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  1. Hello, recently got a DNA.. its a mean machine for sure but I am hating this stupidity done by verizon. I cannot tether my data to PC anyways (wifi, usb, bluetooth) as it requires LTE SIM inserted.. I wonder if we can have a work around for that as I use my phone's data only and no other way to access net.
  2. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    Thanks to Hetal ji yet again evdo issue solved.. Thanks
  3. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    sometimes yes, sometimes no...
  4. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    Can someone help me out with the EVDO issue? Same dump working perfect on my old evo 3d, but when I use on DNA, speed is low and there is an often switch between Evdo and 1x, I have to even reboot the phone to get back Evdo.
  5. Must Have Products For Your New Android Phone

    MHL To HDMI Cable http://m.snapdeal.com/product?offer=223997 Tried and tested on 1. HTC Droid Dna 2. HTC EVO LTE 3. HTC One X 4. Samsung Galaxy NOTE 1 Works Perfectly @ 720p Live View And Not Just AV (HTC Supported With Beats Audio) Best Deal For COD, Shipped thru Blue dart.
  6. Your Latest Hardware Purchase

    thanks a lot .... all blessings of my Maa Papa ji
  7. Lets Ask Arun

    Is it possible to embed audio player so that members can listen to rings before downloading?
  8. Lambada Saxophone Mix ring_Lambada_club_mix.mp3
  9. Suggest: Premium Phone

    my elder brother wants a premium phone... he was looking for vertu accent, bb p9981, nokia arte but I liked none. I saw this bang and olufsen serene with some friend, didnt like the phone but it surely stands out in the crowd.. there was another phone by B&O by the name Serenata... So I am kind of interested in that... also I would love some suggestions for the same as well as if they can be arranged by the sellers here on rimweb..
  10. Suggest: Premium Phone

    can you please tell me the source and which model did he buy?
  11. Suggest: Premium Phone

    Thanks Rajan ji.. Tag Heuer seems good, Ulysse Nardin looks good in his wrist.. phone is too expensive and not really worth... Can someone give price for Tag Heuer along with availablity..
  12. Pet advice required

    golden retriever is good but they get hell fat if feeded wrong. moreover, choose size of the pet according to the open space available at home... I have had retrievers, german shephards, mastiffs... Currently have french mastiffs and chihuahua... generally people prefer infants in India which is wrong, what i feel is, pet should be adopted atleast till it has crossed 2 months so you know what exactly the development is like and it has been feeded with mother's milk well..
  13. Lets Ask Arun

    sir ji, what I meant was... rimweb.com should be rimweb.in
  14. Lets Ask Arun

    you need to register you rimweb.com hope that needs to fixed
  15. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    data on, 3 hours of surfing, an hour of calling.. anything more than that you need to charge it again
  16. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    Using with airtel and its all sweet tethering issue is solved with the above xda solution
  17. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    @Kunal worked like charm.. thanks buddy FoxFi installed and was about to run but same LTE SIM error was there... @ Hetal ji, 1 little bit left which is highly irritating, often switches between 1x and evdo how can that be fixed please help @ Rajan ji.. you were right, but didnt try that time. thanks again
  18. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    yea, you are right about LTE SIM.. but I have my standby gsm number in it.. thats why dont really want to put a dummy sim in there thanks a lot for your reply though
  19. Droid DNA Tethering Issue

    @ Rajan ji, yea data working on phone. @ Nik, third party apps are of no use aswell, tried and tested.. Rooted today and now with custom rom... makes no difference
  20. Lenka- Everything At Once RT_Lenka - Everything At Once_00.mp3