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  1. Tdsat Upholds Dual Technology For Reliance Communications

  2. http://www.business-standard.com/india/new...np-tech/350970/ The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) has selected two global majors — Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bell Communications) and Syniverse Technologies — to provide solutions for implementation of mobile number portability (MNP) in the country. The government had earlier said that the names of the successful bidders for the grant of MNP licences would be announced in the first week of March this year. MNP is a technology that enables mobile phone users to retain their existing numbers when shifting from one mobile network operator to another. Telcordia Technologies and Syniverse Technologies were selected from a list of many global and Indian companies shortlisted earlier. Both the companies will provide solutions for 11 circles each (of the total 22 circles) in the country, sources close to the development told Business Standard. The decision was taken at a meeting held in Delhi today. When contacted, Telcordia India representative Ashok Sapra said: “We are optimistic about the MNP business in India and look forward to offering an effective solution to Indian consumers if we are awarded the number portability service contract. However, we have not heard from the DoT or the government as of now.” Syniverse could not be immediately reached for comments. Telcordia is the world’s leading provider of MNP services and has solutions deployed across nine countries, including the US, Canada, Egypt, Greece and South Africa. Syniverse Technologies is a major player in voice and data solutions and has also implemented MNP across global locations. The country has been divided into two areas for the implementation of MNP, with 11 circles coming under each area. The companies would get revenues by implementing solutions for existing players, both mobile and fixed line operators. After a delayed start, the government had issued guidelines for awarding of MNP service licences in August 2008. The government was planning to implement MNP in all the four metros — New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai — and category ‘A’ circles (major cities and towns) within six months of awarding the licence. Rollout of MNP services in the remaining part of the country was slated to commence within one year of awarding of the licence. Last month, Minister of Communications and Information Technology A Raja had informed the Rajya Sabha that the successful bidders would be announced on March 5, 2009. The minister had also stated that they would be issued Letters of Intent (LoI) on this date. The tender for grant of MNP service licences was floated on November 25, 2008.
  3. Mts Launches Services In Tamil Nadu

    @saket , iwas just highlighting "local". as of now for std, 4444 still seems to be better
  4. Mts Launches Services In Tamil Nadu

    @saket 499 gives only local onnet,though good for local use.but not much in std tariff side
  5. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    dealers started preps and confirmed lainch date.26th
  6. Virgin Mobile

    @saket in chennai ,where i live, i have faced n/w prob wt reliance only once since 2004 ,and was lucky to get it corrected in a week and till date no issues .whereas with virgin i am facing ocassional calldrops.
  7. Virgin Mobile

    @dear himanshu ne good factor u missed is customer care.and the bad part is tata/virgin is signals are not as good as relinace atleast here in chennai, though i am least affected
  8. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    @sadik neither us /uk/russia have any love for us.it is only that they smell good business opportunity here.and for all the love they have towards us ,russians keep escalating price if the nuke sub,which they have junked themselves. and russia is so democratic now that Guantanamo Bay pales down before them
  9. Poll Effect

    http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News-b...how/4306407.cms The wait for cheaper STD calls at 10 p has just got longer. The Department of Telecom sent the recommendations on IP Telephony back to Trai for review, ironically, on the last day of service of Trai Chairman, last week. The delay by the government has further prolonged the hope of cheap STD calls at 10 paise per minute via internet for consumers, which if passed, can get anounced only post elections. "We received the comments with some references from DoT (on Friday). We are expected to reply back within 15 days on the same," outgoing Trai Chairman Nripendra Mishra told ET, last week. The DoT’s delayed move is expected to prolong things further as the new chairman is still not decided. Mr Mishra however, may stay on on an interim basis, till the new Chairman takes over. It is expected to take longer than 15 days for Trai to send the comments back now, even as the new Chairman gets elected and settled to take on the reigns of the country’s telecom regulator. Some reports, however also say that election code of conduct may bar the government from announcing the new Chairman anytime soon, which may delay things furthur. Even if Trai sends its comments back within this month, DoT is required by election commission not to announce anything until elections get over, under the code of conduct. Thus, consumers may well not be able to enjoy STD calls at 10 p per minute anytime soon. It’s interesting to note that all telecom operators had been opposing unrestricted IP telephony, saying it will create an unfair playing field. But ISPs were in favour of launching it, as it will make them direct comptetitor to telcos in offereing cheap STD telephony.
  10. http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News-b...how/4306311.cms The Madras High Court on Monday restrained mobile phone manufacturers Samsung, Mirc Electronics and Spice Mobile and several retailers from manufacturing and selling multiple SIM holding mobile phones. "On a petition filed by our client Somasundaram Ramkumar, Justice Jaypaul has issued an injunction whereby Samsung Electronics, Mirc Electronics and Spice Mobile were restrained from manufacturing multiple SIM holding mobile phones," D Ferdinand, Ramkumar's lawyer and a partner at legal firm BFS Legal, said. Several retailers, including online retailers Ebay India and Rediff.com and importers were also restrained from selling such phones, he added. Earlier, Ramkumar had accused the companies and retailers of infringing his patent for multiple SIM mobile phones. The case will be taken for hearing April 13. In another case filed by Ramkumar, the high court Justice K Venkatraman Monday ordered the Customs Department to implement the Intellectual Property Rights (Imported Goods) Enforcement Rules 2007 to protect the petitioner's legal rights. The rules enable the customs officials to seize imported goods that infringe patents. "This is my first step in establishing my right as a patent holder," an elated Ramkumar said. A 36-year-old electronics engineer, Ramkumar holds the Indian patent (No.214388) for plurality of SIM cards in a single mobile handset as well as plurality of bluetooth devices in headphone and earphone jacks. In his petition, Ramkumar said Mirc, Spice and Samsung were manufacturing mobile handsets infringing his patent for the product and the technology and 10 others were advertising and selling the products all over India. On his complaint to the Chennai Customs Office, officials in various cities have already impounded import consignments of mobile handsets with plurality of SIM cards.
  11. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    @kumaar MTS/sistema's strategy was to capture market..as only cdma spectrum was avlbl they have opted here for cdma,though their operations are mainly gsm based
  12. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    and today sistema has taken on the campaign to roads....billboards
  13. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    though much old ,in this interview sistema ceo throws further light on their indian ops http://www.livemint.com/2008/10/09235735/Q...ill-be-a-k.html
  14. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    and the campaign continues..
  15. Quality Of Service

    to what extent will this have effect is doubtfull,nevertheless the toothless tiger attempts some thing on quality of service http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/2009/0...32151720100.htm The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has laid down more stringent standards of Quality of Service of Basic Telephone Service and Cellular Mobile Telephone. In the case of cellular phone operators, the benchmark for call drop has been revised to less than or equal to 2 per cent of all calls completed from 3 per cent now. A new parameter – worst affected cells – will also be put in place for cell sites having more than a 3 per cent call drop rate. Industry observers say it will not be difficult for TRAI to ensure that the number of calls which are dropped actually decreases. “Technical details including the number of calls being dropped are available on the server of the service provider. The reluctance of some telecom companies to go in for capital expenditure despite an increase in mobile phone users has seen an increase in call drops,” said an industry observer. A new parameter has been prescribed to assess the metering and billing credibility of charges of pre-paid customers. Customer complaints about refund or credit of wrongly billed amounts will now have to be settled within one week instead of four weeks now. In case of basic telephone service, TRAI has specified a maximum 4-week period for resolving billing complaints. also see http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/News-b...how/4295018.cms
  16. Sistema Launch On Schedule

    this ad campaign in leading tamil newspaper appears to relate to sistema(oval sahpe resembles their MTS brand logo) and says " every thing is changing ,coming soon.. probably we can expect another cdma operator soon here
  17. 500 Min R2r Free Every Month....

    @umesh i believe that as long as spectrum allocation is linked to subscriber numbers no operator can dare to give what you are asking..now in ur case instead of giving 3000 mins (assuming to be average usage of unlimited) to one subscriber ,reliance can show 6 subscribers if you were to take 6 conncetions .India is the only country to have this absurd spectrum allocation system.
  18. Sistema Shyam Teleservices Is Coming

    http://www.rimweb.in/forums/index.php?showtopic=17571 @saket and ramesh pl refer to the topic moderators , i think similar topic as given above is running so..
  19. Sistema Shyam Teleservices Is Coming

    @saket as per 2 news reports posted here earlier sistema CEO said TN launch will be in may/march..do you have any solid source..pl let us know @ajin they will only be using passive equipment(tower etc)
  20. Haierc2010

    dear umesh try googling ..sometime back somewhere i have seen in rapidshare f3c unlockfile
  21. Sistema Shyam Teleservices Is Coming

    @jain can you tell why sistema is considered the best
  22. a more relevant link is http://www.livemint.com/2009/03/12235037/S...ort-law-li.html
  23. http://www.business-standard.com/india/new.../20/03/55598/on The telecom operators in the country focused on revenues than on increasing subscriber numbers, a move in the right direction, according to a report by global financial services firm Morgan Stanley. The study is based on the financial data for the September-December 2008 quarter, released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai). It has not taken into account the record 15.4 million users added in January this year. During the reporting quarter, Bharti Airtel increased its wireless subscriber market share to 24.7 per cent (adding 12 basis points), while its wireless revenue market share rose to 29.7 per cent (adding 90 basis points). Including wireline segment, Bharti Airtel has 22.9 per cent subscriber market share and overall revenue market share of 26 per cent, the report said. “This supports our view that the company is more focused on revenues than on subscribers,” it added. Likewise, Idea Cellular increased its wireless subscriber market share to 9.9 per cent (by 23 basis points), and its wireless revenue market share to 10.1 per cent (by 60 basis points). “We think Idea Cellular is going in the right direction with revenue market share inching up faster than its subscriber market share,” it said. However, on Reliance Communications (RCom), Morgan Stanley estimates that the company’s wireless subscriber market share fell to 17.7 per cent (9 basis points), while wireless revenue market share dipped to 16.7 per cent (94 basis points). The gap between its wireless revenue and subscriber market shares rose to 100 basis points during the quarter. The interconnect as a percentage of the total Trai revenues was in the higher range of 26-31 per cent for all players, but reported earnings were higher for pure mobile operator Idea and lowest for integrated telecom operator RCom at 8 per cent. This could be because RCom has the highest on-net calls, which helped it lower interconnect cost as percentage of the total revenues.
  24. nothing spl but for 3 month free incoming while roaming in south as well as double talk time on usable on local calls for recharges above 111. http://www.aircel.com/Circles/Andhra-Pradesh/e-top-ups.asp but the 50 paise std to aircel in tamilnadu being offered in kerala is missing here. however post paid 200/ 350 plans may be usefull for heavy local callers( 350/900 free minutes any local mobile) http://www.aircel.com/Circles/Andhra-Pradesh/plan-200.asp http://www.aircel.com/Circles/Andhra-Pradesh/plan-350.asp