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  1. Ca-42 Data Cable For Nokia 3125

    "You are absolutely right........even I faced the same issues with my cloned DKU-5 cable. After few weeks of intense R & D with that cloned cable, I finally came to the conclusion that the cloned cables can never give you a consistent Rconnect connection. I then purchased a original CA-42-Nokia." I disagree. If you are willing to do a little work (namely download and install the Prolific drivers) then things are OK. Once connected the performance is flawless, and at the CDMA speed limit. No drops, broen connections, etc. So if you are willing to take the pain then cloned cables work well and save you about Rs.1500!
  2. Ca-42 Data Cable For Nokia 3125

    There was an extensive discussion on the cloned cables (DKU5 as well as others) issue around August-September this year. As CA42 clones are not available yet so you do not face that problem. Original DKU5 are naturally quite happy with the Nokia drivers. I have a feeling that the CA42 was introduced by Nokia to attack the Cloned DKU5 industry! Almost all clones use the Prolific 2303 USB to Serial converter chip, (The phones are serial, and hence the conversion is necessary). To make the cables work you need to install the correct driver dor teh converter. I had two DKU5 Clones and could not make either work. Then I got to know of this issue, found, downloaded and installed the Prolific Drivers, and have had no problems ever since. One need not install the DKU5_1.exe since I guess it is the Nokia specific driver. DKU5_2 needs to be installed. Just remember that the Nokia PC Suite must be disconnected to make R Connect work. The cable may have to be plugged in and out of the phone before one gets the data enhancement connected message, but after that things are smooth. I have an interesting observation - while my 3120 (GSM) connects first time round I have to plug and unplug the 3125 about five times on an average. The availability of the DKU5 is still poor. The nearest RWorld still sells the DKU5 only! Raw data rates cannot top 120-140 kbps since that is the limit of the CDMA connection. faster rates that are seen are because of data compression.
  3. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    All DKU5 compatible phones take the same set of drivers. The set(s) will be different for DKU2 and CA42. Nokia PCSuite compatibility depends on the phone. Look at it this way. The phone needs to 'talk' to the PC. This depends on the interface built into the phone, and the cable beiing used. The cable must be compatible with the phone. Now RConnect uses this interface, which is essentially a serial connection as far as the PC is concerned. This does not worry about the phone. PCSuite on the other hand 'talks' to the phone, hence compatibility is necessary. If you are using a DKU5 clone (as many of us do since Rs.350 sure beats 1900) then often the vendor does not provide the correct drivers. Here only DKU5_1 needs to be replaced. On the other hand if you use a Nokia original cable then use their drivers
  4. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    The correct cable for the 3120/3125 is now the CA42. DKU5 works fine. CA42 is a replacement for the DKU5. Nokia at Rs.1900+ is ideal. Third party at Rs.350 or so also works though making the system work is sometimes a bit of a hassle. If you want to save Rs.1500+ then go for the clone, but be willing to work on it a bit, if things do not work. You will find posts on other threads which tell you how. Essentially the Nokia DKU5_1 driver has to be substituted by the proper driver for the protocol converter in your cable. Most use the Prolific 2303 chip. The driver is available from the Prolific site.
  5. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    This is a new one. Just checked the Nokia site. While it lists both 3120 and 3125 with the CA42 it only lists the 3120 with the DKU5. So does it make DKU5+3125 a no-no as far as Nokia are concerned. Glad to know that a CA42 clone is available. eBay sitll has none on ots site! I suspect that Nokia have brought in the CA42 to try and quench the clone market. I have no experience with the CA42 so my comments have to be of a general nature. I was able to install PCSuite 6.6 (overwriting the 6.50 with no hassle. (I had had a minor hassle in installing 6.5 in that while everything worked fine with the GSM suite, I was unable to get things going with the CDMA suite. As both 3120 and 3125 were working, I did not follow it further. May be the clue lies here itself. You have to somehow stop the Nokia CA42 driver frme messing you up. Some ideas: 1. Look in the connection manager of the PCSuite. Kill the connection to the CA42. If this is on then the CA42 (Nokia and hence not operational) grabs the line and stops all connectivity. After killing the CA42 connection wait for a minute or so and then reconnect the cable and phone and see if you have some joy on RConnect. If yes, then go into the suite and find where the 'Cheetah' connection is. It can be in the serial /DKU5 set. Switch this on and you should be GO! 2. Check in your Device Manager. If there is a Nokia CA42 driver listed then getting rid of it, may help. 3. A long shot here. What you have to do is install the DKU5_2 from the old set. I am assuming that the CA42 driver you have is notning more than a replacement of the DKU5_1 driver. One must bear in mind that whether one is using the CA42 or the DKU-5 the phone on serial has to connect to the USB port of the computer, so a protocol conversion is necessary. Hope these idea help.
  6. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    Infrared (Bluetooth) is fine. However, RConnect will not work. Most probably you have not run the connection manager to connect the PC Suite and the phone.
  7. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    I am using both the 3125 as well as the 3120 on my system. I have had no problems with PC Suite versions 6.5 as well as 6.6. From your description it appears that there is a problem with the cable. Many of these cables take multiple (I think in one attempt it took about six!) attempts to connect to the phone before they work. Assuming the PC, phone & cable are all separate. Try to connect the cable to the phone. If you get Data Enhancement Not Supported then unplug, wait for a minute and trya gain. You should get something tot he effect Ready for Data or Data Enhancement Connected. I used to face this problem a lot, when all of a sudden things started behaving, and this is very rare now. Now connect to the PC. Things should work, since your PC end shoule be OK as the Kingsun (!) shows up in the device manager. Remember that to run R World you will have to use the connection manager to disconnect the suite as otherwise it grabs the connection. My cable is a cheap clone (~Rs.450 15 months ago). The give away as the box looks super genuine is the spelling (Unicersa Serial Bus) unde the USB logo. In fact my son had bought the cable for his 2280, which worked very well.
  8. Where To Find The Nokia Ca-42 Cable?.

    No I am not!!! CA-42 is a totally different entity replacing the DKU-5. The difference between DKU5 (and for that matter CA42!) and the DKU-2 are as follows. Some Nokia phones have a native USB interface. These use the DKU2. Others are serial, so if you want to connect to USB (hardly any laptops today have serial ports) you need the cable to incorporate a converter. The DKU-5 includes this function. You cannot substitute a DKU2 by a DKU5 or vice versa.
  9. Nokia & R-World, Why Nokia Don't Hv R-World

    Yes it does. The phone is a beauty. Incidentally I also have the GSM equivalent 3120, but the interface on the 3125 is even more polished.
  10. Nokia 3125 Launched

    I still have the 3125! Got it only a week ago after dumping my LG5130. It has R World as well. Replacing the LG 5130 by the Nokia 3125. Yes definitely. That is exactly what I did. The user interface was really bad on the 5130. The data cable did not work (I tried three different cables on two different phones with zero results). Reliance do not have a data cable for the 5130. On the 3125 forget the CA42. I have an old DKU-5 (chinese clone for Rs.4xx). Installed it and it works beautifully. Avoid the CD which comes with the cable, as often these are bad Please follow my post on how to make it work. The PC Suite is also very much improved. I have the 3125 as well as the 3120 and 3220 GSM phones working beautifully and transferring data across from one to the other.
  11. Nokia 3125 Launched

    Yes. I have had one for about 5 days. It is superb, with R World Operational. I also have a 3120 (GSM) and the interface has been improved. If you want to install R Connect you do not have to look for the CA-42 as is recommended by Reliance. The good old DKU5 (incl. the clones which can be identified by the Uniserca Serial Bus on the box) will work. What I did was the following: Download the latest Prolific 2303 driver (say from www.prolific.com or www.usb-drivers.com), Nokia PC Suite 6.5 GSM version (I find this with my 3120 and 3125 equally well, while I was unable to get the CDMA one to go!) and the Reliance RConnect (for the Nokia USB systems). Now connect the cable to the PC (no phone at this point) and when prompted point the installer to the .inf file in the driver. This is much better than the DKU5_1 files with the cables. Only run DKU5_2 from the CD. Next install the Nokia PC Suite. You can connect the phone at this point. In order to install and run RConnect you must release the Phone from the Nokia suite by using the connection manager to disable the link to the phone. Then Install RConnect and you should be in business. I was able to run the 3120, 3125 and the 3220 during the same session. You just disconnect the Prolific Cable and allow the PC to find the disconnection. Then reconnect the cable and (a differenmt phone!). You should get the notification and then the suite works. I was able to transfer the phone book from the 3120 to the 3125 and save a lot of hassle. Hope this helps.
  12. Suggest me a New Handset

    Good to find RWorld on Nokia! The price looks a bit high. I have been quoted between 5450 and 5750 for the 3125 (with bill but not through RW). Our experience over the past two years has been that CDMA is a battery hog as compared to GSM, i.e., the battery lasts less in a CDMA than in a GSM. I have never had a CDMA battery last for over 3 days (I have very low usage) while the GSMs lasts longer. This could have been due to differences between the phones (Samsung & LG for CDMA and Nokia for GSM in my case). My son who is a heavy user, had a Nokia 2280 (replacing his 3120? GSM) and has the same observation. Probably CDMA needs more pwoer or the chips are not that efficent. I should have Nokia 3120 (GSM) and 3125 (CDMA) and hence should be able to comment more reliably, since they are identical except for the platform.
  13. All about LG 5130

    I understand the price is around Rs.3800-4000 (at least in Kanpur). I am nit sure whether it is the WW price or the Mandi price. Please do not, if you want a data connectivity. the cable is not available with Reliance (at least not on the web listing) and the independent cables do not work, or are at least a pain. Read the thread on this. Also, the user interface is a nightmare. After surviving with it for about 8 months I am changing to a Nokia. Earlier, Samsung 191 was also pretty OK.
  14. Suggest me a New Handset

    I have an LG5130 but have failed to find a decent data cable. Also, the interface is a pain the the b......e. On my GSMs I have always used Nokias. I have decided to replace the 5130 with one of Nokia 3125, 6225 or 6585. I understand that R World will not be available on any. For data connectivity I will have either IR or DKU5. Camera is not critical to me. User friendly interface and browsing speed are. I have had a Nokia 3120 on GSM for a year and am happy with it. Please advise, and also give an idea about the price.
  15. Unable To Install Rconnect On Lg 5130

    I just checked the Reliance site. They do not list a cable for the 5130! So no hope of the 'official' cable.