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  1. 500 Min R2r Free Every Month....

    thanks ravi. Hope some1 replies to my previous post too
  2. 500 Min R2r Free Every Month....

    Does it work like if I rechrge on 29th then I will get next 500 min on next 29th of the following month? or is it updated on 1st of every month
  3. 500 Min R2r Free Every Month....

    I would like someone's response this user's post too..as it may help others
  4. its not deactivated for me too!
  5. Reliance launches STD offer for Reliance Mobile GSM

    Finally, its available for Delhi and NCR circle too. Source: SMS
  6. Bsnl's 'free Internet' Offer !

    CLI based internet from BSNL is old news!!
  7. Plz Suggest Between Lg Rd 3000,3500 And 3600

    ^^ Tell this to dealer from whom u hv bought the phone
  8. hmm UP (East) what abt Uttarakhand..any updates?? doesnt seem for me http://uttaranchal.bsnl.co.in
  9. Really a gr8 job. Thx for the update!
  10. Call Conferencing

    ok for solving my query! any idea when wil it be avaible for prepaid users?
  11. Call Conferencing

    can any1 conform the ^^ statement plz?
  12. Call Conferencing

    Can any1 tell me how to do call conferencing on LG 3600 n LG 3500 since I m using A LIFETIME PREPAID CONNECTION & 496 topup through which all onnet STD is free. Thanks!
  13. Classic 731

    ^^ Thx...what should I do to correct above *225 problem |?