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  1. http://www.unwiredview.com/2009/05/21/noki...obile-included/
  2. nokia's decision affects them as much as it affects the prospective buyers.it will be a grave mistake if nokia ignores india. their position in india in gsm is a result of their foresight .now it seems that they are lacking this by ignoring the cdma part.
  3. Airtel Std@75 Paise

    @himanshu.. call rates are dropping ...
  4. Aircel, Sistema Dial Gujarat

    this seems to be good in kolkata..also samsung handset is avlbl in kolkata unlike the south MCard (Enjoy local mobile outgoing @ 30p/min for Life.) for Rs.99 only Local MTS to MTS: 30p/min Local MTS to local Non-MTS mobile: 30p/min Local MTS to local Landline: 50p/min Standard rates applicable for all other calls & SMS Lifelong Validity (until 24-1-2028) Limited edition offer. Till stocks last
  5. ^ Bharti expects tariff cuts!...but not drastic cuts
  6. India Will Shine.....

    actually this is the time to sell if anyone has bought in the last 2-3 months!
  7. All Local Calls@60 Paise For Rs.24/month

    cdma is a technology well ahead of its time for the indians bcoz of its data capabilities.though at present rcom and tata are trying to move to gsm , cdma's capability to serve data needs at some point in this country will see to it that it is not dead. if tata and rel are quitting cdma there will be definitely US operators trying to enter that space and at no cost quallcomm will allow the demise of cdma in india. afterall sometime back when anil was protesting against the comparitively higher royalties payable in india compared to china ,quallcomm's share price in Us took a severe beating
  8. the following sms i have found in my outbox can any body pl let me know what does this mean and why it was sent track hai6000 pu ruim _id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx esn_me:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" sent to 3751
  9. What Is The Meaning Of This Sms

    thanks kumar and petar..kumar this is not clear.can u pl clarify " it should send to the original owner only who would have programmed it with some cell numbers"
  10. @ganesan you are correct reg other 10 digit numbers starting wt 8,7,5 . but it appears to me that the reason stated for moving to 11 digits is that"all equipment modified" by gsm lobby is incorrect.what is needed programming rather than hardware change.GSM lobby may have their own hidden agenda
  11. GSM Operators Oppose 11-digit Numbering http://www.business-standard.com/india/new...mbering/357004/ GSM mobile service providers are opposing an 11-digit mobile numbering proposal on grounds that it would inconvenience the country’s 390 million subscribers. They are also seeking to end the exclusive two-digit operator code provided to three service providers. The Department of Telecommunications’ (DoT) Technical Engineering Centre has recommended the new numbering plan, expecting the industry to run out of mobile numbers since the subscriber base has been expanding by 10 million users every month. DoT, which forwarded the recommendations to the government, expects the 11-digit plan to bring in more users. “There is no need to change the numbering structure because the current plan is not utilised properly and is lopsided,” Cellular Operators’ Association of India (COAI) Director General T V Ramachandran told Business Standard. “This will cause massive disruptions to existing mobile users and operators, since all roaming agreements have to be re-aligned and all equipment modified,” he added. COAI will voice its opinion to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). DoT has also allocated exclusive two-digit operator codes to three operators — “92” for Tata Tele, “93” for Reliance Communications and “94” for BSNL — whereas all other operators have a common code “98”. COAI thinks the exclusivity provided to these three operators should be withdrawn, since this is blocking proper capacity utilisation of the “9” series. The association also contends that exclusivity is redundant, since number portability — the ability of consumers to change operators but retain their numbers — will render it useless anyway. Another issue behind the dearth of numbers is that DoT has reserved six billion numbers for fixed-lines, whereas the actual number of subscribers is below 40 million.
  12. this is another way of increasing customer count
  13. Dot Rings Mobile Number Portability

    @saket the problem wt 2 prefix was this.idea has offered in those days 2002 oct free incoming from 3 any numbers and in my case those were bsnl's. idea's system failed to recognize the 2 prefix for few days when bsnl added 2 prefix and consequently i was billed higher.idea staff were adamant abt their billing and admitted only after going through the detailed billing .
  14. Dot Rings Mobile Number Portability

    @himanshu ur concern is genuine and probably a voice alert befor the call gets connected may be ok,however i see another dangr. unable to recognize such on net calls the calling networks may charge the caller,which they should not be doing had there been no MNP.i faced similar prob wt idea back in nov 2002 ,when BSNL added 2 as suffix .was billed by idea andhad to fight very hard to prove them wrong.
  15. Tata Tele To Launch Gsm Services Soon

    ^ i have seen many who think nokia phones are GSM phones only .Even today in this country people use the word Xerox in the verb form instead of Photocopy
  16. Cartridge Refilling ?

    try "catrdigeworld" renouned refiller
  17. Word Assosiation

  18. Intex Launches Low-cost Desktop @ 12900

    @puneet Dont u think using amd would have cut ur cost further? any specific reasons
  19. ^ who cares? TRAI has no powers..sell sims dirt cheap to acquire spectrum and use it for data services of HIGH end customers.perfect business strategy given the way govt is dragging its feet on 3g spectrum and the looming threat of TATA and RELIANCE
  20. on one hand they are crying abt not having enough spectrum and now they r ready to launch services which need dedicated spectrum.by doing so they will be weakening their own case in front of courts and govt abt the lack of spectrum
  21. based on interviewees the rersponses vary.obviously in this case it would be high ARPU customers..in other words the first ones to use MNP
  22. yday,rvcd sms reg reduction in credit ,effective from 25 th april
  23. Usha-lexus Dual Sim Mobiles....

    ^wish ur tryst with USHA will be good
  24. BS reports that TATA will be eyeing the premium end of GSM market in contrast to the mass image acquired in CDMA
  25. Idea: A Very Good Idea

    ^ investors are responsible for their own deeds