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  1. The Commonwealth Games Mess

    Most of the pics are impressive, thanks Amit. Edit - see the hockey stadium's picture (1st picture in above post) and you can see in the foreground there are still some seats not yet been installed.
  2. The Commonwealth Games Mess

    After reading this Suresh Kalmadi tried to hang himself but the ceiling collapsed!
  3. The Commonwealth Games Mess

    I was just now on the BBC website - this is the top news story, same on the Daily Telegraph - and these are respected UK newspapers not some gimmicky tabloid. Even TOI is reporting this as headline story. I am sure the western media is having a field day laughing at us, and Indians everywhere are being shamed. I wonder what were the organising committee doing for last 7 years as we won CWG bid in 2003? Just think of the audacity of these people who were thinking of bidding for 2020 Olympics and were saying till one week back that the Delhi games would be "better than Beijing"! Shame.
  4. Kunal, Received the screen protector today. Great packaging. Many thanks. +1 Regards, Dipan
  5. Android Users Post Your Screen Shots

    ^ Did you flash gapps?
  6. Hi, Can I request for k) TWO nos. HTC Hero Screen protectors, with installation instructions Please let me know the shipping charges to Bangalore. Thanks.
  7. ^ True, but Jayanth I read ZAGG gives a lifelong free replacement/warranty policy. So if ever the screenguard gets scratched they will replace it with new one. Ofcourse, shipping it back to USA will be a pain and probably one can get new chinese screenguard in that price..
  8. I have a 50% discount coupon from ZAGG which can be used on any ZAGG product like invisibleSHIELD/ZAGGskins/ZAGGbuds etc. The coupon needs to be used during checkout at http://www.zagg.com/. The coupon expires on 30.06.2010 and is for one-time use only. Please PM me if anyone needs it.
  9. Request: Dialing Screen for Android

    There are themes on XDA Dev - the screenshots show customized home scren, menu screen, call screen (android logo) etc. I haven't used them but just wondering, would they not solve your purpose?
  10. How To Download This Video?

    @parin - did you ever try out wasarrested.com? it generates authentic looking webpage with really weird reasons of arrest but it's a schoolboy prank....ah those good old days....
  11. New Concept Phone?

    It's not a concept phone....it's just an ad for Nova Scotia - once you click on "I've seen enough" it redirects to http://www.pomegranatephone.com/novascotia.html - basically it tries to say that Nova Scotia is a all-in-one place like the all-in-one phone Would have been nice if such a phone really existed though
  12. How To Download This Video?

    ^ It's a prank video.... you should get him arrested via wasarrested.com
  13. Congratulations Sadikk! Wish you both all the best Goa would have been great for 4-5 days trip, if you can stretch your time by few days then try Munnar.

    Parin, Wish you a very happy birthday with many more returns to come. Enjoy!
  15. Cookie Zip - LG RD 510

    And even the 6K is too high, in the UK it sells for 58.5 (48.5 GBP price + 10 GBP talktime)= 3K INR Cookie Pep Prices in India are always too high, even for GSM. And for CDMA, well it is astronomical.
  16. All About Nokia 6265

    Qatar doesn't has a CDMA network. And 6265 will not work there. But you can always gift it to me before you leave for Qatar Hi everyone, I am relocating to the UK (England) for work reasons. Is there any CDMA service provider there as Europe is predominantly GSM. If yes, will my 6265 work there? Please help. Thanks in anticipation.
  17. Analog Clock In The Background

    Hi all, I stumbled upon this site today only.Loads of great stuff you people have got here. Can anyone help me out with my request?I was using a LGRD2030 previously and it used to have a big analog clock as the background.Similarly is it possible to set an analog clock in the desktop of the Nokia 6265?Like the one you see on the Google Desktop sidebar or on iGoogle,as an example.Please see the attached screenshot for reference.
  18. Wap Access Charges

    All, Can anyone answer what are the charges that Reliance applies for WAP access?The Customer Care people know only about Netconnect and R-World charges.But what if I use neither and simply use another browser,say Opera Mini,to surf the net using my mobile?