLemon-Samsung-Galaxy-S3-7000mah-Extended-Battery-Black-TPU-Full-Edge-Case which includes shipping/customs/taxes - in fact this is priced cheaper than Amazon one
  6. Hardware Purchase Suggestion Requests

    Buy this instead - http://www.amazon.com/warranty-ZeroLemon-Extended-Protection-Compatible/dp/B00AKZWGAC - they will ship to India directly - also available on GEB at more price
  7. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    That sounds like sour losers - Losing to a 2nd team - Unable to negotiate counter attacking tactics - needing only a draw to stay top, yet not planning for the occasion and going on attack and getting punished on counter Poor, poor stuff from Rodgers. He sounded so bitter in the post match interview And what can I say about that Aspas corner! This was your best chance to win the league because next year City and Chelsea will both strengthen. You lot might still win it though
  8. USA B1 / B2 Visa Discussion

    Tipping in USA is a must as they earn less than minimum wage Recommended is 14 percent Have a safe and very happy journey, all the best
  9. Motorola Announces Moto G

    3G is for GSM and for CDMA is EVDO. Technology is different but they are equivalent. EVDO will give up to 3.1 mbps. If you get good signal at your place definitely you can go for it eyes closed.
  10. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    Also SAF is not coming back, he is taking up a teaching position at Harvard, I guess you have not heard but Louis van Gaal is the new man
  11. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    Rodgers showed clear progress in his first season both in terms of the playing style and also improved league position from 9th to 7th You lot ended last season on a real high and have carried on from there Taking a 11 point championship winning squad, spending 65 million on it, taking them from 1st to 7th, constantly blaming the squad by saying it is not good enough, insinuating SAF would have struggled with this squad, talking repeatedly about "rebuilding" a winning team, negative tactics, predictable get-to-the-byline-and-cross style of play (82 crosses in the Fulham game), negative comments "aspiring to be like city" "Liverpool are favourites" "we hope to try and make it difficult for Newcastle", and finally losing the dressing room There is no comparison At least our fans did not boo him vocally like Hodgson was The only reason he was sacked now was because it became mathematically impossible to get top four, and it was a performance target, so he could be given one years salary as compensation instead of 5 years. And waiting till the end of the season was futile, because this season is already a write off, and also the sooner the new manager comes in and started working the better, we have to avoid a repeat of last summer and the shambles of a transfer window
  12. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    Liverpool fan in praising Moyes shocker If it were up to you guys you would have wanted him to stay forever Moyes was our Hodgson, actually worse
  13. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    Goodbye David Moyes You were poor, even though being sacked is sad, but it was deserved
  14. Football fans! Anyone over here?

    United fan since ages, and a regular on their biggest fan website Follow the Premiership and the Liga as much as I can
  15. HTC Thunderbolt Problem

    Sandeep just read this thread, you only needed to do ##PROGRAM and enter the SPC then enter the MIN per Parin bhai's E-Mail There was no need for DFS or CW or writing A-Key all that was already done I now doubt that the programming has been messed up in doing all this

    Happy birthday Guru Gopal ji Excellent person I wish you all the best Anytime you are in Kol welcome to stay at my place
  17. What Made You Happy Today / Recently?

    From KA to UP on a Ducati? Wow
  18. Hi all, Please suggest a mobile with below requirements, the lower priced the better max 8K, Indian warranty not necessary but AFAIK very few imported ones are dual standby - dual SIM CDMA + GSM - dual standby - data on both (edge on GSM will also do) - will be used by 60+ aged so not fussed about GHz, RAM etc as long as it is usable under normal conditions - good call/signal - good battery - will not be used for gaming etc, mostly call/SMS/whatsapp - touch screen must, touch + qwerty would also do but less preferred - price max INR8K
  19. [Handset suggestion] Dual SIM dual standby CDMA + GSM

    @sathishq @aalok tried reaching him based on recommendations from yourselves but he was out of the country @A1cellsolution please ping when available
  20. The photography thread

    @all shutterbugs Post all your photos here, preferably with brief description of where you took it and with what equipment All of mine are with a Nikon D3100 18-55mm UV filter bone stock in semi auto/manual mode
  21. Do not purchase from US, it will cost a lot in shipping and customs - I know as I imported one but it was a 360