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  1. thanks ravi. Hope some1 replies to my previous post too
  2. Does it work like if I rechrge on 29th then I will get next 500 min on next 29th of the following month? or is it updated on 1st of every month
  3. I would like someone's response this user's post it may help others
  4. its not deactivated for me too!
  5. Finally, its available for Delhi and NCR circle too. Source: SMS
  6. CLI based internet from BSNL is old news!!
  7. ^^ Tell this to dealer from whom u hv bought the phone
  8. hmm UP (East) what abt Uttarakhand..any updates?? doesnt seem for me
  9. Really a gr8 job. Thx for the update!
  10. ok for solving my query! any idea when wil it be avaible for prepaid users?
  11. can any1 conform the ^^ statement plz?
  12. Can any1 tell me how to do call conferencing on LG 3600 n LG 3500 since I m using A LIFETIME PREPAID CONNECTION & 496 topup through which all onnet STD is free. Thanks!
  13. ^^ Thx...what should I do to correct above *225 problem |?