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  1. I have recharged 94 in august and now my Mbal shows 3808 MB valid till dec 11. And i use 201 pack for local calls. But 80 rupees were deducted in the 4 days from the main balance. I have EVDO activated on my number.

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    there seems to be a problem for last 4 days,reliance is charging its customers,even my father was charged 50 paise per sms,even he has done recharge of rs94 2 months back.i know sms blackout days were 12th and 13th but on 14th and 15th also balance got deducted for sending sms.
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  2. IN my case, Aramex has no details of AWB. rewardme.in provided teh AWBs and Aramex saying that these AWBs are not entered in the system.

    when did u ordered sample,see u can get only last 3 months details of your shipment number on there website,if the shpmnt number is more than 3 months old then it vl show error msg invalid entry.

  3. i had requested rewardme to send me the status of all the requested samples and as expected, got the response that all are delivered, alongwith the consignment #.. now escalated the issue with aramex higher officials to look into the theft issue.. :P

    ramesh ji : rewardme will never dispatch samples again. write a mail to nita.kambli@aramex.com (national CS head) with a copy to percy.avari@aramex.com (national head - india ops).

    today i got 2 wella black samples after registering complain on 02239419900.

  4. A question guys - how do you come to know of new deals by ebay sellers like sankalpdeals. I mean even if you click on 'Items for sale' by Sankalpdeals, no item is shown. I added him as favorite seller but still do not get any mail for new deals listed.. just curious how to hunt and keep track of such deals :)

    there are many websites like -




    they keep updating latest discount deals,offers,free samples etc...

    i used to recieve mail from him earlier but not this days.

  5. Any method to get Premium Number at reduced Price / Discounted Price.

    I am already using 3 Reliance connections. Will it help?

    Some fancy numbers are surprisingly not listed as premium nos for Reliance. So you can first check with them and then decide. Usually they need approval from senior managers for waiver/discount for premium nos..

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    Well one of the reliance store near my office at masjid bunder has displayed huge list of premium GSM & CDMA numbers outsite there shop for last few months,all numbers are superb.