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  1. Phone : 022-32978900
    Email :Rcomnodalofficer.Mumbai@relianceada.com

    call them up and shoot them a mail as well.

    I think only they can resolve the problem, else if you call customer care all they can say is:

    Sir, kindly switch off your phone, take out the sim, wait for 2 minutes and then switch it back on.

    That will resolve the issue 100%.

    Thank you for contacting reliance customer care, hope you were satisfied with the resolution given to you :doh:

  2. thats not a matter of worry... thanks to custom roms...

    HTC is very diff to root and install a custom ROM.

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    what makes you say that dear brother?

    I have had almost all hot selling models and have rooted them the first day of purchase incl. DNA