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    Thanks .
  2. Alternative For Cdma Workshop?

    I think you are try to ask that how to know the ESN and MIN of RUIM card . For that you need to put your Ruim inside any Nokia cdma phone and dial *3001#12345# , there you shud be able to find the ESN and MIN . There are other options also to find the ESN and MIN but the above one is the easiest one if you have a Nokia phone .
  3. Alternative For Cdma Workshop?

    From here you can download it . Radio 1.08.99U
  4. Happy Holi

    Bright colors, water balloons, lavish gujiyas and melodious songs are the ingredients of perfect Holi. Wish you and your family a very happy and wonderful HOLI.
  5. Windows 7

    Thanks Hitesh for your help . +1 for you .
  6. Alternative For Cdma Workshop?

    You need to disable MEID of which phone ? QXDM can be used to do most of the things that can be done through Cdma Workshop.
  7. Buying/selling On Ebay May Be Difficult

    I also received this type email from paypal. It's not fake.
  8. This is a method to increase the signal strength of your car remote . If suppose your car remote works well up to a distance of 40 or 45 meters . Now put your car remote against your head (near your ears) and now you would be able to use it from a distance more than 45 meters .
  9. Go Vegan

    I think most of the time we only think about the taste of the food that we are eating rather than it's nutritional value or above mentioned factors ... BTW ... I am Veg but sometimes I don't mind eating products that have egg in it ...
  10. Nexus One Gsm Unboxing + Dock

    Gr8 going Dhiraj .
  11. Htc Droid Eris

    Hey Everyone, Finally today I was able to successfully program HTC Droid Eris on Tata and Reliance. It was very tricky to find all MEID locations of Droid . Mostly the procedure of Hero and Droid is the same but finding the locations was very difficult . Special thanks to haappy , ravjeet , rahujas and last but not the least mufaddal . I cannot post everything here in open . Please contact me for any help required regarding Droid programming .
  12. Rules For Buy / Sell Forum

    I too agree that the seller should mention the price in his listing but the negotiations can be done through PMs . And also there should be some fixed format for posting in Buy/Sell section . Something like KoolK mentioned . All the sellers should mention these basic things like - Complete Product details - Price - reason for selling - shipping info - Photos should be posted for used items .
  13. Htc Droid Eris

    I still require some help from our experienced members about how to switch to Nam 2 in Droid Eris ??? Thanks in Advance .
  14. Htc Droid Eris

    i guess i was the one to share complete list of meid n pesn locations with them I had figured out all the Meid and Esn locations myself , with some help from haappy. If you are talking about Hero's Meid and pesn locations posted on other forums , then just wanted to tell that none of them worked on Droid Eris. Although you gave me some hints on how to find those locations. Regards
  15. Htc Droid Eris

    Although my personal choice would be Eris just because of a few reasons - 1) Firstly I like black over silver/grey . 2) Placement of the "back" key is better . 3) "Call" (green and red) keys are bigger in size . 4) It's more slimmer and feels good in hand . Rooting - rooting for Eris will also be out sooner or later . Trackball - you won't feel the trackball smaller when you use it .
  16. Sprint Htc Hero - The Latest Android Kid On The Block

    That could be the only way as of now ... But mazaa toh tab aayega jab , we could modify the Meid and Esn ...
  17. Htc Droid Eris

    I know yaar ... Just give me a call and i'll try my best to help ...
  18. Sprint Htc Hero - The Latest Android Kid On The Block

    @ dkaile I think your new topic has been removed within 10 mins ... Although we had tried that procedure on Moto Droid and we were able to only load prl and change some other settings ... But could not program it for reliance or tata completely ... Regards
  19. Htc Droid Eris

    I just don't want to start another topic in buy sell section ... Although I have a few of these Droid Eris available for sale and I have also updated that in my signature ...
  20. Sprint Htc Hero

    It would be better to change your com port ...
  21. Sprint Htc Hero

    whenever i pasted that link . it automatically changed to .com from .us.. but it started working today evening the us site. i pasted the link .. so it coudnt be wrong.. i have downloaded qxdm 3.9.19 but it doesnt install on vista and keeps saying installatin aborted as this needs internet explorer 5.0 or higher.. ( searched forums and quite a few people had this error). can anyone please provide a working qxdm for vista. i downloaded a vista fix for qxdm but coudnt understand that and no one in the forum posted that it worked. I was also not able to install qxdm on Vista ... What you can do is - 1) install qxdm in Xp or Win7 . 2) copy the entire folder to your vista . Then you shud be able to use qxdm working on your Vista ... Asta la vista ... lol
  22. Sprint Htc Hero

    friend.. id never ask anyone for help without searching before. its just that i cannot acesss mobile files site.. at all.. i read somewhere that the site is down or something. i have tried to access the site from 3 different computers. either my airtel isp is blocking it or maybee it is down.i have still tried reading a few posts in the cached version of google.all searches about this issue leadto mobile files and frustatingly i cannot access it. as i have mentioned u in the mail i have downloaded the programs and gotten some idea of the details. i even tried loading my ppc6700 and accessing it with the super spc. the mobile-files site has a good guide but i cannot just access it somehow. besides still there are some doubts which i would like to clear before i attempt it. and i cant ask those on here as u know. haath pair aur sir bhi maar chuka hun. so some help would be really appreciated before i start. thanks. Here is the link to Hero solution - http://www.mobile-files.us/showthread.php?153-HTC-Sprint-Hero-MEID-Solution Anything else you want to know , you can contact me .
  23. @Arun Great Step ... A very Gud Morning to all ...
  24. Htc Imagio

    I have some pics of Hero and Imagio side by side ... Is the Hspl out for the Imagio ?
  25. Android Handsets

    New phone with "bad esn" or used phone with "good esn" are all good for activation here in India . Bad esn phone can't be used with the original carrier .