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  1. Effective September 12, 2004, Infocomm has introduced four new RIM Postpaid Plans, namely Corporate Plan 525, Corporate Joy Plan 425, Corporate Joy Plan 525 and Corporate Super Saver 825, to suit the varying needs of the corporate segment. This offer is available to all corporate customers who want to place a minimum order of ten connections in the name of the corporate. Existing corporate customers with more than ten connections can avail of the offer and migrate all their existing connections to these new plans. Caller Line Identification (CLI) charges are waived for all eligible corporate customers. Under the offers, SMS costs 50 paise for local and national messages and three rupees for international messages. R Connect charges are kept as low as one rupee for all the corporate subscribers under all the four plans. Super Saver 825 Plan offers unlimited R connect usage, after an additional payment of Rs 500. Call charges per minute for local, intra-circle and intercircle, up to 50 kilometers, range from Rs 0 .30 to Rs 1.20, while for NLD these are in the range of Rs 1.00 to Rs 2.49. ILD call charges per minute are Rs 12.99 for the US and the UK (Fixed), Canada and South East Asia, Rs 15.99 for UK (Mobile), Europe, SAARC nations, Rest of Asia and Oceania and Rs 18.99 for countries in the Gulf Region, Africa and the rest of the world. Listed corporates can opt for 'Deferred Payment Schemes' for handset purchase for corporate subscriptions only, while employee-paid subscriptions are available at 'outright purchase' only. Additional benefits are available to listed corporates, which will have a separate dedicated call center for queries and complaint resolution. Does anybody have further details of the same.
  2. hi RIM has introduced 2 new RCV's Rs199 & Rs165 with Rs56 & Rs75 of talktime and 25 & 15 days validity.
  3. Reliance is launching a new Samsung handset. I have the image, but i dont know how to attcah it. Its black with amber backlight and its cool.
  4. I thought the validity was 30 days.
  5. I checked it out on LG RD 7230, but only 1 product was listed.
  6. Reliance Infocomm strengthens Prepaid promise with unbeatable value offer · Introduces new multimedia handsets for entry level RIM Prepaid packages @ Rs.2,999/- onwards DAKC (Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City), Navi Mumbai April 21, 2004 Reliance Infocomm has strengthened its RIM Prepaid proposition by introducing unbeatable value offers with four new attractive schemes. The company has added the stylish LG RD 2230 handset from LG Electronics to its wide range of data enabled handsets besides introducing new attractive prices for its popular LG RD 2030, Moonlight LG RD 2130, Nokia 2280 models. These new schemes will be applicable with immediate effect. Reliance Infocomm has made data enabled handsets more affordable for its RIM Prepaid customers by introducing an attractive entry pricing of Rs.2,999/- for Nokia 2280 handsets, Rs.3,499/- for LG RD 2030 handsets and Rs.4,499/- for Moonlight LG RD 2130 handsets. All the three handsets will be pre-loaded with one recharge coupon worth Rs.324/- with equivalent talk time of Rs.200/- and 30 days validity. The newly introduced LG RD 2230 phone is attractively priced at Rs.3,499/- which will also come pre-loaded with one recharge coupon worth Rs.324/-, equivalent to a talk time of Rs.200/- with a validity of 30 days. The feature rich & elegant LG RD 2230 phone with its soft-edge stylish design, comes with Hindi user interface, internal antenna, phone book with storage upto 300 entries, polyphonic ringtones and R Connect option. "RIM prepaid is the only prepaid service in the country that delivers superior proposition compared to any service provider in terms of flexibility, a wide range of data enabled handsets as well as the widest range of pricing points. And this, our latest initiative will further ease entry-level barriers in the prepaid segment as well," says Mr. S.P. Shukla, President Wireless Products and Services. RIM Prepaid is the only prepaid service in the country that supports data applications through R World and Internet connectivity through R Connect. It also provides the best roaming proposition where, unlike other service providers, the subscriber enjoys nationwide roaming as well as access to their voice mail at home tariff rates with toll free access to customer care services from anywhere across the country. A RIM Prepaid customer can also uniquely procure recharge vouchers of all denominations while roaming anywhere in the country.
  7. LG RD 2230 Reliance Soryy it was a b/w handset LG RD 2230
  8. Market Whispers: Reliance is planning to launch a mid-end color LG handset, between the existing RD 2130 & the LG color handset.
  9. If we can identify their rim nos, we can easily identify whether they are Reliance employees or not. In mumbai their number normally starts with 310 and its series.. HA HA HA
  10. Hi, I just now read a banner displayed by a RIM prepaid vendor, It said Now RIM Prepaid @ Rs. 1499*. It was not put up by the vendor, but by the company. He told he was not aware about the scheme as he had not received any further communication from the distributor.
  11. I Think BORED is right, its charged at 1 second. Please visit TRAI Directive on IUC and see point no. 10
  12. Hi, Recently there was a case against Hutch Delhi for having differential rates for calls to GSM & CDMA phones, which they accepted to rectify and was due to the billing software configuration. The new unified licensing does not differentiate between GSM & CDMA and hence same rates should be applicable to wireless phones. But under DAPO the rates for calls to CDMA & to GSM are different, does it mean that RIM is going against the TRAI’s Unified Licensing recommendation?
  13. Its available only in Mumbai and promotes CDMA technology specially RIM and lists all the services offered with latest promotions, happenings at webworld,contest, applications offered by International CDMA operators etc. Consumer Driven Mobile Awareness abbreviated is CDMA Nope not available in digital format
  14. The tariffs are as follows: Tariff Plan Joy 399 Monthly Rent (Rs.) 399 Plan Charges (Rs.) Nil Total Monthly Commitment (Rs.) 399 Bundled Free Usage (Rs) Nil CLIP (Rs. pm) (Optional) 25 Itemised Bill (Rs. pm) (Optional) 25 Pulse (in Seconds) 60 Tariffs for O/G Calls (Rs./min) Local, Intra Circle, Inter Circle Upto 50 Km CDMA(M), GSM 1 Fixed 1 Inter Circle > 50 Km CDMA(M), GSM 1 Fixed 2.5 SMS – Within India (Rs/Outgoing message) 0.5 SMS – International (Rs/Outgoing message) 3
  15. Hi, Did u know, there is a monthly newsletter "Mobile Talk" "CDMA:Consumer Driven Mobile Awareness" printed by Reliance infocomm and distrinuted in Mid-day and at all their webworlds. quite intresting.