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  1. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    Ritesh J Pal is a Franchise owner as well as Regional Head of Mumbai which is appointed by Speakasia .
  2. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    I had got the answer in reply from Ritesh Jpal (Regional Head of Mumbai) and created the pdf myself so that it didn't get long enough in the post. I had asked these question recently and got the answer few days ago and thought of posting it on the forum.
  3. Are There Websites That Really Pay!?

    Friends As being panelist of speakasia i have been answered to all my queries very nicely by one of the officials of the company... So i wanted to share these things with my rimweb friends so that more queries can be asked !!! * ATTACHMENT REMOVED And also, I have been a panelist from quite some time now and have been earning from it as well . IT ACTUALLY PAYS FOR YOUR GENUINE OPINION Regards *MODERATOR'S NOTE : "Publicity Material Of Outside Commercial Websites made by the Member....Questions raised about that not answered... So REMOVED"
  4. L1 is Dead.... get a Life

    :NOTriste: :NOTriste:
  5. CDMA iPhone 4 Is Here!

    Finally ... an end to all the rumors ...
  6. Samsung Fascinate Now Official With Reliance

    ^^^ Rightly said .
  7. Congrats Kamal bhai ... keep up the good work ... Kamal ji tum struggle karo , Hum tumhare saath hain ...
  8. New Handsets Added In Profile Field

    @Arun Can you plz add Samsung Fascinate in the handsets list . Thanks

    Happy B'day Sadikk Bhai ...
  10. MEID Registering Questions

    In case of Tata Indicom, MIN / MSID changes if you get your no. transferred from RUIM to Non-Ruim / ESN based handset or vice-versa . But the MIN remains the same if you transfer your no. from RUIM to RUIM or ESN to ESN . This is not the case with Reliance, MIN remains the same whether you transfer your no. from RUIM - RUIM or RUIM - ESN or ESN - RUIM .

    Happy Birthday Dhiraj Bhai ... Have a Blast ...

    Happy Birthday KAMAL ji (Honest) Have a blast .
  13. Desi Spiderman

    I think the topic name should be changed to something like "Bollywood Gone Bad" or "Indian funny Dance No." or "Lolly-wood" .
  14. @Sumit MEID registration with TATA is not easy at all .
  15. And because of this CDMA network only we all are here(rimweb) and are part of this wonderful community .
  16. Turn Your Laptop Into Wifi Hot Spot

    Nice find Parin bhai . "Connectify" can also be used for the same and it's easy to use .
  17. Happy Diwali

    Wishing all a very Happy and Prosperous DIWALI .

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Sandeep aka scorpionking.9000
  19. Samsung Epic 4G Vs Htc Evo Vs Htc Incredible

    Yes, data is working on EPIC or Reliance and TATA also .
  20. Vote For Narayanan Krishnan

    Voted !! and Voted twice !!

    Happy Birthday VIKAS Have a Blast .
  22. Esn Dec To Hex

    Hitesh bhai add this one, I think it's better . MeidESNhexdec_gui.zip
  23. Best Courier Services in India?

    I think Aramex is also good ... Although never tried it but have heard that they accept phones and prices are also very competitive ...
  24. Someone told me that the foreign ESN problem in TATA is because they are upgrading their systems or something. And it will be resolved soon. Anyone else can confirm this ?
  25. Updated Palm Pre To

    Yes, some issue with Reliance which got sorted out in the evening .